group / artist title / release year / description country label / number condition

(sleeve / record)



LP MICK ABRAHAMS Same (A Musical Evening With Mick Abrahams) (´71/orig. "textured" gatefold slv.) UK CHRYSALIS ILPS 9147 EX-/VG-EX 20,--
LP MICK ABRAHAMS BAND At Last (´72/ringwear/light wear seams) D CHRYSALIS 6307 505 VG(+)/EX- 27,--
LP AC/DC Highway To Hell (´79/scarce German ORANGE VINYL issue) D ATLANTIC ATL 50628 EX-/(VG)-EX 150,--
LP DAVID ACKLES American Gothic (´72/UK issue/"butterfly" label/light ringwear) UK ELEKTRA K 42112 (VG)-EX/VG+ 14,--
LP THE ACTION Action Speaks Louder Than... (´85/5-track "mini-LP"/small split top seam) UK CASTLE-DOJO DO JO LP 3 EX-/EX- 14,--
LP JANE AIRE & THE BELVEDAIRES Same (´79/1st German issue/co. hole) D VIRGIN 200 967-320 EX(+)/EX- 12,--
LP THE ALARM Declaration (´84/Holland issue/+ inner slv./small wol.) NL I.R.S. ILP 25887 EX-/VG(-EX) 7,--
LP ALBION BAND Rise Up Like The Sun (´78/orig. UK issue/textured slv./light ringwear in parts) UK HARVEST SHSP 4092 (VG)-EX/EX- 14,--
LP ALBION COUNTRY BAND Battle Of The Field (´85/REISSUE of ´76 LP/sticker on bottom back slv., otherwise M-) CDN CARTHAGE CGLP 4420 EX-/EX(-M) 9,--
LP ALBION BAND Rise Up Like The Sun (´85/REISSUE of ´78 LP/unplayed condition) CDN CARTHAGE CGLP 4431 M-/(EX)-M 9,--
LP ALBION DANCE BAND I Got New Shoes (´87/small sticker on the backside) UK SPINDRIFT SPIN 132 EX-M/EX(-M) 9,--
LP ALBION BAND w. CHRIS BAINES The Wild Side Of Town (´87/+ lyric insert/small stickers on frontside and on backside) UK CELTIC MUSIC CM 042 EX(-M)/EX(+) 9,--
LP ALBION BAND 1990 (´90/small stickers on the frontside and on the backside) UK TOPIC 12 TS 457 EX(-M)/EX(+) 9,--
LP ALIVE ´N´ KICKIN´ Same (´70/"Tighter Tighter" sticker front left + addit. sticker front right: "also in- US ROULETTE SR-42052 (VG)-EX/VG-EX 12,--

cludes their latest single "Just Let It Come"/1st issue w. "heavy" vinyl/co.)

LP RANCE ALLEN GROUP Truth Is Where It´s At (´72/co. hole/light scuffs/light wear seams/vinyl bit "matt") US T. GOSPEL TRUTH GTS 2709 (VG)-EX/VG(-EX) 16,--
LP RICHIE ALLEN / PACIFIC SURFERS Surfer´s Slide (Japanese REISSUE w. "OBI" + inner sheet) JAP LIBERTY K22P-178 M-/M- 20,--
d´LP ALLMAN BROTHERS BAND Beginnings (´73/rarely seen German double LP compilation) D CAPRICORN 2679 103 EX(+)/EX+/(VG)-EX 16,--
LP ALQUIN Marks (´72/Holland issue/shop sticker on front slv.) NL POLYDOR 2419 060 EX-/(VG)-EX 16,--
LP ALQUIN Nobody Can Wait Forever (´75/German issue) D POLYDOR 2480 262 EX(+)/(VG)-EX 16,--
LP ALTERNATIVE TV / HERE & NOW What You See....Is What You Are (´78/orig. issue/1 side each group/light scuffs) UK DEPTFORD FUN CITY DLP 02 EX/EX- 14,--
LP AMAZING BLONDEL Evensong (´70/1st German issue/housed in UK import gatefold sleeve with stickered (UK)/D ISLAND 88026 ET VG/VG 14,--

German no./"pink rim" label/woc. inside gatefold/ringw. back/light fading of sleeve co-

lours at top + bottom of front sleeve/small wol.)

LP AMAZING BLONDEL Blondel (´73/German LP in UK gatefold slv. w. stick´d. German no./superb condition) (UK)/D ISLAND ILPS 9257 / 87269 IT EX-M/EX(+) 20,--
LP AMAZING BLONDEL Inspiration (´75/ringwear in upper half of sleeve/A-side = VG, B-side near-EX) UK DJM DJLPS 446 VG-EX/VG+ 10,--
LP AMEN CORNER Farewell To The Real Magnificent Seven (´69/stereo/gatefold slv./price tear, o´w. EX) UK IMMEDIATE IMSP 028 VG(+)/VG(-EX) 12,--
LP AMEN CORNER The World Of... (´69/stereo/blue label w. "NCB"/minimal ringw./tiny sticker back slv.) UK DECCA SPA 33 EX-/EX- 10,--
d´LP AMEN CORNER Best Of Amen Corner (mid-70s/German double LP compilation) D BELLAPHON-CHARLY CR 3052 EX(+)/(VG)-EX/(VG)-EX 10,--
LP AMEN CORNER The National West Coast Live Explosion Comp.. (´82/REISSUE/+ insert/tiny split) D LINE-OUTLINE OLLP 5244 EX-/M- 9,--
LP FAIR WEATHER Let Your Mind Roll On (´71/scarce 2nd LP/light ringw. back) D HANSA 85733 IT (VG)-EX/(VG)-EX 35,--
LP ANDY FAIRWEATHER-LOW Spider Jiving (´74/UK issue w. stick´d. D-no./"window" slv. w. top opening/tiny co.) UK/D A&M AMLH 68263 / 88196 IT (EX)-M/(VG)-EX 8,--
LP ANDY FAIRWEATHER-LOW La Booga Rooga (´75/UK slv. with stickered German import number) UK/D A&M AMLH 68328/89364 XOT EX-/VG 5,--
LP ANDY FAIRWEATHER-LOW Mega Shebang (´80/+ inner sleeve/co. hole/light shoves) D WARNER BROS. WB 56832 (VG)-EX/(VG)-EX 7,--
LP AMERICA Same (´71/scarce 1st issue without "A Horse With No Name"/green label) D WARNER BROS. K 46093 EX-/VG(-EX) 14,--
LP AMERICAN BREED Bend Me, Shape Me (´68/US issue/stereo/co./light wear seams) US ACTA A-38003 VG-EX/EX- 16,--
LP AMERICAN BREED Pumpkin, Powder. Scarlet & Green (´68/stereo/cut-out/lightest scuffs on edges) US ACTA A-38006 EX-/VG-EX 16,--
LP AMERICAN BREED The Lonely Side Of The City (´69/US issue/stereo/co./light wear seams) US ACTA A-38008 (VG)-EX/VG(-EX) 14,--
LP AMERICAN DREAM The American Dream (estimated late 60s/stereo/light ringw. in small part) US AMPEX A-10101 (VG)-EX/VG(-EX) 22,--
LP AMERICAN GYPSY Angel Eyes (´74/scarce German issue/a few surface marks/1air bubble in vinyl) D PAN 88427 XOT EX(+)/VG-EX 27,--
LP ERIC ANDERSEN ´Bout Changes ´n Things - Take 2 (early 70s/REISSUE of ´68 LP/stereo/tiny co.) US VANGUARD VSD 79236 EX(-M)/EX- 12,--
LP CHRIS ANDREWS Portrait In Musik (´66/scarce German-only LP/stereo/superb envelope slv./tiny wobc.) D VOGUE LDVS 17118 EX/VG(+) 22,--
LP CHRIS ANDREWS Same (ca. ´74/´75 //German-only compilation LP/unplayed condition) D BELLAPHON BI 15235 M-/EX(+) 10,--
d´LP CHRIS ANDREWS Best Of... (estim. late 70s/double LP compilation/2nd issue/2 x 3 cm shop sticker back) D BELLAPHON 320-07-001 (VG)-EX/EX+/EX- 12,--
LP HARVEY ANDREWS Friends Of Mine (´73/scarce German issue/minimal ringw. in small place) D INTERCORD 26579-3 MU EX-/EX- 15,--
LP HARVEY ANDREWS Writer Of Songs (80s or 90s/REISSUE of ´72 LP/diff. light blue "title" p/s) UK BEESWING LBEE 002 EX(+)/EX- 9,--
LP HARVEY ANDREWS / G. COOPER Fantasies From A Corner Seat (´75/price sticker/tiny damage at opening) UK TRANSATLANTIC TRA 298 (VG)-EX/(VG)-EX 12,--
LP ANDROMEDA Live 1967 (Rehearsing At The "Middle Earth Club" London) (´94/unreleased tracks) UK KISSING SPELL KSLP 9497 EX-/(VG)-EX 18,--
LP ANDWELLA World´s End (ca. ´72/German issue/co. hole/minimal ringwear in small part at bottom) D BELLAPHON BI 15206 EX-/(VG)-EX 36,--
LP ANGEL Helluva Band (´76/1st German issue) D CASABLANCA NB 7009 EX-/(VG)-EX 12,--
LP ANIMA Same (mid-70s/"Pop Import" REISSUE/co. hole/tiny split top) D PILZ 20 29097-2 EX-/EX- 16,--
LP ANIMALS The Animals (´64/rare UK EXPORT issue/stereo/azur-blue label with silver text/black & UK REGAL SREG 1104 (VG)-EX/VG(-EX) 36,--

white photo of band sitting on railway tracks/minimal ringw. at top + bottom backside)

LP ANIMALS Tracking The Hits (ca. ´65/unique Dutch issue/mono/black label/thin flipback slv.) NL COLUMBIA GHX 10.004 VG-EX/VG(-) 20,--
LP ANIMALS The Hits Of The Animals (ca. ´66/´67 /stereo/black label/tiny sticker tear on backside) NL COLUMBIA SGHX 10.048 VG-EX/VG 24,--
LP ANIMALS Animalisms (ca. ´67/´68 /scarce "Musik Für Alle" issue/bits of dirt, otherwise superb) D DECCA-M.F.A. ND 236 EX(+)/(EX)-M 28,--
LP ANIMALS The Animals (ca. ´68/´69 /REISSUE of ´64 LP/blue label/small sticker/light ringw.) UK REGAL-STARLINE SRS 5006 VG-EX/EX(+) 15,--
d´LP ANIMALS Animals Anthology (´76/double LP/band story in Engl./French inside gatef./tiny co.) F RAK 2C 184-97238/9 (EX)-M/EX(+)/EX- 12,--
d´LP ANIMALS The House Of The Rising Sun (´78/double LP/"Fame" sticker/band story inside gatef.) D EMI 1C 128-157679-3 EX-M/VG(+)/(VG)-EX 8,--
LP ERIC BURDON & ANIMALS The Twain Shall Meet (´68/German issue/blue-golden labels/tiny price tear) D MGM 2354 044 (VG)-EX/(VG)-EX 20,--
d´LP ERIC BURDON & ANIMALS Love Is... (´68/double LP/stereo/blue-gold labels/co./2 cm tear taped on back slv./wol.) US MGM SE-4591-2 VG/VG-EX/VG+ 22,--
d´LP ERIC BURDON & ANIMALS Pop History, Vol. 6 (ca. ´69/´70 /German-only double LP compilation) D POLYDOR 2625 011 (set no.) EX-/(VG)-EX/EX- 20,--
box ERIC BURDON (The Animals are not Starportait (ca. ´70/´71 /German-only double LP compilation/box set/+ insert/blue- D MGM 2619 001 (set no.) (VG)-EX/VG-EX/EX- 18,--

credited!) golden labels/all tracks recorded with The Animals from their "psychedelic" period,

but The Animals are not cerdited!/the box has a split on one corner at the bottom)

d´LP ERIC BURDON & ANIMALS Mad Man Burdon (´71/ W/L TEST pressings for German double LP compilation/pre- D KARUSSELL 2487 007/08 (no p/s)/EX-/VG-EX 45,--

release copy without p/s /incl. 3 recording sheets dated 8/3/1971, 16/3/1971, 17/3/´71)

d´LP ERIC BURDON & ANIMALS River Deep - Mountain High/Ring Of Fire (ca. ´71/German REISSUE as double LP set/ D MGM 2642 001 (set no.) EX/VG-EX/VG-EX 12,--

blue-golden labels/gatefold slv. with "2 Original LP´s" imprint/2 tiny staple holes)

