group / artist title / release year / description country label / number condition price EURO

(sleeve / record)


7" ABACUS Seasong/Love You Till The Cows Come Home (´72/rare TEST pressing/grey label) D POLYDOR 2041 266 (VG)-EX 15,--
7" ABACUS Fly With Us/The Big Moody (´73/light scuffs, otherwise near-perfect p/s) D ZEBRA 2047 006 EX-/VG-EX 18,--
7" AC/DC Baby Please Don´t Go/Jailbreak/Soulstripper (estim. early 80s/ltd. edition 3-track EP/re- D ATLANTIC PRO 171 VG+ 10,--

cordings from ´75/´76 /the EP was included with the first copies of their 3-LP box set)

7" AC/DC Heat Seeker/Go Zone (´88/+ PROMO sheet/"promo copy" sticker on back slv.) D ATLANTIC 789136-7 M-/EX(-M) 12,--
7" ACE How Long/Sniffin´ About (´74/1st German issue) D ANCHOR 17976 AT EX-/(VG)-EX 6,5
7" THE ACTION Land Of One Thousand Dances/In My Lonely Room (´65/very rare orig. U.K. "A" label UK PARLOPHONE R 5354 VG(+) 80,--

DEMO 7"/without sleeve)

7" ADAMO Une méche des cheveux/La complainte des elus (ca. ´66/sticker/light ringw. back) D ELECTROLA E 23137 (VG)-EX/(VG)-EX 6,--
7" ADAMO Notre roman/On se bat toujours quelque part (´67/small front sticker/light ringwear) D ELECTROLA E 23557 (VG)-EX/VG-EX 6,--
7" ADAMO Es geht eine Träne auf Reisen/Mit Dir beginnt mein Leben (ca. ´67/German language) D COLUMBIA C 23680 EX-/VG(+) 5,--
7" ADAMO J´ai tant des réves dans mes bagages/Mademoiselle vous (ca. ´67/´68 /front sticker) NL HIS MASTER´S VOICE QH 5120 (VG)-EX/VG 5,--
7" ADAMO Et sur la mer/Valse d´ete (´68/small front sticker/light ringw./light scuffs) D COLUMBIA C 23864 VG(-EX)/VG 5,--
7" ADAMO Tausendmal wo/Perlen - Silber - Gold, Madame (ca. ´69/Germ. lang./l. ringw. + scuffs) D COLUMBIA 1C 006-23021 VG-EX/VG-EX 6,--
7" ADAMO Petit Bonheur/Mon cinema (ca. ´70/small front sticker/lightest ringw.) D COLUMBIA 1C 006-23104 (VG)-EX/(VG)-EX 5,--
EP ADAMO "Adamo" (ca. ´67/incl.: Le Néon/Vivre/Une larme aux nuages/Dis, ma muse (´67/red F LA VOIX DE SON MAITRE (VG)-EX/VG(-EX) 8,--

"dog" label/light ringw. back, front p/s near-perfect)
(= HMV) EGF 988

EP ADAMO "Adamo" (ca. ´67/incl.: J´ai tant des réves dans mes bagages/Mademoiselle vous/ F LA VOIX DE SON MAITRE VG(-EX)/VG 6,--

L´Amour te resemble/Histoire de clou /red "dog" label/ringw. back, front p/s EX)
(= HMV) EGF 1000

7" LARRY ADLER Jerusalem, Jerusalem/Sharm El Sheikh (ca. ´68/scarce German issue/promo sticker on D RCA 47-15047 EX-/EX- 9,--

label/light discolouration caused by removed sticker)

7" AEROSMITH Sweet Emotion/Uncle Salty (´75/ W/L PROMO + special "Blitzpromo" p/s) D CBS S 3475 (EX)-M/EX(-M) 12,--
7" AEROSMITH Dream On/Somebody (´76/2nd issue/ W/L PROMO + special "Blitzpromo" p/s) D CBS S 4000 EX-M/EX-M 12,--
7" AEROSMITH Last Child/Combination (´76/ W/L PROMO/+ spec. "Blitz" promo p/s /light ringw.) D CBS S 4452 (VG)-EX/VG(+) 10,--
7" AEROSMITH Walk This Way/Uncle Salty (´75(?)/ W/L PROMO/w. spec. promo p/s /ringw. back) D CBS 4878 (VG)-EX/EX- 12,--
EP AEROSMITH Dream On (´77/scarce Germ. PROMO EP/incl.: Walk This Way/Bright Light Fright/Draw D CBS 9220 VG(+)/VG(+) 24,--