LP ERIC BURDON & ANIMALS Winds Of Change (´74/rare W/L TEST LP for ´74 reissue/contains 2 recording sheets) D MGM 2468 072 (no p/s) / EX- 35,--
LP ERIC BURDON Golden Greats (´75/rare W/L TEST LP for D-only compilation/tracks with Animals) D MGM 2468 110 (no p/s) / (VG)-EX 35,--
LP ERIC BURDON Rock Sensation (´75/rare W/L TEST LP for D-only compilation/tracks with Animals) D KARUSSELL 2499 108 (no p/s) / EX(-M) 35,--
LP ERIC BURDON & ANIMALS Superstar (80s/unique Italian LP/gatefold slv. w. stapled 12-page booklet/label stamp) ITA SUPERSTAR SU-1022 (VG)-EX/(VG)-EX 12,--
LP ERIC BURDON & WAR Eric Burdon Declares "War" (´70/1st issue/blue-gold label/light ringw. in parts) US MGM SE-4663 (VG)-EX/(VG)-EX 14,--
LP ERIC BURDON & WAR Eric Burdon Declares War ("Neuauflage") (ca. ´72//rarer 2nd issue/stereo/slv. like 1st D UNITED ARTISTS UAS 29238 EX(+)/EX-M 20,--

issue ("2 arms") w. additional imprint on frontside: "Tobacco Road"/"Spill The Wine")

LP ERIC BURDON & WAR Eric Burdon Declares War (estimated mid- to late 70s/scarce 3rd issue on LAX label) D (FAR OUT)-LAX 0060.154 EX-/VG(-EX) 16,--
LP ERIC BURDON & WAR Black Man´s Burdon (´70/unique German 1-LP-only PROMO issue/gatefold slv. like D LIBERTY A-0015 (VG)-EX/VG(-EX) 28,--

double LP/stickered: "Special Promotion LP For Discjockeys - Edited Version With

Selected Tracks From..."/the inner sides of the gatefold are different: printed here are

complete lyrics of the 10 tracks chosen as a selection/incl. 24" x 24" col´d. poster)

d´LP ERIC BURDON & WAR Black Man´s Burdon (´70/double LP/orig. German issue/gatefold slv./light ringwear) D LIBERTY LBS 84003/04 all (VG)-EX 22,--
d´LP ERIC BURDON & WAR Black Man´s Burdon (´70/double LP/UK issue/gatefold slv./sticker on back slv.: "im- UK LIBERTY LDS 84003/04 (VG)-EX/(VG)-EX/VG+ 18,--

portant - track entitled "D.C. 3" removed from this LP"/light ringwear in few parts)

LP E. BURDON / JIMMY WITHERSPOON Guilty (´71/German issue/outer sides EX, light ringw. + bits of dirt inside gatefold) D UNITED ARTISTS UAS 29251 (VG)-EX/VG-EX 16,--
LP ERIC BURDON´S FIRE DEPT. Last Drive (ca. ´80/German issue/includes "Album Facts" PROMO sheet) D ARIOLA 202 800-320 still sealed 12,--
LP ANIMATED EGG Same (ca. ´69/LP also known as "Psychedelic Sounds", as subtitled on back slv.) D EUROPA E 316 EX-M/VG-EX 16,--
LP ANTOINE International Stars - "Collection Universelles" (estim. late 60s/scarce Germ. LP/stereo) D VOGUE-MODE CDMDINT 9768 (VG)-EX/VG-EX 22,--
LP ANY TROUBLE Where Are All The Nice Girls? (´80/1st German issue/red label/tiny sticker back) D STIFF 6.24439 AO / SEEZ 25 (EX)-M/(VG)-EX 10,--
LP ANY TROUBLE Wheels In Motion (´81/large shop sticker on front slv.) D STIFF 6.24829 AP / SEEZ 37 EX-/VG(-EX) 8,--
LP ANY TROUBLE Touch & Go (´82/front imprinted: "On Tour with Joan Armatrading") D EMI-AMERICA 1C 064-400179 EX(-M)/EX(+) 9,--
LP APHRODITE´S CHILD Same/"Le Disque d´Or" (late 70s or 80s/French compilation ´68/´69 period) F IMPACT 6886 650 EX-/EX(+) 9,--
LP APHRODITE´S CHILD Superstar (ca. ´82/unique Italian LP/gatefold w. stapled 12-page booklet/label stamp) ITA SUPERSTAR SU-1032 EX(+)/EX-M 12,--
LP ARBORS The Arbors - Feat. "I Can´t Quit Her/The Letter" (ca. ´69/stereo/promo stamp back) US DATE TES-4017 (VG)-EX/VG-EX 18,--
LP ARCHIES Sugar Sugar (´69/orig. German issue/stereo/orange label) D RCA-VICTOR KES-103 EX/VG 6,--
LP ARCHIES The Best Of... (ca. ´69/scarce RECORD CLUB issue/tiny split top/light ringw. back) D S*R-INT´L.-RCA Hi-Fi 92400 VG-EX/VG- 9,--
LP ARCHIES Jingle Jangle (´69/orig. US issue/stereo/tiny co. edge) US KIRSHNER KES-105 EX-/(VG)-EX 8,--
LP ARCHIES Sunshine (70/stereo/unplayed condition) US KIRSHNER KES-107 EX-M/EX- 9,--
LP ARCHIES Greatest Hits (´85/German compilation) D BELLAPHON 230-07-056 EX(-M)/EX(-M) 6,--
LP NEIL ARDLEY Kaleidoscope Of Rainbows (´76/rare orig. Italian issue/superb condition/stamp on lab.) ITA GULL GUL 1018 EX-/EX- 30,--
LP NEIL ARDLEY Harmony Of The Spheres (´79/German issue/1 light surface scratch, otherwise M) D DECCA 6.23985 AS EX-M/(VG)-EX 20,--
d´LP AREA CODE 615 Same/Trip In The Country (double LP "reissue"/gatef. slv./"Twosome" front sticker) UK POLYDOR 2683 040 (set no.) (VG)-EX/EX-/VG-EX 8,--
LP ARMAGEDDON (US) Same (ca. ´70/US group/1st issue/stereo/black label/small co. corner at bottom) US AMOS AAS-7008 EX-/VG(-EX) 28,--
LP ARMAGEDDON (UK) Same (´75/UK group with Keith Relf/combined German/U.K. issue: vinyl imported D A&M 88989 / AMLH 64513 EX-/VG(-EX) 24,--

from U.K., in German sleeve/silver label/6 cm split top, otherwise superb/large wol.)

d´LP P. P. ARNOLD / CHRIS FARLOWE Same (´78/shared double LP compilation/1st LP with P. P. Arnold recordings, 2nd LP D BELLAPHON-CHARLY CR 3007 EX-/EX-M/EX-M 12,--

with Chris Farlowe recordings/co. hole, otherw. unplayed condition)

LP ARRIVAL Same (´72/UK issue/stereo/"old" orange label/2 tiny stickers/light ringw. + scuffs) UK CBS S 64733 VG-EX/VG 10,--
LP ARS NOVA Same (´68/1st issue/golden label/stereo/ringw./wear slv. corners/large front sticker) US ELEKTRA EKS-74020 VG/VG(-EX) 25,--
LP ARS NOVA Sunshine And Shadows (´69/orig. Italian issue/stereo/superb condition) ITA ATL. SD-8221 / ATS-ST 06048 EX(+)/EX- 38,--
LP ART Supernatural Fairy Tales (´75/scarce 1st German issue (the LP remained unreleased in D ISLAND 88595 ET (VG)-EX/VG(-EX) 55,--

Germany in ´67: issues with pink labels were not mfd.)/"pink rim" label/laminated slv./

small cut-out/2,5 cm seam split at the top/otherwise superb sleeve/this German issue is

almost as rare as the 1st UK issue from ´67!)

LP ARTWOODS The Artwoods (´77/very rare German REISSUE/licensed from UK Spark label/light-blue D RCA PJL 1-8128 / 26.21829 AF VG-EX/VG-EX 50,--

label/without ringwear, but slight wear on the frontside: the very "sensible" unlamina-

ted sleeve has a slight fading of colours at the top and at the bottom/the vinyl has some

marks on the A-side, but these are strictly on the surface, there are no deeper ones)

LP ARZACHEL Same (´69/´70 /German issue combined with UK slv./the German Vogue LP was issued UK/D EVOLUTION Z 1003 (slv.) / VG(+)/VG(-) 190,--

in 1970, it was released a bit later in Germany/stereo/in UK flipback sleeve w. laminated
VOGUE LDVS 17218 (record)

frontside/front in superb condition (EX+)/4 small tears at bottom of back sleeve caused

by removed sticker + sticker traces/light surface scratches on vinyl, but no deep ones)

LP ASHMAN REYNOLDS Stop Off (´72/slv. has one scuff at top corner, otherwise unplayed condition) D POLYDOR 2383 114 EX-/EX(+) 25,--
LP ASHRA Blackouts (´78/ red/green labels/sleeve corners slightly shoved) D VIRGIN 25688 XOT (VG)-EX/(VG)-EX 9,--
LP ASHRA Correlations (´79/German issue) D VIRGIN 200 451-320 EX-/VG(-EX) 9,--
LP ASHTON, GARDNER, DYKE & CO. What A Bloody Long Day It´s Been (´72/light green label/laminated gatefold slv.) D CAPITOL 1C 062-81023 EX(+)/EX(+) 20,--
LP ASSOCIATION Insight Out (& "Windy") (´67/mono/UK issue w. "NCB"/"GEMA" signs/stamp back) UK LONDON HA-T.8342 VG(-EX)(VG)-EX 28,--
LP ASSOCIATION Birthday (´68/tiny co. hole/half of upper seam has clear tape/minimal ringw. back) US WARNER BROS. WS 1733 VG(-EX)(VG)-EX 18,--
LP ASSOCIATION Greatest Hits (´69/stereo/German LP w. US import slv./German no. stick´d. on back) US/D WARNER BR. WS 1767/46023 EX-M/(VG)-EX 20,--
LP ASSOCIATION Goodbye Columbus (´69/O.S.T./stereo/co. edge bottom + co. hole top, otherw. superb) US WARNER BROS. WS 1786 EX-/VG-EX 25,--
LP ASSOCIATION Same (´69/"Stonehemge" cover/gatefold slv./incl. insert with band photo/tiny co.hole/ US WARNER BROS. WS 1800 VG-EX/EX- 16,--

light ringwear at top + bottom)

d´LP ASSOCIATION Live (´70/double/live Apr. ´70 Utah University/co. edge/light ringw./tiny damage bott.) US WARNER BROS. 2WS 1868 VG(-EX)/VG-/VG(-) 12,--
LP ASSOCIATION Stop Your Motor (´71/stereo/large co. edge/tiny woc./light ringw. at top + bottom) US WARNER BROS. WS 1927 (VG)-EX/VG-EX 14,--
LP ASSOCIATION Waterbeds In Trinidad (´72/"old" orange label/tiny split top seam/light ringw. back) NL CBS S 65003 (VG)-EX/VG 12,--
LP ASSOCIATION Star Collection (´77/German compilation/light wear seams) D MIDI MID 26012 (VG)-EX/VG+ 8,--
LP ATLETHICO SPIZZ ´80 Do A Runner (´80/one slv. edge scuffed, o´w. M-) NL A&M AMLE 68514 EX-/VG(-EX) 10,--
LP ATOMIC ROOSTER Same (ca. ´70/scarce orig. Poland LP/stereo/ringw. back/sleeve slightly scuffed) POL MUZA (Polskie-Nagr.) SX 1236 VG(+)/VG(-EX) 20,--
LP ATOMIC ROOSTER This Is&hellip Atomic Rooster (´74/German-only "2001" compilation LP) D METRONOME-2001 201.151 (VG)-EX/VG(-EX) 15,--
LP ATOMIC ROOSTER Assortment (mid-70s/German compilation) D CHARISMA-PERSPECT. 6499 632 EX/VG 9,--
LP AUDIENCE The House On The Hill (´71/UK issue/+ orig. inner sleeve/light ringw.) UK CHARISMA CAS 1032 EX-/VG(-EX) 18,--
LP AUDIENCE Lunch (´72/scarce orig. German W/L TEST pressing/pre-release copy without slv.) D PHILIPS 6369 918 (no slv.) / EX(+) 32,--
LP AUDIENCE Lunch (´72/orig. German issue/blue label/lamin. gatefold slv./light ringw. top/bottom) D PHILIPS 6369 918 VG-EX/(VG)-EX 18,--
LP AU-PAIRS Sense & Sensuality (´82/scarce German issue/+ "nude" insert/co. hole/price sticker/ D INTERCORD INT 145.063 VG(-EX)/(VG)-EX 14,--

small tear around sticker/light wear seams)