The Line /front p/s like later issue, promo-only "Blitz-Information" on back slv./orange

stock copy labels/large writings by radio DJ on both sides of p/s, p/s,otherwise EX-)

7" AFTER TEA Joint House Blues/I´m Here (And Nowhere Else) (ca. ´70/ W/L PROMO/light ringw.) D DECCA DL 25440 (VG)-EX/VG 10,--
7" AGNETHA (ABBA) Wer schreibt heute noch Liebesbriefe/Das Fest der Pompadour (´69/scarce German- D METRONOME M 25.138 VG(+) 27,--

language solo recordings by later ABBA singer/without p/s)

7" AGNETHA Komm´ doch zu mir/Ich denk´ an Dich (´72/scarce German-language recordings//without D CBS S 8415 VG(-EX) 30,--

p/s / A-side near-EX, B-side = VG)

7" AGGRESSORS Whisky And Soda/Soul Of The Jungle (´70/scarce German 7"/light ringwear on the back- D PYE DV 11017 (VG)-EX/VG+ 18,--

side, only minimal trace of ringwear on the frontside/the sleeve corners are slightly bent)

EP A-ha "Amiga-Quartett" (80s/scarce East German EP/released early in A-ha´s career/incl.: And GDR AMIGA 5 56 147 (VG)-EX/VG 12,--

You Tell Me/Take On Me/Train Of Thought/Sun Always Shines On TV /blue label with

"AWA" imprint/light ringw. + shoves)

7" JEWEL AKENS The Birds And The Bees/Tic Tac Toe (´65/scarce Holland issue/envelope p/s with bees/ NL LONDON HL 9954 VG(+)/VG 10,--

azur-blue "American Recordings" label with push-out center/woc./slv. the corners and

the top of the p/s are somewhat bent, but there´s no ringw. nor tears into the opening)

7" STEVE ALAIMO When My Little Girl Is Smiling/Gemini (´71/rare German issue/perfect p/s) D CBS 7386 M-/VG(-EX) 10,--
7" ARTHUR ALEXANDER Every Day I Have To Cry Some/Everybody Needs Somebody To Love (´76/very rare D BUDDAH M 27.020 VG-EX/VG-EX 18,--

German 7"/2 cm seam split at the bottom/minimal ringwear/the corners and the top of

the p/s are slightly bent)

7" ALIVE ´N´ KICKIN´ Tighter, Tighter/Sunday Morning (´70/scarce German "Advance TEST & PROMO- D VOGUE DV 11070 EX- 7,--

TION Recording" by Vogue Group/blank white labels w. stick´d. titles & number)

7" ALIVE ´N´ KICKIN´ London Bridge/You Gave Me Something (ca. ´70/´71 /scarce German "Advance TEST D VOGUE DV 11175 (VG)-EX/VG(-EX) 10,--

& PROMOTION Recording" by Vogue Group/white labels with large red "A"/light ring-

wear back, superb front p/s)

7" ALLMAN BROTHERS BAND Ramblin´ Man/Pony Boy (´73/scarce Spanish W/L PROMO/with unique promo-only ESP WARNER BROS.-HISPAVOX VG(-)/VG(-) 6,--

p/s /2 cm x 1 cm abrasion on the left top corner of the front p/s from removed sticker/
CP 196 (HS 983)

traces of half-removed sticker on the right top corner of the front p/s /but only light

ringwear/sticker by "Radio Nacional" with tape on the label of the B-side)

7" ALLMAN & WOMAN You´ve Really Gotta A Hold On Me/Move Me (´77/duet by Gregg Allman & his partner D WARNER BROS. WB 17066 (VG)-EX/VG(+) 5,--

Cher/the slv. Corners are slightly bent/a few light stains at the bottom of the front p/s)

7" HERB ALPERT / TIJUANA BRASS Ob-la-di, Ob-la-da/Marjorine (´69/scarce German issue/superb p/s /the top of the p/s is D A&M 210 079 EX-/(VG)-EX 7,--

very slightly bent, otherwise near-perfect p/s)