LP AVANT-GARDENERS Dig It (´80/Italian issue/small stamp on label) ITA APPALOOSA AP 013 EX-M/EX(+) 10,--
LP AVERAGE WHITE BAND Same (´74/+ lyric insert) D ATLANTIC ATL 50058 EX-/(VG)-EX 8,--
LP AVERAGE WHITE BAND Soul Searching (´76/+ inner slv./co.) US ATLANTIC SD 18179 EX/(VG)-EX 8,--
LP KEVIN AYERS Sweet Deceiver (´75/Holland issue/in UK slv. stickered w. Dutch no./"pink rim" label) UK/NL ISLAND ILPS 9322 / 88591 IT EX(+)/(VG)-EX 18,--
LP KEVIN AYERS Odd Ditties (´75/Dutch compilation LP/light ringwear on front slv.) NL HARV.-HERITAGE 5C 038-05954 (VG)-EX/VG(-EX) 14,--
LP KEVIN AYERS Rainbow Takeaway (´78/one light scuff, otherw. M-) UK HARVEST SHSP 4085 EX(+)/EX-M 16,--
LP KEVIN AYERS That´s What You Get Babe (´80/Holland issue/+ inner sleeve/tiny sticker tear) NL HARVEST 1A 062-63647 EX-/(VG)-EX 12,--
LP KEVIN AYERS Falling Up (´88) D VIRGIN 208 915-630 EX-/(VG)-EX 12,--
LP AZTEC TWO-STEP Same (´72/UK issue/gatefold slv./"butterfly" label/light ringw. bottom, otherwise M-) UK ELEKTRA K 42118 EX-/VG(-EX) 12,--
LP AZTEC TWO-STEP Adjoining Suites (´77/sealed copy/co.) US RCA-VICTOR APL 1-2453 still sealed 8,--
LP BADFINGER Magic Christian Music (´70/scarce German issue/stereo/laminated slv.) D APPLE 1C 062-91109 EX(+)/VG(-EX) 45,--
LP BADFINGER Magic Christian Music (´70/US issue/one light scuff, otherwise superb slv.) US APPLE ST-3364 EX(+)/VG(-EX) 20,--
LP BADFINGER No Dice (´70/orig. UK issue/gatefold slv./lightest ringw.) UK APPLE SAPCOR 16 (VG)-EX/VG- 28,--
LP BADFINGER No Dice (´70/orig. German issue: "Hör Zu" edition with Apple labels) D HÖR ZU SHZE 315 EX-/VG(-EX) 45,--
LP BADFINGER No Dice (´70/US issue/slight fading of sleeve colours) US APPLE SKAO-3367 VG-EX/VG-EX 20,--
LP BADFINGER Straight Up (´72/orig. German issue/slv. laminated on both sides/superb condition!) D APPLE 1C 062-93234 EX(+)/EX- 45,--
LP BADFINGER Ass (´73/orig. Holland issue) NL APPLE 5C 062-95191 EX-/VG(-EX) 45,--
LP BADFINGER Ass (´73/orig. US issue/+ inner sleeve with donkey/near-perfect condition) US APPLE SW 3411 EX-/VG-EX 22,--
LP BADFINGER Wish You Were Here (´74/US-only LP/withdrawn in U.K./minimal ringw. bottom back) US WARNER BROS. BS 2827 (VG)-EX/VG-EX 38,--
LP BADFINGER Airwaves (´79/US issue/"butterfly" label/+ inner slv./co./top corner somewhat scuffed) US ELEKTRA 6E-175 EX-/(VG)-EX 15,--
d´LP BAD NEWS REUNION Two Steps Forward (´81/3-sided double LP/+ inner sleeves/co. hole/light ringwear) D LINE LDLP 8006 / 6.28544 DP (VG)-EX/EX-/EX- 14,--
LP JOAN BAEZ One Day At A Time (´69/German (-only?) compilation/1st issue with golden label/ D VANGUARD 062-CRY-91067 VG(-EX)/EX(+) 10,--

gatefold slv./co./small damage at bottom of front around cut-out/light wear seams)

LP BALCONE´S FAULT Same (´77/co. hole) US CREAM CR-1004 EX-/EX- 10,--
LP BAKERLOO Same (´69/rare German LP/stereo/comes in UK gatefold sleeve/light shoves) UK/D HARV. SHVL 762 / 1C 062-90519 (VG)-EX/G(+) 50,--
LP JOHN BALDRY Good To Be Alive (´73/New Zealand issue/with Lesley Duncan, Andy Bown, Terry NZ PHILIPS 6370 106 VG-EX/VG(-EX) 10,--

Cox, Tony Newman, etc./light ringw. at top and bottom/sticker trace top front)

LP LONG JOHN BALDRY Welcome To Club Casablanca (´76/co. edge) US CASABLANCA NBLP-7035 EX-/VG(-EX) 6,--
LP LONG JOHN BALDRY Baldry´s Out (´79/US issue/green label/price sticker/light wear top seam) US EMI-AMERICA SW-17016 EX-/(VG)-EX 6,--
LP LONG JOHN BALDRY Same (´80/co. hole) US EMI-AMERICA SW-17038 (VG)-EX/EX- 6,--
LP LONG JOHN BALDRY Rock With The Best (´82/Canadian issue/co. hole/light scuffs) CDN CAPITOL ST-6490 EX-/(VG)-EX 6,--
LP BANCO Same (´75/US issue/gatefold slv./co.) US MANTICORE MA6-505S1 still sealed 10,--
LP BANCO ...Di Terra (´78/co. hole/stamp on label) ITA VIRGIN MPIT 1002 EX-/EX- 10,--
LP THE BAND Stage Fright (ca. ´70/1st German issue/light green label/"H" stamped on back slv.) D CAPITOL 1C 062-80636 EX-/VG-EX 8,--
LP THE BAND Cahoots (ca. ´71/1st German issue/light-green label/gatefold slv. with lyrics) D CAPITOL 1C 062-80955 EX-M/(VG)-EX 10,--
LP THE BAND Moondog Matinee (70s or 80s/REISSUE of ´73 LP/violet label/gatefold/mini-co.) D CAPITOL 038 EVC-81539 EX-/EX(-M) 8,--
LP ROBBIE ROBERTSON Same (´87/+ PROMO sheet/"PR-copy" sticker back/+ inner slv./DJ´s sticker) D GEFFEN 924 160-1 EX(+)/EX- 12,--
LP BARBARIANS Same (´79/scarce REISSUE) US RHINO RNLP 008 (EX)-M/(VG)-EX 15,--
LP BARCLAY JAMES HARVEST Baby James Harvest (´72/+ inner sleeve) UK HARVEST SHSP 4023 EX-/(VG)-EX 12,--
LP PETE BARDENS Heart To Heart (´79/tiny co./1 scuffed edge) D ARISTA 201 855 EX(+)/EX- 8,--
LP PETE BARDENS Seen One Earth (´87/EEC issue made in Holland/"DMM" pressing/+ inner slv.) NL EMI 1C 064-24 0786-1 (VG)-EX/VG(+) 7,--
LP BAREFOOT JERRY Watchin´ TV (´76/co. edge) US MONUMENT MG 7601 EX-/VG-EX 8,--
LP JOHN BARRY 007 - Thunderball (´65/O.S.T./stereo/title track by Tom Jones/light ringw. back) D UNITED ARTISTS 669 126 (VG)-EX/VG-EX 27,--
LP JOHN BARRY ....Revisited (´71/stereo/1st issue/"nude girl" slv./price sticker/ringw. top + bottom) UK EMBER-"EXPLOSION" SE-8008 VG(-EX)/(VG)-EX 27,--
LP LEN BARRY My Kind Of Soul (´67/scarce German issue/strong ringw./little sticker tear back) D RCA LSP-3823 stereo VG-/VG(-) 7,--
LP LEN BARRY More From The 1-2-3 Man (´69/rarely seen UK LP/"stereo enhanced mono") UK BULLDOG BDL 1013 EX(+)/VG(-EX) 16,--
LP DAVE BARTHOLOMEW The Best Of... - The Classic New Orleans Rhythm & Blues Band Sound (´87/sticker) UK STATESIDE SSL 6036 EX-M/(EX)-M 9,--
LP TONI BASIL Word Of Mouth (´81/incl.: "Mickey"/co. hole/price sticker/light wear seams) D ELECTROLA 1C 064-46300 VG-EX/EX(+) 5,--
LP BEACH BOYS Surf, Beat, Fun (ca. ´65/rare German-only compilation LP/unique sleeve/stereo/black D CAPITOL-HÖR ZU SHZE 175 VG-EX/VG 22,--

Capitol label with rainbow rim and additional "Hör Zu" logos/superb front sleeve/light

ringwear at the top + bottom of the back sleeve/light dirt in few parts of the back slv.)

LP BEACH BOYS Same (ca. ´67/RECORD CLUB LP/1st issue/orange label/unique "stage" p/s on front, D S*R 77271 VG-EX/VG(-) 22,--

group photo on back/small wobc./small split top seam/scuffs/tiny tear into opening)

LP BEACH BOYS Girls (ca. ´68/Geman-only compilation LP/issued exclusively by HÖR ZU magazine/ D HÖR ZU SHZE 231 (VG)-EX/VG(-) 15,--

zine/unique "girls" p/s /wobc./owner´s stamp on back/minimal ringw.)

LP BEACH BOYS Beach Boys Live (ca. ´68/´69 /orig. German HÖR ZU issue/stereo/"old" red label/later D HÖR ZU SHZE 302 EX-/VG-EX 17,--

band photo (from ca. ´68?)/background: jungle painting with elephant & rhinoceros)

LP BEACH BOYS The Beach Boys Live (estim. early 70s/German RECORD CLUB issue/stereo/orange D DEUTSCHER SCHALLPLATTEN- EX(-M)/(VG)-EX 22,--

label/same tracks as Hör Zu LP, but unique diff. p/s: earlier photo (from ´65?) of the
CLUB 27412-2

Beach Boys in striped shirts/Capitol building in the background/"R" stamp on label)

LP BEACH BOYS Sunflower (´69/stereo/1st German issue on Stateside label/black label/light ringw.) D STATESIDE 1C 062-91905 (VG)-EX/VG 16,--
LP BEACH BOYS Surf´s Up (´71/orig. record company issue/black Stateside label/minimal scuffs) D STATESIDE 1C 062-92744 EX-/VG(-EX) 14,--
LP BEACH BOYS Surf´s Up (´71/German RECORD CLUB issue) D STATESIDE 28656-7 EX-/VG-EX 22,--
LP BEACH BOYS Holland (´73/+ ltd. edition 7" EP "Mount Vernon And Fairway (REP K 54008/condition: UK REPRISE K 54008 LP: EX-/VG(+) / 27,--

EX-/in company slv.)/+ with lyric sheet/tiny price stickers on front slv. + back slv.)

LP BRUCE JOHNSTON Going Public (´77/+ inner sleeve/1 cm price tear/minimal ringw. in few places) NL CBS 81854 VG(+)/VG(+) 6,--
LP MIKE LOVE Looking Back With Love (´81/orig. German issue/+ inner sleeve) D BOARDWALK 260-16-014 EX(-M)/(VG)-EX 8,--
LP (MIKE LOVE) CELEBRATION Celebration (´78/w. M. Love/Charles Lloyd/Ron Altbach/D. Robinson/Paul Fauerso) US PACIFIC ARTS PAC 7-122 EX(+)/EX 8,--
LP BRIAN WILSON Words & Music ("An Interview With Music From The Sire/Reprise Album") (´86/ US SIRE-REPRISE PRO-A-3248 (VG)-EX/EX 22,--

PROMO-only issue for "Brian Wilson" LP/slv. edges slightly scuffed)

LP BRIAN WILSON Same (´86/Portuguese issue/+ inner sleeve/unplayed condition) POR SIRE(-REPRISE) 9256691 EX-M/EX-M 8,--
LP CARL WILSON Same (´81/UK issue/+ lyric sheet/price sticker) UK CARIBOU CRB 84840 EX-/EX-M 10,--
LP DENNIS WILSON Pacific Ocean Blue (´77/scarce Holland issue/gatefold slv./grey label/+ inner sleeve w. NL CARIBOU CRB 81672 VG-EX/VG+ 45,--

lyrics/minimal trace of ringwear/a few light scratches at the top of the back slv./small

overpainted abrasion on the front sleeve/the opening is a bit scuffed on the backside/

the vinyl has a few light surface scratches, but no deep ones/the inner sleeve has splits)

LP MURRY WILSON The Many Moods Of... (´67/rare German issue/stereo/black "rainbow" label/large co. D CAPITOL SMK 74331 VG(+)/VG 20,--

edge/2 cm split spine/light ringw. back/light discolourations at top + bottom back)

LP BEACON STREET UNION The Eyes Of The... (´68/stereo issue/gatefold slv./blue-gold label/superb condition!) US MGM SE-4597 EX(-M)/EX- 45,--
LP THE BEAT (UK) What Is Beat? - The Best Of... (´83/co. hole/price sticker) D GO-FEET BEAT 6 / 804 097 EX-/EX- 12,--
LP THE BEAT (US) To Beat Or Not To Beat (´83/5-track mini-album/sealed copy/tiny co.) US PASSPORT PB 5002 still sealed 8,--
LP BEAT FARMERS Tales Of The New West (late 80s/sealed copy/year of issue not identified) US RHINO RNLP 853 still sealed 10,--

BEATLES lots of items will be coming soon!