7" AMAZING RHYTHM ACES Third Rate Romance/Mystery Train (´75/scuffs, 2 tiny tears (1 mm) into the top opening) D ABC 1C 006-96812 VG(-EX)/(VG)-EX 6,--
7" AMEN CORNER Hello Susie/Evil Man´s Gonna Win (´69/1st German issue/black & white group p/s /very D IMMEDIATE 1C 006-90310 M (VG)-EX/VG(-EX) 7,--

light ringw./light shoves at top of p/s /tiny "A" stamp on label)

7" AMEN CORNER Get Back/Farewell To The Real Magnificent Seven (´69/light ringwear/light scuffs to- D IMMEDIATE 1C 006-90759 M VG(-EX)/VG 7,--

wards the top/2 tiny tears into the top opening of the frontside)

EP AMEN CORNER / b/w.: THE NICE AMEN CORNER: If Paradise Is Half As Nice/Hey Hey Girl / b/w.: NICE America (2nd ISR STATESIDE IM 073 (VG)-EX/VG 32,--

Amendment) (ca. ´69/very rare shared Israelian 3-track EP/black-silver Stateside(!)

label - most likely the Immediate label didn´t operate yet in Israel, when this record

was released, though it´s kinda "strange" to see, that the no. has been taken from the

Immediate label´s catalogue system (and even stranger is the fact, that an existing cat.

no. has been used, as this no. is identical to the UK 7" issue of "Half As Nice"!)/this

release can be regarded as an EP, because the Nice track on side 2 lasts for 6:15 minu-

tes/the sleeve is also just a like typical EP cover: hard sleeve with flipback and lami-

nation on both sides/very light ringwear/the corners are very slightly bent/the back-

side has a slight "yellowing" by age)

7" FAIR WEATHER Natural Sinner/Haven´t I Tried (´70/1st German issue: art sleeve with "Hit", "Prima"/ D HANSA 14706 AT VG(+)/VG 10,--

"Schlager"... imprints (only used for initial copies)/owner´s stamp + writing on front

p/s /light ringwear/the corners and the top opening are slightly shoved/4 small tears

(ca. 2 - 3 mm length) into the top opening of the frontside/wol.)

7" FAIR WEATHER Natural Sinner/Haven´t I Tried (To Be A Good Man) (´70/Holland issue/diff. p/s to NL RCA-VICTOR 47-15186 EX-/VG 7,--

German issue/superb photo showing the group doing a picnic/wraparound slv.)

7" FAIR WEATHER Tutti Frutti/Road To Freedom (´70/sleeve has 3 little tapes, p/s otherwise EX-) D HANSA 14822 AT VG(-EX)/VG(-EX) 7,--
7" FAIR WEATHER Lay It On Me/Looking For Red Lable Part II (´71/tiny sticker/light ringw. back) D HANSA 10185 AT (VG)-EX/(VG)-EX 12,--
7" AMERICA Don´t Cross The River/To Each His Own (´73/green label/lightest trace of ringw.) D WARNER BROS. WB 16251 EX(+)/VG(-EX) 7,--
7" AMERICA Muskrat Love/Cornwall Blank (´73/"Burbank" label/minimal ringw.) D WARNER BROS. WB 16302 (VG)-EX/VG(-EX) 6,--
7" AMERICA Mad Dog/Tin Man (´74/"Burbank" label/1 mm mini-tear into top opening) D WARNER BROS. WB 16419 EX-/(VG)-EX 6,--
7" AMERICA Today´s The Day/Hideaway Part II (´76/l. "yellowing" slv. corners, o´w. superb) D WARNER BROS. WB 16771 (VG)-EX/(VG)-EX 6,--
7" AMERICAN BREED Don´t Forget About Me/Short Skirts (´67/scarce 1st German 7"/"occasion" stamp on D POLYDOR 52969 VG(-EX)/VG(-EX) 10,--

frontside, otherwise superb p/s /light shoves at top)

7" AMERICAN BREED Bend Me, Shape Me/Mindrocker (´68/front sticker/2 mm cut off from top opening) D COLUMBIA-STATESIDE C 23691 VG/VG(-EX) 10,--
7" AMERICAN BREED Ready, Willing And Able/Take Me If You Want Me (´68/German issue/ringw./top of D DOT D 23812 VG(-EX)/VG(-EX) 10,--

p/s and one sleeve corner slightly scuffed)