LP BEAU BRUMMELS Introducing (ca. ´65/mono/yellow label/strong ringw./back sleeve bit dirty) US AUTUNM LP 103 VG/VG(-) 18,--
LP BEAU BRUMMELS Vol. 44 (estimated mid- to late 60s/scarce orig. US issue/stereo/turquoise label) US VAULT SLP-121 EX(-M)/VG(-EX) 32,--
LP BEAU BRUMMELS ...Sing (presumed early 70s/compilation LP/"electronically re-recorded to simulute ste- US POST POST-6000 VG/VG(-EX) 12,--

reo"/brown "title" slv./strong ringw. on frontside/pasted back slv. has slight "waves")

LP BEAU BRUMMELS The Original Hits Of... (´75/red sleeve with blue-white text/co. hole) US JAS JAS-5000 (VG)-EX/VG(-EX) 9,--
LP BEAU BRUMMELS Same (´75/reunion LP/co., otherwise near-M) US WARNER BROS. BS 2842 EX(+)/(VG)-EX 16,--
LP BEAU BRUMMELS Same (´79/scarce "semi-official" (or bootleg?) live LP) US(?) FLYING HORSES FC 001 EX-/EX(+) 36,--
LP BEAU BRUMMELS From The Vaults (´82/compilation LP) US RHINO RNLP 104 EX(-M)/M- 10,--
LP BEAU BRUMMELS Vol. 2 (early 80s/REISSUE) D LINE LLP 5113 EX-M/EX- 12,--
LP BEAU BRUMMELS Good Time Music (´87/German compilation/WHITE VINYL/sealed copy) D LINE-IMPACT IMLP 4.00391 still sealed 12,--
LP BE-BOP DELUXE Futurama (´75/German issue/unplayed condition!) D EMI-(HARVEST) 1C 062-05804 EX-/EX(-M) 12,--
LP BILL NELSON Northern Dream (´80/REISSUE of ´71 LP/sticker: "Guitar of Be-Bop Deluxe") UK BUTT 002 EX/(EX)-M 12,--
box BILL NELSON Trial By Intimacy (´85/4-LP box set/complete with all inserts/booklet/postcard) UK COCTEAU JEAN 2 all M- 28,--
d´LP BILL NELSON Chance Encounters In The Garden Of Light (´87/double LP/+ inner slv./sticker) UK COCTEAU JEAN 20 (VG)-EX/EX-/EX(+) 15,--
LP DAVID BEDFORD Star´s End (´74/French issue/coloured "virgin" label/includes French language insert F VIRGIN 840 055 EX/EX(+) 22,--

w. photo + infos about connection w. Oldfield & Royal Philharmonic Orch.)

LP BEE GEES Rare, Precious And Beautiful (´68/1st issue/light shoves/light ringw. back) UK POLYDOR 236 221 (VG)-EX/VG(-EX) 14,--
LP BEE GEES All Over The World (ca. ´68/stereo/scarce German RECORD CLUB LP/unique art D POLYDOR H 881/5 VG-EX/VG(-) 27,--

sleeve in "psychedelic" style/very light ringwear/a few light scuffs in the lamination/

the sleeve corners are slightly rounded off)

LP BEE GEES Pop Giants, Vol. 19 (ca. ´70/scarce pre-release W/L PROMO/unplayed condition) D BRUNSWICK 2911530 (neutral slv.)/M- 28,--
LP BEE GEES and others Melody (´71/O.S.T./scarce German issue/split between Bee Gees & Richard Hewson D POLYDOR 2383 051 EX-/(VG)-EX 22,--

Orchestra/also incl. one Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young track/"R" stamp on back slv.)

LP BEE GEES Lo Mejor de Los Bee Gees (est. early 70s/rare Venezuelian compilation/unique slv. de- VEN POLYDOR 30.099 (VG)-EX/(VG)-EX 28,--

sign/"Garantia" sealing sticker left on opening/minimal ringw. back, otherw. near-M)

LP BEE GEES Lo Mejor de Los Bee Gees, Vol. 2 (estimated early 70s/rare Venezuelian compilation/ VEN POLYDOR 30.012 (VG)-EX/(VG)-EX 28,--

unique slv. design/"Garantia" sealing sticker left on opening/minimal ringw. back)

LP BEE GEES Odessa (early 70s/double LP/Karussell label REISSUE/golden label/price sticker) D KARUSSELL 2674012 (set no.) EX-/(VG)-EX/EX 12,--
LP BEE GEES Life In A Tin Can (´72/co./price sticker) D RSO 2394 102 EX-/EX-M 10,--
LP BEE GEES Bee Gees´ 1st (early 70s/RSO label REISSUE/barely seen co. hole) D RSO 2479 133 EX(+)/(VG)-EX 8,--
LP BEE GEES Bee Gees´ Best (estimated mid-70s/RECORD CLUB compilation of 60´s recordings/ D RSO 27602-7 "CLUB-SONDER- (VG)-EX/(VG)-EX 18,--

unique p/s /one light scuff/5 cm split in middle of top seam, otherwise superb slv.)

LP BEE GEES Odessa, Vol. 1 (´75/scarce Argentinian "reissue" as single LP/in fact this is a compila- ARG RSO 2394 120 VG(-EX)/VG(-EX) 22,--

tion, which also includes solo recordings by the 3 Gibb brothers (Saved By The Bell/I´ll

Kiss Your Memory/Railroad)/unique later photo of the 3 brothers without the other

members of the ´69 group/small price tear/light wear spine and opening, but no tears)

LP BEE GEES The Best Of Odessa (estimated mid-70s/unique German 1-LP-only RECORD CLUB D POLYDOR 46 400 8 "CLUB- EX-/(VG)-EX 22,--

compilation from ´69 double LP/brown-red label with black plastic middle piece)

LP BEE GEES Castillo De Pepinos (´77/scarce Uruguayan issue of "Cucumber Castle"/sleeve sealed URU POLYDOR 2383 010 (VG)-EX/VG- 15,--

into plastic protection slv./co. hole/tiny split at bottom/label tear)

LP ROBIN GIBB Robin´s Reign (´69/scarce 1st German issue/stereo/light shoves in the lamination) D POLYDOR 184 363 (VG)-EX/VG(-) 15,--
LP BEGGAR´S OPERA Act One (mid-/late 70s/REISSUE) D VERTIGO-PHONOGRAM 6360 018 still sealed 8,--
LP BEGGAR´S OPERA Waters Of Change (early to mid-70s/German REISSUE/"spaceship" label/price sticker D VERTIGO 6360 054 EX-/VG+ 12,--

on the frontside)

LP ARCHIE BELL & THE DRELLS Tighten Up (´68/scarce orig. German issue/stereo/lightest shoves/unplayed condition) D ATLANTIC SC 8181 EX-/EX(-M) 50,--
LP MAGGIE BELL Queen Of The Night (´74/orig. German issue/tiny co./minimal ringw./light shoves) D POLYDOR 2383 239 (VG)-EX/(VG)-EX 8,--
LP BELL & ARC Same (´71/scarce orig. German issue on Philips label/gatefold slv.) D PHILIPS 6369 917 EX-/(VG)-EX 22,--
LP BELLE STARS Same (´83/1st German issue/red label) D STIFF 6.25456 AO / SEEZ 45 EX(+)/EX- 8,--
LP BELLS Stay Awhile (est. early 70s/2nd issue of "Fly Little White Dove, Fly"/stereo/co. edge) US POLYDOR 24-4510 (wol.) (VG)-EX/VG(+) 12,--
LP BEN Same (REISSUE of scarce ´71 LP/presumably not a counterfeit, but a regular Vertigo ?? VERTIGO 6360 052 EX(+)/VG(+) 20,--

label reissue: gatefold slv./correctly printed matrix/large (!) "swirled" labels)

LP BRIAN BENNETT Change Of Direction (´68/rare WHITE LABEL TEST LP/the LP´s title is not listed on D ELECTROLA SMC 74495 stereo (no p/s)/VG(-EX) 78,--

the label - only Brian Bennett´s name in handwriting and the printed catalogue num-

ber are stickered onto one of the labels, the other label is plain blank/pre-release copy

in neutral white sleeve/date stamp: "18. Dez. 1968"/only very few copies made!)

LP CLIFF BENNETT / REBEL ROUSERS Drivin´ You Wild (´66/mono/ringwear on backside, front near-M) UK MUSIC FOR PLEASURE MFP 1121 VG-EX/VG 12,--
LP CLIFF BENNETT & HIS BAND ...Branches Out (´68/stereo/white-gold l./seams surrounded by clear tape, otherw. EX) D COLUMBIA SMC 74482 VG(-EX)/VG(-) 27,--
LP DUSTER BENNETT Bright Lights... (´69/orig. Holland issue/stereo/gatefold slv. with opening on inner side/ NL BLUE HORIZON S 7-63221 EX-/VG(+) 65,--

light dirt inside gatefold, outside near-perfect/surface scratch in one track, others EX-)

LP BYRON BERLINE & SUNDANCE Same (´76/1st US issue/cut-out edge on the left top corner/clear tape (ca. 1 x 1,3 cm) US MCA MCA-2117 VG(-EX)/VG(-EX) 9,--

on the right top corner/light ringwear at the top/minimal dirt on the frontside)

LP BYRON BERLINE / L.A. Fiddle Band Same (´80/German issue/price sticker/scuffs) D METRON..-SUGAR HILL 0060.468 (VG)-EX/EX- 8,--
LP BERLINE / CRARY / HICKMAN Byron Berline - Dan Crary - John Hickman (´83/sealed copy) US SUGAR HILL SH-3720 still sealed 8,--
LP BERLINE / CRARY / HICKMAN Night Run (´84/sealed copy) US SUGAR HILL SH-3739 still sealed 8,--
LP CHUCK BERRY The London Chuck Berry Sessions (´72/1st German issue/gatefold slv.) D BELLAPHON-CHESS BLPS 19098 EX(+)/(VG)-EX 12,--
d´LP CHUCK BERRY St. Louie To Frisco To Memphis (´72/double LP/French issue/black label) F MERCURY 6619 008 (set no.) EX-M/EX/EX(+) 20,--
d´LP CHUCK BERRY The Best Of... (early 70s/double LP/recordings from ´55 - ´65/light ringw. + shoves) D BELLAPHON-CHESS BLST 6506 VG+/VG/VG(+) 12,--
LP DAVE BERRY This Special Sound Of... (´66/mono/red-silver "ear" label/wobc. (writing overwritten)/ UK DECCA LK 4823 VG/VG-EX 20,--

1 cm tear at the bottom with small clear taping/light ringwear only in a few parts)

LP DAVE BERRY Remembering... (late 60s or early 70s/stereo/yellow label with "NCB"/import sticker) UK DECCA REM 3 EX-/EX- 10,--
LP DAVE BERRY Hostage To The Beat (´87/rarely seen LP/light ringw. only at bottom front/2 stickers) UK BUTT BUTT 007 (VG)-EX/(VG)-EX 12,--
d´LP BIG STAR # 1 Record/Radio City (mid-70s/double LP REISSUE of 1st 2 LP´s/light ringw.) US STAX STX 3021/22 (VG)-EX/(VG)-EX/EX- 27,--
LP BIG STAR Radio City (´86/German REISSUE of ´73 LP/scarce WHITE VINYL issue) D LINE LILP 4.00270 J (EX)-M/EX- 25,--
LP ALEX CHILTON Like Flies On Sherbert (´80/light ringwear) UK AURA AUL 707 (VG)-EX/EX- 9,--
LP ALEX CHILTON Bach´s Bottom (´80/German issue/sticker by "TIS" import service on back slv.) D LINE LLP 5081 EX-/VG-EX 12,--
LP ALEX CHILTON Black List (´83/French issue/shop stickers on front + back slv.) F NEW ROSE ROSE 194 (VG)-EX/EX(+) 12,--
d´LP ALEX CHILTON Alex Chilton´s Lost Decade (80s/French double LP/contains mostly unreleased solo F FAN CLUB FC 015 EX-M(VG)-EX/EX- 20,--

recordings from ´69 - ´77 period/2nd LP features other artists produced by Chilton)

LP BIG THREE Resurrection (´73/German import sticker on front/price sticker back) UK/(D) POLYDOR 2383-199 (VG)-EX/EX- 20,--
LP BINTANGS Down South Blues (ca. ´69/scarce German issue/stereo/light scuffs in lamination) D DECCA FD 12032 (VG)-EX/VG(-EX) 36,--
LP BIRTH CONTROL Hoodoo Man (´72/1st Holland issue/"old" label/gatefold slv./minimal ringw. top back) NL CBS S 65316 EX-/VG(+) 12,--
LP CILLA BLACK Yesterday (ca. ´68/stereo/scarce UK RECORD CLUB issue by WRC - presumably EX- UK WORLD RECORD CLUB ST 1100 VG/VG(-EX) 14,--

PORT-only LP(?)/all songs are cover versions/2 stickers/strong ringw. in parts of slv.)