7" AMERICAN BREED Anyway That You Want Me/Master Of My Fate (´68/scarce German issue/light ringw./ D DOT D 23850 VG(-EX)/VG(-EX) 10,--

light scuffs towards top of p/s)

7" IDI AMIN (with assistance of John Bird) Amazin´ Man/Findin´ De Lady (´75/scarce 7" by former African dictator/tiny co. hole at D METRON.-TRANSATL. M 25.670 EX-/(VG)-EX 10,--

the top/tiny writing on the back sleeve/otherwise near-perfect p/s)

7" DIE ANDEREN Somebody Loves You/In The Morning (ca. ´70/rare German Beat/light ringw./wol.) D ARIOLA 14322 AT (VG)-EX/VG(+) 14,--
7" LAURIE ANDERSON O Superman (8:21)/Walk The Dod (5:44) (´81/German "45 rpm EP"/light ringw.) D WARNER BROS. WB 17870 VG-EX/VG-EX 5,--
7" LAURIE ANDERSON Strange Angels/The Dream Before (´90/"PR-copy" sticker on back slv.) D WARNER BROS. 922 645-7 EX(+)/EX- 5,--
7" CHRIS ANDREWS Yesterday Man/Too Bad You Don´t Want Me (´65/1st German issue/blue "head" p/s / D VOGUE DV 14429 VG-EX/VG(-EX) 7,--

almost without ringwear/ p/s is slightly scuffed and has wear in middle caused by center)

7" CHRIS ANDREWS (1st p/s) To Whom It Concerns/It´s All Up To You Now (´66/1st p/s variation: "girl" p/s / D VOGUE DV 14446 VG(-EX)/EX- 7,--

flipback slv. with side opening/red-white label/split spine/only light ringw. back (and

no ringw. on front), but p/s is slightly scuffed/4 mm tear into opening on frontside)

7" CHRIS ANDREWS (2nd p/s) To Whom It Concerns/It´s All Up To You Now (´66/2nd p/s variation: "Andrews" D VOGUE DV 14446 VG-EX/VG 6,--

p/s /side opening/red-white label/3 cm split spine/bits of dirt/minimal ringw. back)

7" CHRIS ANDREWS I´ll Walk To You/They´ve All Got Their Eyes On You (´67/Holland issue/diff. p/s to NL VOGUE-NEGRAM DV 14632 EX(+)/VG(-EX) 8,--

German issue/envelope p/s /surprisingly with German no.!/front sticker, p/s o´w. M-)

7" CHRIS ANDREWS Pretty Belinda/Make No Mistakes (´69/light ringwear on frontside, strong ringw. back) D VOGUE DV 14870 VG(+)/VG(-EX) 6,--
7" CHRIS ANDREWS Mit unserem Glück ist alles Okay/Mitten im Winter (´69/scarce German-language D VOGUE DV 14971 VG(+)/VG(-EX) 9,--

version of "Carol O.K."/B-side German-only recording/ringwear)

7" CHRIS ANDREWS Yo Yo/Hey Babe (´70/German issue/light ringw.) D VOGUE DV 11098 VG-EX/VG 5,--
7" CHRIS ANDREWS Do You Wanna Love Me/Silver Lining (ca. ´73/minim. ringw. at top/one scuff at side) D ARIOLA 13365 AT (VG)-EX/VG(-EX) 6,--
7" ANDWELLA Are You Ready/People´s People (´71/scarce German issue/superb red-white group p/s) D BELLAPHON BF 18029 EX(+)/VG(+) 17,--
7" ANGEL Good Time Fanny/Who D´ya Think Your (sic! misspelt: it s hould be "You´re"!) Foo- D CUBE 2016 072 VG(+)/VG(+) 6,--

ling (´74/prod. by Mick Tucker & Andy Scott/the A-side has been written by Andy

Scott/superb p/s /co. hole in the right top corner/small writing on the left top corner

of the frontside/light ringwear/the corners and the top of the p/s are somewhat bent/

slight discolouration at the top of the front p/s)

7" ANGEL Winter Song (There´s A Feeling In The Air)/Can You Feel It (´77/woc./wol.) D CASABLANCA BF 18567 EX-/EX- 8,--
7" ANGELS Esther´s Dance (# 12 & 35)/Funny Situation (Theme from German TV series "Der Gol- D CBS 2884 (VG)-EX/VG 8,--

dene Schuß") (ca. ´67/scarce 7"/green "title" p/s /2 cm split bottom/light scuffs)

7" ANIMALS (1st p/s variation) The House Of The Rising Sun/Talkin´ About You (´65/yellow "title" p/s: "common" D COLUMBIA C 22791 (VG)-EX/VG-EX 12,--

1st p/s variation in yellow colour in darker tone towards "yellow-orange" colour)

7" ANIMALS (2nd p/s variation) The House Of The Rising Sun/Talkin´ About You (´65/yellow "title" p/s: rarer 2nd p/s D COLUMBIA C 22791 VG-EX/VG(-EX) 14,--

variation in yellow colour in lighter tone towards "citron-yellow" colour/light ringw.)

7" ANIMALS Don´t Bring Me Down/Cheating (´66/scarce German issue/minimal ringw./light scuffs) D DECCA DL 25246 (VG)-EX/(VG)-EX 16,--
EP ANIMALS "The Animals Is Here" (´64/Australian EP/incl.: The House Of The Rising Sun/Gonna AUS COLUMBIA SEGO 8374 VG(-EX)/VG(+) 27,--

Send You Back To Walker/I´m Crying/Baby, Let Me Take You Home /black-blue la-

bel with solid center/flipback slv./ringwear om frontside/slight dicolouration into light

brown-yellow tone in upper parts of back sleeve)

EP ANIMALS "The House Of The Rising Sun" (´64/1st Spanish EP/incl.: Talkin´ About You./Gonna ESP LA VOZ DI... 7 EPL 14.100 VG/VG- 17,5

Send You...Walker/Baby, Let Me Take.../wobc./strong ringw. back, front p/s near-EX)

EP ANIMALS "The Animals" (ca. ´65/Australian EP/incl.: Boom Boom/Around And Around/Dimples/ AUS COLUMBIA SEGO 8400 VG(-EX)/VG(+) 27,--

I´ve Been Around /black-blue label/woc./ringw. back)

EP ANIMALS "In The Beginning There Was Animals..." (ca. ´65/scarce Israelian EP/incl.: Inside ISR PAX ISEP-2016 VG(+)/VG- 20,--

Looking Out/Outcast/Big Boss Man/Pretty Thing /wobc./2 small tapings)

7" ERIC BURDON & ANIMALS Monterey/Ain´t It So (´68/scarce German W/L PROMO/pre-release without p/s) D MGM 61168 VG 12,--
7" ERIC BURDON & ANIMALS Sky Pilot (Part 1 & 2) (´68/rare orig. German issue/black label with multicol´d. "lion" logo/ D MGM 61179 VG/VG 10,--

the p/s is overall somewhat bent, especially at the top/slight creases at the top of the

p/s /almost without ringwear, only slight wear in the middle caused by the record´s cen-

ter/tiny wobc. at the top/a few small tears (1 mm - 3 mm) into the top openiing)

7" ERIC BURDON & ANIMALS River Deep, Mountain High/White Houses (´68/German issue/blue-golden label/"group" D MGM 61208 VG(+)/VG 12,--

p/s in "psychedelic" style/minimal ringw./2 small front tears and one small tear back)

7" ERIC BURDON & ANIMALS Ring Of Fire/I´m An Animal (´68/rare French issue/unique "Burdon" p/s without group/ F BARCLAY 061.045 VG(+)/VG-EX 14,--

woc./normal ringwear on the frontside, stronger ringwear on the backside/the sleeve

corners are slightly bent/wol. on A-side)

2x7" ERIC BURDON & ANIMALS "Die großen 4" (ca. ´70/German-only double 7"/gatefold p/s /group photo on inner si- D MGM 2607 501 EX-M/EX-/VG-EX 12,--

des/incl.: San Franciscan Nights/Good Times/Ring Of Fire/Sky Pilot /superb condition!)

EP ERIC BURDON & ANIMALS "See See Rider" (ca. ´66/´67 /French EP/incl.: Help Me Girl/Mama Told Me Not To Come/ F BARCLAY 071.081 (VG)-EX/G-VG 16,--

That Ain´t Where It´s At / wobc.)