LP CILLA BLACK It Makes Me Feel Good (´76/textured slv./+ inner sleeve) UK EMI EMC 3108 M-/EX(-M) 7,--
LP BLACKBYRDS Flying Start (´74/scarce German issue/tiny co.) D FANTASY 0061.108 EX(-M)/(VG)-EX 19,--
LP BLACKBYRDS Beat On Blackbyrds, Vol. 1 - The Best Of... (´88/German compilation) D ACE-BGP BGP 1012 EX(+)/EX(+) 9,--
LP J. D. BLACKFOOT The Ultimate Prophecy (ca. ´70/orig. US issue/red label/co. hole/light ringw.) US MERCURY SR 61288 VG-EX/(VG)-EX 39,--
LP J. D. BLACKFOOT The Ultimate Prophecy (ca. ´70/´71/orig. Holland issue/gatefold slv. with lyrics/same NL MERCURY 6338 031 EX-/VG 65,--

sleeve design as UK issue/light surface scratches: A-side = VG(+), B-side = VG(-) )

LP J. D. BLACKFOOT The Song Of "Crazy Horse" (´74/ringw.) US FANTASY F.9468 VG(-EX)/(VG)-EX 29,--
d´LP J. D. BLACKFOOT Live In St. Louis (´82/double LP) US BISON B-44 EX/VG+/VG(-EX) 36,--
LP BLACK PEARL Same (´69/US issue/stereo/green-red label/tiny price tear/co. hole) US ATLANTIC SD-8220 (VG)-EX/(VG)-EX 25,--
LP BLACK SABBATH Black Sabbath (´70/very rare German-only 7-track RECORD CLUB issue/unique slv.: D VERTIGO-DEUTSCHER SCHALL- EX-/VG(-) 100,--

coloured front with 4 individual photos of members "live in concert"/backside: photo

of the group relaxing in a meadow/"swirled" label/tiny 2 cm split top seam, slv. other-

wise in superb condition/soundwise ca. VG(+) )

LP BLACK SABBATH Same (´70/rare 7-track RECORD CLUB issue/unique "group" p/s /compilation of first D VERTIGO 92881 EX-/VG- 85,--

2 LP´s/diff. Club issue to Deutscher Schallplattenclub 28621-1, but with same artwork)

LP BILL WARD (Black Sabbath) Ward One: Along The Way (´90/+ inner slv./2 tracks each with lead vocals by Ozzy US CHAMELEON 1-74816 EX(+)/EX- 16,--

Osbourne & Jack Bruce)

LP BOBBY BLAND Dreamer (´74/2 (unremobable) sealing tapes left at side opening, otherwise EX-) D PROBE 1C 056-95758 VG(-EX)/EX- 10,--
LP BLOND The Lilac Years (´69/scarce UK issue of Swedish group formerly known as The Tages/ UK FONTANA STL 5615 EX(+)/G(+) 48,--

gatefold slv./record has many scratches, but most of the scratches aren´t deep ones)

LP BLOND The Lilac Years (´69/Holland issue/blue label/stereo/gatefold slv. with lyrics) NL FONTANA 881015 TY EX(+)/(VG)-EX 85,--
LP BLOND Blond (ca. ´69/US issue/ W/L PROMO/stereo/gatefold slv./same tracks as UK & Hol- US FONTANA SRF-67607 VG(-EX)/EX(+) 45,--

land issues, but different sleeve design/ringw./vinyl in unplayed condition)

LP BLOODSTONE Unreal (´73/orig. US issue/+ inner slv./co. hole) US LONDON XPS 634 EX-/(VG)-EX 12,--
LP BLOOD, SWEAT & TEARS Same (´68/orig. UK stereo issue/"old" orange label/gatefold slv./light ringw./sticker) UK CBS S 63504 (VG)-EX/VG(-EX) 10,--
LP BLOOD, SWEAT & TEARS 3 (´70/orig. UK stereo issue/"old" orange label/gatefold slv.) UK CBS S 64024 EX-/(VG)-EX 12,--
LP BLOOD, SWEAT & TEARS 4 (´71/orig. Holland issue/stereo/"old" orange label/laminated slv.) NL CBS S 64355 EX(-M)/(VG)-EX 12,--
LP BLOOD, SWEAT & TEARS Nuclear Blues (´80/+ insert/tiny co.) US LAX-FAR OUT MCA-3227 EX(-M)/EX(+) 8,--
LP DAVID CLAYTON-THOMAS Same (ca. ´69/US issue/stereo/black label/co. hole/light ringw.) US DECCA DL-75146 VG-EX/VG(-EX) 7,--
LP DAVID CLAYTON-THOMAS Same (´72/Holland issue/diff. to US ´69 LP/"old" orange label/gatefold slv. w. lyrics) NL CBS S 64755 EX(+)/(VG)-EX 12,--
LP MIKE BLOOMFIELD Between A Hard Place And The Ground (´90) UK THUNDERBOLT THBL 076 M-/EX(+) 8,--
LP BOBBY BLOOM The Bobby Bloom Album (ca. ´69/´70 /1st issue/incl.: "Montego Bay"/2 co. holes) US (MGM)-L&R LR-1035 EX-/EX- 10,--
LP BOBBY BLOOM Big Hits (ca. ´71/scarce German issue/tiny sticker/light ringw. back) D HANSA 85262 IT (VG)-EX/VG+ 8,--
LP DAVID BLUE These 23 Days In September (´68/stereo/gatefold/co./ringw./light scuffs/slv. bit dirty) US REPRISE RS 6296 VG/VG(+) 32,--
LP DAVID BLUE Cupid´s Arrow (´76/+ insert/blue label) US ASYLUM 7E-1077 EX-/VG(-EX) 12,--
LP BLUE Same (´73/co./light ringw. top + bottom//surface scratch in 2 tracks, others EX) US RSO SO 873 (VG)-EX/VG(-EX) 8,--
LP BLUE Another Night Time Flight (´77/German issue) D ROCKET 1C 064-99278 EX-/(VG)-EX 10,--
LP BLUE ANGEL Same (´80/1st Cindy Lauper LP/US issue/+ inner slv./golden "promo" imprint on back) US POLYDOR PD 1-6300 EX-/VG(+) 17,--
LP BLUE ANGEL Same (´80/1st Cindy Lauper LP/German issue/+ inner sleeve/price sticker/ringw.) D POLYDOR 2391 486 VG(-EX)/VG(-EX) 22,--
LP BLUE BAND Slithering! (´79/presumably Dutch wave band) NL ARIOLA-BENELUX 200.646 EX-M/EX- 10,--
LP BLUE CHEER Oh! Pleasant Hope (ca. ´72/the last & presumably rarest of their original LP´s!) US PHILIPS PHS-600-350 EX(+)/VG(-EX) 50,--
LP BLUE CHEER Louder Than God - The Best Of Blue Cheer (´86/compilation LP) US RHINO RNLP 70130 M-/M- 12,--
LP BLUE CHEER Blitzkrieg Over Nuremburg (Live In Germany ´88) UK THUNDERBOLT THBL 091 M-/M- 12,--
LP BLUE MINK Melting Pot (ca. ´70/orig. US issue/stereo/co. hole, o´w. new) US PHILIPS PHS 600-323 EX(+)/EX- 8,--
LP BLUE ÖYSTER CULT Tyranny And Mutation (´73/yellow-orange "new design" label/co./price sticker) UK CBS S CBS 32056 EX-/EX- 8,--
LP BLUE ÖYSTER CULT Cultösaurus Erectus (´80/Holland issue/+ inner sleeve) NL CBS 86120 EX-M/EX- 8,--
LP BLUES IMAGE Open (´70/US (export?) issue w. German "Gema"/stereo/yellow label/price sticker) US/(D) ATCO SD 33-317 EX-/VG-EX 15,--
LP BLUES IMAGE Open (´70/Japanese issue/stereo/presumed orig. issue) JAP ATLANTIC P-4538-A EX(-M)/EX 20,--
LP BLUES MAGOOS Same (´66/scarce UK issue/stereo/3 cm split spine/ringw./some scuffs/some scratches) UK FONTANA STL 5402 VG(+)/G(+) 28,--
LP BLUES MAGOOS Electric Comic Book (ca. ´67/red label/scarce "monaural" issue/light ringw.) US MERCURY MG-21104 VG-EX/VG 28,--
LP BLUES MAGOOS Psychedelic Lollipop (early 70s/1st REISSUE/stereo/"skyscraper" label/minim. ringw.) US MERCURY SR-61096 EX-/(VG)-EX 15,--
LP BLUES MAGOOS Gulf Coast Bound (ca. ´71/German issue/stereo/small sticker/scuffs) D ABC 28682 XAT VG(-EX)/VG(+) 12,--
LP BLUES MAGOOS Never Goin´ Back To Georgia (ca. ´71/stereo/small sticker/ringw./wear seams) D ABC 28683 XAT VG/VG(-EX) 10,--
LP BLUES PROJECT Best Of... (´67/black-silver label/tiny co./1 surface scratch, rest EX-) D VERVE-FORECAST 2304 165 EX-/VG(-EX) 15,--
d´LP BLUES PROJECT / b/w.: JOHN MAYALL Pop History (ca. ´70/shared double LP - 1 LP each/band "histories" inside gatefold) D POLYDOR 2488 037/2335 036 EX(+)/EX-M/M- 25,--
d´LP BLUES PROJECT Pop History, Vol. XX (ca. ´70/´71 /German-only double LP/ringw. inside gatefold) D POLYDOR 2625 020 (set no.) (VG)-EX/EX-/EX- 20,--
LP BLUES PROJECT Projections (80s REISSUE/price sticker, otherwise new) D VERVE-FORECAST 827 918-1 EX-M/(EX)-M 10,--
LP BLUES PROJECT Reunion In Central Park (80s/Greek REISSUE/co. hole) GRE MCA 254951-1 EX-M/EX(+) 10,--
LP BLUES PROJECT The Best Of... (´89/compilation) US RHINO R1 70165 M-/M- 10,--
LP AL KOOPER Championchip Wrestling (´82/+ inner sleeve/co. hole/price sticker) NL CBS CX 85938 (VG)-EX/(VG)-EX 8,--
LP B. B. BLUNDER Worker´s Playtime (´71/German issue/gatefold/slight "yellowing" in parts of the slv.) D UNITED ARTISTS UAS 29156 (VG)-EX/(VG)-EX 29,--
LP BRIAN GODDING Slaughter On Shaftsbury Avenue (´88/solo LP by former Blossom Toes/B. B. Blunder) UK RECKLESS RECK 16 EX-M/EX- 10,--
LP COLIN BLUNSTONE Journey (´74/price sticker/light ringw.) UK EPIC S EPC 65805 (VG)-EX/EX- 12,--
LP COLIN BLUNSTONE Never Even Thought (´78/US issue/+ inner sleeve/tiny co., otherw. M-) US ROCKET BXL 1-2903 EX-M/(VG)-EX 10,--
LP TOMMY BOLIN Teaser (´75/scarce 1st German issue on Nemperor label) D NEMPEROR ATL 50208 EX-/EX- 18,--
LP GRAHAM BOND This Is...G. Bond - Bond In America (´72/light wear slv. corners/light ringw. top back) UK PHILIPS-INTERNAT´L. 6382 010 (VG)-EX/VG(-EX) 28,--
LP BOND & BROWN Two Heads Are Better Than One (´72/orig. UK issue/German promo sticker + date UK CHAPTER ONE CHS-R 813 (VG)-EX/(VG)-EX 130,--

stamp on label/tiny sticker tear: barely seen, as it´s on white background/o´w. M-)