7" ERIC BURDON & WAR Spill The Wine/Magic Mountain (´70/"Declares WAR" p/s /tiny 3 mm tear into top) D POLYDOR 2001 072 (VG)-EX/VG(-EX) 8,--
7" ERIC BURDON & WAR Home Cookin´/Jimbo (´71/scarce German issue/superb condition) D LIBERTY 15435 EX(+)/EX- 9,--
7" ERIC BURDON & WAR Paint It Black/Spirit (´71/woc./ringwear/light scuffs) D LIBERTY 15441 VG/VG(+) 6,--
7" E. BURDON / JIMMY WITHERSPOON Soledad/Headin´ For Home (´71/scarce German issue/near-perfect condition) D UNITED ARTISTS 35287 EX-M/EX- 9,--
7" ERIC BURDON Good Times/River Deep, Mountain High (80s/re-recorded versions for film "Die Katze") D POLYDOR 887 349-7 EX(+)/(VG)-EX 5,--
7" PAUL ANKA I Never Knew Your Name/A Steel Guitar And A Glass Of Wine (ca. ´62/barely seen D RCA 47-8030 VG(-EX)/G-VG 7,--

5 mm tear into top/minimal discolouring small part of back slv./light warp)

7" PAUL ANKA Ogni Giorno (Love Me Warm And Tender)/Voglio Sapere (I´d Like To Know) (´62/ ITA RCA-VICTOR 45N-1278 EX-M/VG(-EX) 12,--

scarce Italian-language recording/black label/superb "head" p/s)

7" PAUL ANKA Remember Diana/At Night (ca. ´63/black label/"RCA" top middle/tiny woc./tiny 2 D RCA 47-8170 VG(-EX)/VG-EX 10,--

mm tear into top opening/light ringw. back/small dirty place top back/label sticker)

7" PAUL ANKA From Rocking Horse To Rocking Chair/Cheer Up (ca. ´64/scarce German issue/superb D RCA-VICTOR 47-8311 EX-M/(VG)-EX 14,--

red-black "head" p/s /black label/top condition for early German 7"s!)

7" PAUL ANKA Zwei Mädchen aus Germany (Weißwürscht, Knödel, Sauerkraut)/Sunshine Baby (´64/ D RCA-VICTOR 47-9539 (VG)-EX/EX- 12,--

scarce German language recording/minimal ringw. back, superb front p/s)

7" PAUL ANKA Elisabeth/Der Schönste Ankerplatz (ca. ´65/rare German-language 7"/tiny front tear) D RCA-VICTOR 47-9610 (VG)-EX/VG(+) 12,--
EP PAUL ANKA "Les Filles de Paris sont les plus belles du Monde" (ca. ´59/scarce French EP/incl.: F ABC-PARAMOUNT ABC 45 90.860 VG/VG- 12,--

Les Filles de Paris/I Love Paris/Put Your Head On My Shoulder/Don´t Ever Leave
("Série Médium")

Me /with Don Costa Orchestra/black label/red plactic sticker (ca. 1 x 1 cm size) on

front sleeve/light ringw. back/light stains in spine region)

7" ANTOINE Die blonden Mädchen (La Tramontana)/Mademoiselle Canelle (Je l´appelle Canelle) (´68/ D VOGUE DV 14712 VG(-)/VG-EX 6,--

scarce German language 7"/price tear on front, otherw. EX/wobc.: 24/10/70")

7" ANTOINE Hallo Bonjour Salut (German language)/Der König aus China (´68/scarce German-only D VOGUE DV 14809 VG-EX/VG(-EX) 9,--

7"/front p/s superb/light ringw. back/3 tiny tears into top opening)

7" ANTOINE Ai, ai, ai, ist das ein Leben (Das Fußballspiel)/Regen fällt auf unsere Stadt (´68/scarce D VOGUE DV 14889 VG/VG 7,--

German language recording/woc./wobc./sealing tape left at middle of top opening (ba-

rely seen on front, but looking "yellow" on back/2 small tears into top open./wol.)