LP BOND & BROWN Two Heads Are Better Than One (´72/orig. French issue/near-perfect condition!) F HARVEST 2C 064-93869 M-/(EX)-M 160,--
LP GRAHAM BONNEY The Best Of... (late 60s/stereo/compilation of hits in English language/light scuffs) D COLUMBIA C 1032 (VG)-EX/(VG)-EX 17,--
LP GRAHAM BONNEY Die Graham Bonney Story (ca. ´69/´70 /compilat. of German-language rec./gatefold) D COLUMBIA 1C 062-04342 EX(+)/EX- 22,--
LP BONZO DOG DOO DAH BAND Beast Of The Bonzos (´71/unique US compilation LP/gatefold slv./superb condition) US UNITED ARTISTS UAS 5517 (EX)-M/(VG)-EX 22,--
LP BONZO DOG DOO DAH BAND I´m The Urban Spaceman - The Very Best Of... (´84/compilation LP) UK M.F.P. 41 5680-1 EX(-M)/EX- 10,--
LP NEIL INNES The Innes Book Of Records (´79/+ lyric sheet/co. hole/trace of removed sticker) UK POLYDOR-SUPER 2383 556 EX-/(VG)-EX 15,--
LP VIVIAN STANSHALL Sir Henry At Rawlinson End (´78/w. double-paged insert/unplayed condition!) UK CHARISMA CAS 1139 EX/(EX)-M 24,--
LP BOODLAM Have Mercy (´77/German prog) D ANTAGON ALP 3209 M-/EX(+) 12,--
LP BOOKER T. & THE M.G.´s Soul Limbo (´68/orig. German issue/yellow label/stereo) D STAX SMAX 74589 EX-/VG- 8,--
LP BOOKER T. & THE M.G.´s Up Tight (´69/O.S.T./yellow label/stereo/back slv. discoloured in parts, front EX/wol.) D STAX 1C 062-90200 VG(+)/VG(-) 8,--
LP BOOKER T. & THE M.G.´s The Best Of... (´73/REISSUE of ´68 LP/price sticker + light ringw. back) D ATLANTIC 40072 (SD 8202) (VG)-EX/EX- 8,--
LP BOOTS Here Are The Boots (mid 70s/REISSUE of rare 60s LP/price sticker) D TELEFUNKEN 66.21960 EX(+)/(VG)-EX 27,--
LP BOOTSY´S RUBBER BAND Bootsy?... Player Of The Year (´78/gatefold slv./co.) US WARNER BROTHERS BSK 3093 EX-/EX- 15,--
LP KEVIN BORICH EXPRESS Angel´s Hand (´80/ringw.) AUS MUSHROOM L 37181 VG(-EX)/VG(-EX) 12,--
LP BOSTON SHOW BAND Piccadilly Rock (´67/stereo/ubtitled: "That´s The Boston..."/band incl. 4 Irish, one D CORNET 16001 VG(-EX)/VG- 12,--

Scottish & 2 English members/stamp back/ringw. + bits of dirt in parts of back slv.)

LP BOSTON SHOW BAND Non Stop Pop Hits (´68/stereo/cover versions of ´68 hits/light ringwear + dirt on the D CORNET-SPEZIAL 16005 VG/EX- 15,--

back sleeve/2 cm long tear at the bottom into the opening of the frontside)

LP BOTHY BAND Old Hag, You Have Killed Me (´76/UK issue/minimal ringwear at top) UK POLYDOR-SUPER 2383-417 (VG)-EX/VG(-EX) 12,--
LP BOTHY BAND Out Of The Wind, Into The Sun (´77/French issue/one light scuff in slv.) F POLYDOR 2442 150 EX-/EX 15,--
LP BOTHY BAND Afterhours (´79/Irish issue/recorded live in Paris/price sticker) IRL MULLIGAN LUN 030 EX(+)/EX- 12,--
d´LP DAVID BOWIE Same ("Images" (estim. late 70s/Belgian double LP/while the sleeve only lists "David BEL DERAM 145/146 EX-/VG-EX/VG 16,--

Bowie" as title, the labels state "Images"/unique diff. p/s /ringwear inside gatefold)

LP DAVID BOWIE Aladdin Sane (´73/rare German RECORD CLUB issue/laminated non-gatefold sleeve/ D RCA-DEUTSCHER SCHALLPLAT- EX-/VG-EX 27,--

minimal trace of ringwear - close to none!)
TENCLUB 28328-3

d´LP DAVID BOWIE "Special" (´76/unique Japan-only double LP compilation/"face" p/s /light ringw.) JAP RCA SRA-9503-04 all VG(-EX) 30,--
LP DAVID BOWIE Stationtostation (´76/orig. Japanese issue/+ double-paged lyric insert/sealed into plas- JAP RCA RVP-6027 (VG)-EX/(VG)-EX 16,--

tic bag/the plastic outer sleeve is dirty, while the actual sleeve is in near-M condition)

d´LP DAVID BOWIE Stage (´78/double LP/Holland issue/BLUE VINYL/minimal ringw. at top + bottom) NL RCA PL-02913 EX-/VG-EX/VG-EX 16,--
LP DAVID BOWIE Chameleon (ca. ´79/scarce New Zealand/Aussie compilation LP (slv. made by/for New NZ/AU STARCALL STAR 101 (VG)-EX/VG 18,--

Zealand Starcall, vinyl mfd. in Australia)/unique slv. /light shoves in front lamination)

LP DAVID BOWIE Same (´79/German-only compilation/"Profile" series/unique "face" sleeve/co. hole) D TELDEC 6.24009 EX-/EX- 8,--
LP DAVID BOWIE O. S. T. "Christiane F. - Wir Kinder vom Bahnhof Zoo" (´81/1st German issue) D RCA BL 43606 EX-/VG-EX 12,--
LP DAVID BOWIE Historia De La Musica Rock - 4 (´81/unique Spanish compilation of ´66/´67 tracks) ESP DECCA-ORBIS 9-47002 stereo EX-/VG-EX 10,--
LP DAVID BOWIE Another Face (´81/W/L TEST pressing/pre-release copy without sleeve/blank white D (company´s name not listed!)/ (neutral sleeve)/EX- 60,--

labels with printed "Ungeprüftes Muster" (i. e. the record company still had to give

their approvement before official release)/handwritten artist´s name, title + number)

LP DAVID BOWIE Golden Years (´83/RECORD CLUB compilation/"digitally remastered"/the sleeve is D RCA 40 378-2 VG/(VG)-EX 15,--

slightly scuffed towards its outer parts/two 1 cm tears into the side opening)

LP DAVID BOWIE Labyrinth (´86/orig. Holland issue/O.S.T./"DMM" recording/+ inner sleeve) NL EMI-AMERICA 1A 064-240578-1 EX/VG 8,--
LP DAVID BOWIE "...The Interview" (´87/PROMO-only 6-track LP from "Never Let Me Dowm"/incl. in- US EMI-AMERICA SPRO 79112/79113 (VG)-EX/(VG)-EX 22,--

terviews/the sleeve corners at the bottom are slightly bent)

box DAVID BOWIE Sound & Vision (6-LP box set/CLEAR VINYL/"Direct Metal Mastering") US RYKO RALP 0120/21/22-2 still sealed 49,--
LP TIN MACHINE Tin Machine (´89/+ sticker with Bowie reference/+ PROMO sheet dated 22/05/89) D EMI-ELECTROLA 1C 064-7 91990 M-/EX(+) 27,--
LP ALAN BOWN Same (´68/scarce orig. US issue/stereo/co. hole) US MUSIC FACTORY MFS 12.000 EX(+)/VG-EX 49,--
LP ALAN BOWN The Alan Bown! (´69/small woc. + wol./sleeve slightly shoved) UK DERAM SML 1049 VG-EX/EX- 45,--
LP ALAN BOWN Listen! (´70/"pink rim" label/stickers on front + back slv./light scratches on sleeve) UK ISLAND ILPS 9131 VG(+)/(VG)-EX 16,--
LP ALAN BOWN Stretching Out (´71/"pink rim" label/gatefold sleeve) UK ISLAND ILPS 9163 EX-/VG-EX 18,--
LP ALAN BOWN Kick Me Out! (´85/compilation LP) UK SEE FOR MILES SEE 42 EX-M/EX- 10,--

ANDY BOWN please look under STATUS QUO!

LP JIMMY JAMES / ALAN BOWN SET London Swings/Live At The Marquee Club (´67/rare orig. French issue of shared LP/ F PYE CLVLXPY 122 30 (VG)-EX/VG- 28,--

light ringwear back)

LP ROBERT PALMER / ALAN BOWN Robert Palmer With The Alan Bown (´87/Alan Bown tracks from psychedelic period) UK C5 C5 501 EX-M/(VG)-EX 10,--
LP BOXER Absolutely (´77/UK issue/+ insert/slight fading of colours on the back sleeve) UK EPIC EPC 82151 VG(-EX)/EX- 10,--
LP BOX TOPS Cry Like A Baby (´68/orig. US issue/stereo/co. hole/front: ringw. = VG, back slv.: EX) US BELL 6017 VG(-EX)/(VG)-EX 16,--
LP TOMMY BOYCE & BOBBY HART Test Patterns (´67/scarce German issue/stereo/tiny front tear) D A&M 212 002 VG(-EX)/VG(-EX) 16,--
LP TOMMY BOYCE & BOBBY HART I Wonder What She´s Doing Tonite? (´68/stereo/sealed copy/tiny co. hole) US A&M SP 4143 still sealed 15,--
LP TOMMY BOYCE & BOBBY HART It´s All Happening On The Inside (ca. ´68/´69 /stereo/co. hole/lightest ringwear) US A&M SP 4162 EX-/VG 10,--
LP BOBBY HART The First Bobby Hart Solo Album (´79/Holland issue/light ringwear) NL WEA WEAN 58047 (VG)-EX/VG 8,--
LP THE BOYS To Hell With The Boys (´79/scarce German issue/co. hole/sticker/3 mm mini-tear) D SAFARI 1C 064-63818 (VG)-EX/(VG)-EX 15,--
LP THE BOYS Boys Only (´80/LP title on front slv. is just "The Boys", "Boys Only" on spine + la- NL/D SAFARI 1C 064-64279 (VG)-EX/EX- 18,--

bels/co. hole/slv. mfd. in Holland with German no./two 2 mm mini-tears top front)

LP THE YOBS Christmas Album (´89/a.k.a. The Boys/French issue/w. German import sticker on back) F GREAT EXPECTATIONS PIPLP 006 (EX)-M/(VG)-EX 18,--
LP BOYS DON´T CRY Same (´86/incl.: "I Wanna Be A Cowboy"/co. hole/price sticker/light wear seams) D INTERCORD INT 145.095 EX-/(VG)-EX 6,--
LP BOYS DON´T CRY Who The Am Dam Do You Think We Am? (´87/+ inner slv./price sticker) D INTERCORD INT 148.810 EX-/VG-EX 6,--
LP BOYS OF THE LOUGH Second Album (´74/UK issue/yellow label) UK TRAILER LER 2090 EX-/EX- 15,--
LP BOYS OF THE LOUGH Farewell And Remember Me (´87/US issue) US SHANACHIE 79067 EX(-M)/EX-M 12,--
LP BRAINBOX Same (80s/REISSUE in "Fame" series/sealed copy) NL EMI 1A 038-1575321 still sealed 9,--
LP ANDRÉ BRASSEUR ....And His Multi-Sound Organ (ca. ´66/´67 /stereo/light ringw. back) F DISC AZ LPD 32.522 (VG)-EX/VG(+) 10,--
LP ANDRÉ BRASSEUR The Best Of... (´68/Dutch compilation/stereo/light ringw.) NL PALETTE MPB S-3216 EX-/VG(-EX) 10,--
LP ANDRÉ BRASSEUR The Best Of, No. 2 (´68/Dutch compilation/stereo/front sticker/light ringw. back) NL PALETTE MPB S-3287 VG-EX/VG 10,--
LP ANDRÉ BRASSEUR Early Bird (estimated late 60s/German compilation LP/stereo/violet label/light ringw.) D BELLAPHON BI 1599 (VG)-EX/VG(+) 10,--
LP BRAVE NEW WORLD Oh! Calcutta!....And The Best From Salvation (´70/scarce German-only LP) D POLYDOR 2371 103 (VG)-EX/(VG)-EX 32,--
LP LOS BRAVOS Black Is Black (ca. ´66/orig. US issue/mono/superb p/s) US PRESS PR-73003 EX(-M)/(VG)-EX 24,--
LP LOS BRAVOS The Best Of... (ca. ´68/´69 /German compilation/stereo/some scuffs/tiny wobc.) D DECCA-MUSIK FÜR ALLE ND 582 (VG)-EX/VG(+) 19,--
LP LOS BRAVOS Los Bravos (ca. ´74/dark red label with "GEMA" sign for German export/sticker back) UK/(D) DECCA-ECLIPSE ECS-R 2026 EX(-M)/EX(-M) 15,--
LP LOS BRAVOS Black Is Black (´74/compilation in "Yesterday´s Pop Scene" series/price sticker) D DECCA-M.F.A. ND 870 / 6.21670 EX-/EX- 12,--
LP BREAD Same (´69/1st issue/red label w. large "E"/stereo/Elektra inner slv./l. ringw. back) US ELEKTRA EKS-74044 (VG)-EX/VG(-EX) 8,--
LP BREAD Guitar Man (´72/textured p/s /"butterfly" label w. band logo/+ inner slv./tiny co.) US ELEKTRA EKS-75047 EX(-M)/(VG)-EX 8,--
LP BREAD Same (´76/REISSUE of 1st LP/"Historic Recordings" front imprint/sealed copy) NL ELEKTRA 22014 still sealed 6,--
LP PAUL BRETT´S SAGE Jubilation Foundry (´71/scarce German issue on Pye label/gatefold slv.) D PYE 85732 IT EX-/(VG)-EX 27,--
LP BREWER & SHIPLEY Rural Space (´72/"Adam & Eve" label/gatefold w. silver stick´d. title/+ insert/co.) US KAMA SUTRA KSBS-2058 EX(+)/(VG)-EX 12,--
LP BRINSLEY SCHWARZ Despite It All (´70/Dutch LP/black label/comes in UK gatefold p/s /light scuffs) UK/NL UNITED ARTISTS LBG 83427 (VG)-EX/(VG)-EX 27,--
LP BRINSLEY SCHWARZ Nervous On The Road (´72/orig. German issue) D UNITED ARTISTS UAS 29374 EX(-M)/VG-EX 20,--
LP BRINSLEY SCHWARZ 15 Thoughts Of... (mid-70s/compilation LP/gatefold slv./incl. 10" x 20" poster) UK UNITED ARTISTS UAK 30177 EX-/(VG)-EX 12,--
d´LP BRINSLEY SCHWARZ The Classic British Rock Scene (´75/unique German-only double LP compil./scuffs) D UNIT. ARTISTS UAS 29790/91 XB VG(+)/EX-/EX- 20,--
d´LP BRINSLEY SCHWARZ Same (´78/US double LP REISSUE/"indian" p/s /violet labels/wol.) US CAPITOL SWBC-11869 EX-M/VG-EX/EX- 18,--
LP IAN GOMM What A Blow (ca. ´80/German issue/sealed copy) D ALBION-ARIOLA 202 230-320 still sealed 7,--
LP IAN GOMM The Village Voice (´83/co. hole/price tear) D ALBION 810 599-1 VG(+)/VG-EX 6,--
LP DAVID BROMBERG Out Of The Blues - The Best Of... (´77/Japanese compilation LP of ´72 - ´77 period/ JAP SONY 25AP 794 (VG)-EX/EX-M 14,--

with insert/minimal ringwear back/very light dirt along spine + bottom on backside)

LP DAVID BROMBERG BAND You Should See The Rest Of The Band (´80/tiny co.) D FANTASY 0061.107 EX/EX- 9,--
LP DAVID BROMBERG Long Way From Here (´86/solo LP/sealed copy) US FANTASY F-9641 still sealed 9,--
LP ELKIE BROOKS The Early Years 1964 - 1966 (´87/German import sticker on back) UK C5 C5 506 EX/EX- 8,--
LP TERRY BROOKS & STRANGE To Earth With Love (´80/neo-psych LP/RED VINYL/light ringw.) US STAR PEOPLE SPR 0005 (VG)-EX/(VG)-EX 16,--
LP EDGAR BROUGHTON BAND Live Hits Harder! (´79/scarce Switzerland issue/price sticker/light wear seams) CH B.B. RECORDS 2010 09 (VG)-EX/VG(-EX) 12,--
LP BROUGHTONS Parlez-Vous English? (´79/German issue/gatefold slv./tiny 3 mm tear top front) D BABYLON Z 80007 VG-EX/(VG)-EX 12,--
LP CRAZY WORLD OF ARTHUR BROWN Same (Dutch issue/possibly a later issue/price sticker on front slv., otherwise like new) NL POLYDOR 2485 114 EX-/EX+ 30,--
LP CRAZY WORLD OF ARTHUR BROWN Rock Legends (ca. mid-70s/rare Australian (-only?) "reissue" of 1st LP/unique p/s) AUS POLYDOR 2475 656 EX-/VG-EX 18,--
LP ARTHUR BROWN´S KINGDOM COME Galactic Zoo Dossier (´72/original German issue with 6-part fold-out poster) D POLYDOR 2310 130 EX-/EX 45,--
LP ARTHUR BROWN´S KINGDOM COME Journey (´73/US issue/co./light scuffs on edges) US PASSPORT PPS-98003 EX-/(VG)-EX 14,--
d´LP ARTHUR BROWN´S KINGDOM COME The Lost Ears (´76/double LP compilation/gatefold slv.) D GULL-INTERCORD INT 158.300 (EX)-M/2x (VG)-EX 25,--
LP ARTHUR BROWN Dance (´75/orig. German issue) D GULL 6.22231 EX-/EX- 12,--
LP ARTHUR BROWN Chisholm In My Bosom (´77/unplayed copy) UK GULL GULP 1023 EX(+)/EX(+) 12,--
LP CLARENCE "GATEMOUTH" BROWN Down South...In The Bayou Country (´74/gatefold w. lyrics/light wear spine/corners) D BARCLAY BLP 16.056 (VG)-EX/EX- 16,--
LP JAMES BROWN Say It Loud - I´m Black And Proud (´69/stereo/minimal ringwear back) D POLYDOR 184 232 (VG)-EX/VG 20,--
LP JAMES BROWN Pop History, Vol. III (´70/scarce W/L TEST pressing/pre-release copy without p/s / D POLYDOR 2335 018 (no p/s)/EX- 36,--

the issue of this LP is a double LP - this test LP includes selected tracks from 2 LP´s)

d´LP JAMES BROWN / BOOKER T. & MG´s Pop History (´70/shared double LP/unique German-only compilation/each act 1 LP) D POLYDOR 2335 028/29 EX-M/EX/EX- 24,--
LP JAMES BROWN Mr. Dynamit (´70/scarce W/L TEST LP for German compilation LP/incl. 2 recording D KARUSSELL 2345 003 (no p/s)/EX- 28,--

sheets for A- & B-side dated 05/08/70 + 25/08/70 /pre-release copy without p/s)

LP JAMES BROWN Mr. Dynamit (´70/German compilation/"Star Serie"/golden label/unique p/s) D KARUSSELL 2345 003 EX-/VG(-EX) 12,--
d´LP JAMES BROWN Sex Machine ("Recorded Live At Home Augusta, Georgia With His Bad Self") (´70/ D POLYDOR 2612 013 (set no.) (VG)-EX/VG(+)/VG-EX 16,--

double LP/orig. German issue/gatefold slv./tiny sticker/light scuffs)

d´LP JAMES BROWN Starportrait (´72/scarce W/L TEST LP for German double LP box set/includes 4 recor- D POLYDOR 2486 049/50 (no p/s)/EX/VG-EX 39,--

ding sheets for 1st & 2nd control - dated 15/03/72 & 23/03/72 (for the 1st LP) and

12/04/72 & 17/04/72 (for the 2nd LP) /pre-release copy mfd. without sleeve)

d´LP JAMES BROWN Revolution Of The Mind (´72/double LP/US iss./co. edge bottom/labels w. J. B.´s head) US POLYDOR PD 3003 / (94254) EX(+)/EX-/VG-EX 33,--
LP JAMES BROWN There It Is (´72/co. edge/"head" label/6 cm split spine, front o´w. EX+/light ringw. back) US POLYDOR PD 5028 (2391 033) VG(+)/VG(-) 12,--
LP JAMES BROWN Soul Classics (´72/orig.German issue) D POLYDOR 2391 027 EX-/VG(+) 14,--
LP JAMES BROWN Black Caesar (´73/O.S.T./scarce orig. German issue) D POLYDOR 2391 068 EX(+)/(VG)-EX 39,--
LP JAMES BROWN Soul Classics, Vol. 2 (´73/red label with J. B.´s head/co./light ringw. back) US POLYDOR SC 5402 / 2391026 (VG)-EX/(VG)-EX 14,--
d´LP JAMES BROWN The Payback (´74/double LP/large shop sticker front slv., otherw. EX+/vinyl unplayed!) D POLYDOR 2679 025 (VG)-EX/M-/M- 36,--
LP JAMES BROWN Soul Sensation (ca. ´75/rare WHITE LABEL TEST LP/no recording sheets included) D KARUSSELL 2499 106 (no p/s)/EX(-M) 28,--
LP JAMES BROWN Santa´s Got A Brand New Bag (´88/REISSUE) US RHINO R1 70194 M-/M- 7,--
LP JOE BROWN Live (´77/scarce "comeback" LP/one scuffed sleeve corner/light ringwear/vinyl superb) UK POWER EXCHANGE PXLS 2002 (VG)-EX/EX-M 12,--
LP PETE BROWN / BATTERED ORNA- A Meal You Can Shake Hands... (´69/sleeve outside EX, small tear on the inner side UK HARVEST SHVL 752 VG-EX/VG 90,--

MENTS of the gatefold)

LP PETE BROWN / IAN LYNN Party In The Rain (´82/PRIVATE LP, no label listed/one sleeve corner is slightly scuffed) UK INTLP 1 (no label listed) EX(-M)/EX- 28,--
LP SAM BROWN Stop! (´88/sealed copy/presumed UK issue) UK(?) A&M 395 195-1 still sealed 5,--
LP SAM BROWN April Moon (´90/sealed copy/presumed UK issue) UK(?) A&M 397 036-1 still sealed 5,--
LP DUNCAN BROWNE ...Compilation (´77/German issue/the top seam has very slight wear, otherwise the sleeve D LOGO 0064.028 EX/EX(+) 12,--

and the vinyl are in unplayed condition)

LP JACKSON BROWNE Saturate Before Using (´72/1st issue/white label) D ASYLUM 1C 062- 93250 EX-/VG(-EX) 8,--
LP JACKSON BROWNE Running On Empty (´77/+ inner slv./co./2 slv. edges somewhat scuffed) D ASYLUM AS 53070 VG/EX- 6,--
LP THOMAS F. BROWNE Wednesday´s Child (ca. ´71/supposed orig. French issue/small "swirl" on both labels: F VERTIGO 6325 250 EX(+)/(VG)-EX 90,--

French Vertigo LP´s were issued that way, large "swirl" labels don´t exist!)

LP THOMAS F. BROWNE Wednesday´s Child (´72/"swirl" label/gatefold slv. w. lyrics/ringwear back/co. hole) US VERTIGO VEL-1011 VG-EX/EX- 65,--

JACK BRUCE please look under CREAM!

3 LP´s LENNY BRUCE Carnegie Hall (February, 4 1961) (´73/triple LP set/cut-out corner) US UNITED ARTISTS UAS 9800 EX-/EX+/EX/EX-M 20,--
LP BRUNNING SUNFLOWER BLUES BAND Bullen St. Blues (´86/Italian REISSUE/price sticker/unplayed condition) ITA APPALLOOSA AP 039 (EX)-M/EX(-M) 12,--
LP B. T. EXPRESS Old Gold, Future Gold (Greatest Hits) (´81) D RED BUS ZL 26433 M-/(VG)-EX 9,--
LP ROY BUCHANAN Rescue Me (´74/orig. German issue/light scuffs/vinyl unplayed) D POLYDOR 2310 152 EX-/EX(-M) 14,--
LP BUCKINGHAM / NICKS Buckingham Nicks (´73/1st issue with lyric sheet/1 cm dirt top back, otherwise M-) UK POLYDOR 2391-093 EX-/EX(-M) 38,--
LP BUCKINGHAM / NICKS Buckingham Nicks (´73/1st German issue/without lyric sheet) D POLYDOR 2417 309 EX-/EX- 32,--
LP BUCKINGHAM / NICKS Nicks & Buckingham (estimated mid-/late 70s/German REISSUE in "Edition" series") D POLYDOR 2485 224 EX-/(VG)-EX 16,--
LP BUCKINGHAMS Time And Charges feat. "Don´t You Care" (´68/scarce German iss./stereo/back dirty) D CBS S 63041 VG+/VG-EX 27,--
LP BUCKINGHAMS Greatest Hits (70s/export issue: large European CBS stickers pasted over US Columbia US COLUMBIA CS 9812 EX-/VG(-EX) 15,--

logos/red US label overpasted with white stripe - removed on one side: small damage)

LP TIM BUCKLEY Lorca (early 70s/REISSUE w. "butterfly" labels/co. edge bottom) US ELEKTRA EKS-74074 EX-/VG-EX 12,--
LP TIM BUCKLEY Happy Sad (´71/REISSUE/"butterfly" label) UK ELEKTRA K 42072 (EX)-M/(VG)-EX 15,--
LP TIM BUCKLEY Goodbye And Hello (est. 70s/REISSUE w. "butterfly" label/gatefold/co./small sticker) D/NL ELEKTRA ELK 42070 EX-M/EX(+) 14,--
LP TIM BUCKLEY Goodbye And Hello (80s/2nd REISSUE/gatefold/grey label/price code on back slv.) D ELEKTRA ELK 42070 EX(-M)/EX(+) 8,--
LP BUFFALO Dead Forever (ca. ´74/rare German (-only?) Vertigo LP/"swirled" label) D VERTIGO 6357 100 EX-/VG(-EX) 95,--
LP BUFFALO SPRINGFIELD Again (´67/stereo/supposed orig. issue/yellow label/A-side = VG+, B-side near-EX) US ATCO SD 33-226 EX-M/VG(-EX) 28,--
LP BUFFALO SPRINGFIELD Retrospective - The Best Of... (´69/stereo/1st US issue/yellow label/3 - 4 cm long US ATCO SD 33-283 (VG)-EX/VG(-EX) 18,--

seam splits at top + bottom, otherwise immaculate sleeve)

LP BUFFALO SPRINGFIELD Retrospective (80s REISSUE with price code/price sticker, otherwise new) US ATCO SD 38-105 EX(+)/EX-M 12,--
LP BRUCE PALMER (Buffalo Springfield) The Cycle Is Complete (late 60s/stereo/gatefold slv./light ringwear/2 overpainted tears) US VERVE-FORECAST FTS 3086 VG(-)/VG(+) 18,--
LP BUFFOONS The Best Of... (´73/"old" orange label/price sticker/light wear seams) NL CBS S 65929 VG-EX/VG-EX 12,--
LP BULLDOG Same (´72/w. ex-members of The Rascals/"sample copy" sticker/light ringw. + scuffs) US (MCA-) DECCA DL 7-5370 VG-EX/VG(-EX) 10,--
LP BULLFROG Same (´76/US issue of German Sky label recording/co./light ringw.) US ANNUIT COEPTIS AC-1003 (VG)-EX/VG(+) 12,--
LP/7" THE BUNCH Rock On (´72/orig. German issue with UK import slv./"pink rim" label/German cat. num- UK/D ISLAND ILPS 9189/86032 IT M-/EX-/flexi: VG 38,--

ber stickered upon UK number on slv./includes rare 1-sided flexi 7" in VG condition)

LP THE BUNCH Rock On (Canadian REISSUE/unplayed condition/issued without flexi/unplayed condit.) CDN A&M SP 4354 EX-M/EX-M 16,--
LP BUOYS Dinner Music (ca. ´70/stereo/the "real" LP title is only listed on back - front titles: "Timo- US SCEPTER SPS 24001 (VG)-EX/(VG)-EX 12,--

thy/Give Up Your Guns"/+ lyric sheet/light ringwear inside the gatefold, outside M-)

ERIC BURDON / ANIMALS / WAR please look under ANIMALS for all recordings with Eric Burdon!

LP SOLOMON BURKE I Have A Dream (´74/co. edge + co. hole/light ringw. on front, stronger ringwear back) US ABC-DUNHILL DSX-50161 VG(+)/VG-EX 12,--
LP DORSEY BURNETTE Things I Treasure (´77/"comeback" LP in country style) US CALLIOPE CAL-7006 EX(+)/EX(+) 10,--
LP JOHNNY BURNETTE Roses Are Red (early 60s/US mono issue/ W/L PROMO "audition record"/light ring- US LIBERTY LRP-3255 VG(-EX)/VG(-) 45,--

wear/large "audition" stamp on back sleeve/silver shop sticker on back slv.)

LP JOHNNY BURNETTE Dreamin´ (ca. ´68/stereo/black-blue label/lightest ringw. in small part of front sleeve) US SUNSET SUS-5179 (VG)-EX/(VG)-EX 16,--
LP JOHNNY BURNETTE & THE ROCK´N´ Rock´n Roll Trio (estimated late 70s/early 80s /German REISSUE of ´57 LP/blue label/ D MCA 201 531-241 (COPS 8665) EX-/EX(-M) 26,--

ROLL TRIO "Re-Release" imprint on back slv./the cover is an enlarged reproduction of the 10")

LP BUSH Same (ca. ´70/stereo/with Don Troiano/one slv. corner bit shoved, otherwise superb) US DUNHILL DS-50086 EX(+)/VG-EX 24,--
LP KATE BUSH The Kick Inside (´91/Czechoslovakian PINK VINYL issue/lyrics on back slv.) CSSR (EMI)-GLOBUS 21 0093-1 311 M-/EX(-M) 32,--
LP BUTTERFIELD BLUES BAND Paul Butterfield Blues Band (early 70s/REISSUE/"butterfly" label/stereo) US ELEKTRA EKS-7294 EX(+)/(VG)-EX 9,--
LP PAUL BUTTERFIELD Put It In Your Ear (late 80s/REISSUE of ´75 LP) US RHINO RNLP 70879 M-/M- 6,--
LP PAUL BUTTERFIELD North - West (late 80s/REISSUE of ´80 LP) US RHINO RNLP 70880 M-/M- 6,--
LP BUZZCOCKS Time´s Up (´91/UK issue/live recording Oct. ´76) UK DOCUMENT DLP 2 EX(-M)/(VG)-EX 16,--
LP HOWARD DEVOTO Jerky Versions Of The Dream (´83/scarce German issue/co. hole/light scuffs) D VIRGIN 205 573-320 (VG)-EX/(VG)-EX 9,--
LP PETE SHELLEY Homosapien (´81/small front sticker) D ISLAND 204 163-320 EX-/(VG)-EX 9,--
LP PETE SHELLEY Heaven & The Sea (´86/WHITE VINYL/sealed copy) D LINE-INSTANT INLP 4.00234 J still sealed 12,--
LP CHARLIE BYRD The Charlie Byrd Christmas Album (´82/unplayed condition) ITA CONCORD CONCERT. CC-2004 EX-M/EX(+) 6,--
d´LP BYRDS (Untitled) (´70/supposed later issue/red label/gatefold slv./ringwear) US COLUMBIA G 30127 VG+/VG/VG(+) 12,--
LP BYRDS Byrdmaniax (´71/Holland issue/stereo/gatefold slv./"old" orange label) NL CBS S 64389 EX/(VG)-EX 20,--
LP (BYRDS) PREFLYTE Preflyte (ca. ´71/Dutch issue of earliest Byrds´ recordings/diff. sleeve to US issue!/this NL ARIOLA 86468 IT EX(+)/VG(-EX) 30,--

Dutch issue is somewhat rarer than the US issue!/beginning split top seam)

LP BYRDS Farther Along (´73/Italian issue/flipback slv./orange label/minimal ringwear back) ITA CBS S 64676 (label stamped) EX-/VG-EX 14,--
LP BYRDS The Byrds (´73/reunion LP) D ASYLUM AS 23000 EX(-M)/(VG)-EX 12,--
d´LP BYRDS The Golden Era Of Pop Music (´73/double LP REISSUE of "Tambourine..."/"Turn...") NL CBS S 68221 EX-/EX-/VG+ 14,--
d´LP BYRDS The Golden Era Of Pop Music - The Byrds II (´73/double LP compilation/ringw.) NL CBS S 68256 VG(+)/VG-EX/VG+ 10,--
d´LP BYRDS The Byrds Collection (´86/double LP compilation) UK CASTLE CCSLP 151 M-/EX(-M)/(VG)-EX 8,--
LP BYRDS In The Beginning (´88/REISSUE of "Preflyte" recordings) US RHINO R1 70244 M-/M- 10,--
LP SKIP BATTIN Navigator (´81/Italian REISSUE/light scuffs/small stamp on label) ITA APPALOOSA AP 014 EX-/EX(+) 12,--
LP GENE CLARK Roadmaster (´73/scarce orig. German issue) D A&M 27897 ET EX(VG)-EX 24,--
LP GENE CLARK Same (´74/Dutch REISSUE of "White Light" LP/silver label/ringw./some scuffs) NL A&M 88172 XAT VG(+)/EX- 15,--
LP GENE CLARK No Other (´74/orig. German issue/price sticker, otherwise unplayed condition) D ASYLUM AS 23001 (EX)-M/EX(-M) 24,--
LP GENE CLARK Two Sides To Every Story (´77/+ insert/co. hole/price sticker/some scuffs) D RSO 2479190 (VG)-EX/(VG)-EX 16,--
LP CHRIS HILLMAN Slipping Away (´76/US issue/+ photo insert w. band line-up/small co.) US ASYLUM 7E-1062 EX/EX- 8,--
LP CHRIS HILLMAN Clear Sailing (´77/with orig. inner sleeve/tiny co./import sticker on back slv.) D ASYLUM AS 53060 EX/VG-EX 7,--
LP SOUTHER HILLMAN FURAY BAND Same (´74/gatefold slv./co.) US ASYLUM 7E-1006 EX(+)/EX- 7,--
LP SOUTHER HILLMAN FURAY BAND Trouble In Paradise (´75/light shoves) D ASYLUM AS 53013 (VG)-EX/(VG)-EX 6,--
LP ROGER McGUINN Same (´73/orig. issue/red label/2 stickers on back slv./tiny front tear) US COLUMBIA C 31946 (VG)-EX/EX- 8,--
LP McGUINN / HILLMAN / CLARK City (´80/German issue/violet label/unplayed condition) D CAPITOL 1C 064-86075 EX-M/M- 8,--
LP GENE PARSONS Kindling (´74/gatefold slv./large co. edge) UK WARNER BROS. K 46257 (VG)-EX/(VG)-EX 22,--
LP GENE PARSONS Melodies (´84/UK compilation/German import sticker on back slv.) UK SUNDOWN SDLP 0081 EX(+)/EX- 12,--
LP GRAM PARSONS w. Emmylou Harris Grievous Angel (´74/orig. UK issue/light ringw. at top + bottom) UK REPRISE K 54018 (VG)-EX/EX- 25,--
LP GRAM PARSONS w. Emmylou Harris Grievous Angel (´74/orig. German issue) D REPRISE REP 54018 EX-/(VG)-EX 24,--
LP GRAM PARSONS Same (´82/14-track compilation from ´73/´74 period/liner notes by Elvis Costello) D WARNER BROS. WB K 57008 M-/EX(-M) 12,--
LP GRAM PARSONS / Fallen Angels Live 1973 - Featuring Emmylou Harris (´82/+ inner sleeve/light scuffs slv. corners) D REPERTOIRE 6.25106 AP (VG)-EX/(VG)-EX 10,--
LP BYZANTIUM Same (´72/UK issue w. large poster/w. Chas Jankel, later Ian Dury/scuff at opening) UK A&M AMLH 68104 VG-EX/VG(-EX) 50,--
LP BYZANTIUM Same (´73/rare orig. US issue/ WHITE LAB. PROMO/light ringwear at top + bottom) US WARNER BROS. WS 2659 (VG)-EX/(VG)-EX 45,--
LP CARAVELLES You Don´t Have To Be A Baby To Cry (ca. ´63/red label "monaural" issue/slight dis- US SMASH MGS 27044 VG(-EX)/EX- 36,--

colouration on back sleeve, front sleeve EX/vinyl in almost unplayed condition)