7" ANTOINE Taxi/Il Grande Amore (´70/rare German issue of Italian-language recordings from San D VOGUE DV 11010 VG-EX/VG-EX 10,--

Remo Festival 1970/minimal ringwear on the frontside/slightly stronger ringwear on

the backside/the sleeve corners are slightly shoved)

EP ANTOINE "Antoine" (´65/rare French EP (presumably this is his first-ever EP!)/incl.: La Guerre/ F DISQUES VOGUE EPL. 8401 EX(+)/VG 14,--

Ne T´en Fais Pas/Autoroute Européenne No. 4/Un Jour C´est Longtemps Pour Nous

Deux /laminated flipback sleeve/lyrics on backside/lightest trace of ringwear and mini-

mal yellowing on the backside)

7" CHARLY ANTOLINI Charly´s New Drums/Charly´s In Town (ca. early 70s/Swiss drummer/scarce 7") D BASF-CORNET 05 11319-6 (EX)-M/VG(-EX) 8,--
7" MICHAEL ANTON & AMOK Jesus Makes You High/It´s A Miracle (´71/religious 7" by German Kraut band/4 cm seam D METRONOME M 25372 VG(-EX)/VG(-EX) 8,--

split at bottom/light discolourations top front by 2 removed stickers/minimal ringwear)

7" ANYONE´S DAUGHTER Moria/Superman (´80/German "Soft-Kraut" band) D INTERCORD INT 110.603 (EX)-M/EX- 6,--
7" APHRODITE´S CHILD Rain And Tears/Don´t Try To Catch A River (´68/scarce 7"/light ringwear + shoves) D MERCURY 132 501 MCF (VG)-EX/VG 14,--
7" APHRODITE´S CHILD Rain And Tears/Don´t Try To Catch A River (´68/minimal ringw. in small part/noc.) NL MERCURY 132 501 MCF (VG)-EX/VG 14,--
7" APHRODITE´S CHILD I Want To Live/Magic Mirror (´69/rare German W/L TEST pressing: "half-finished" D MERCURY 132 505 MCF VG(+)/VG 18,--

white label pressing without Mercury logo!/tiny sticker/2 small places on front sleeve

overpainted in white colour like the sleeve´s colour in this place, otherwise nice p/s)

7" APHRODITE´S CHILD Spring Summer Winter & Fall/Air (´70/German issue/superb group p/s) D MERCURY 6033 003 EX/VG 9,--
7" THE APPLE Thank You Very Much/Your Heart Is Free Like The Wind (ca. ´68/issue/black label) D PHILIPS 320 269 BF VG- 27,--
7" APPLEJACKS Tell Me When/Baby Jane (´64/UK issue/noc.) UK DECCA F.11833 VG(-EX) 6,--
7" APPLEJACKS It´s Not A Game Any More/Bye Bye Girl (´65/w. "NCB/GEMA" export signs/noc.) UK DECCA F.12106 VG(-EX) 7,--
7" APPOLLINAIRES The Feeling´s Gone/The Feeling´s Back (´82/scarce German 2-Tone label issue) D CHRYSALIS-2 TONE 104 579-100 EX-/(VG)-EX 16,--
7" ARBORS The Letter/Most Of All (´69/scarce German issue/art slv./ringwear/light scuffs/tiny 2 D CBS 4137 VG(+)/VG(+) 8,--

mm tear into top opening of frontside/slight discolourations in middle of front p/s)

7" ARCHIES Who´s Your Baby?/Senorita Rita (´69/German issue/nice "girl" p/s /small sticker on D RCA-VICTOR 63-5003 EX(-M)/VG(+) 6,--

frontside, otherwise near-perfect p/s)

7" ARCHIES Everything´s Alright/Together We Two (´69/German issue/nice p/s) D RCA-VICTOR 63-5009 EX-/VG 5,--
7" AREA CODE 615 Lady Madonna/Classical Gas (´69/"phone" p/s /top bit scuffed/mini-tears into top) D POLYDOR 59381 VG(+)/VG(-EX) 7,--
7" LOUIS ARMSTRONG We Have All The Time In The World/Pretty Little Missy (´69/O.S.T. from James Bond D UNITED ARTISTS 35059 (VG)-EXVG(-) 18,--

film: "Im Namen Ihrer Majestät"/rare German "Bond" p/s /only lightest ringwear)

7" LOUIS ARMSTRONG & FRIENDS We Shall Overcome - Part 1 & 2 (ca. ´70/tiny sticker + light shoves at top) D PHILIPS 6073 700 EX-/VG(-EX) 6,--
7" LOUIS ARMSTRONG Hello Dolly!/A Kiss To Build A Dream On (´70/Italian/tiny sticker, otherwise superb p/s) ITA MCA MCS-2121 EX-/VG-EX 6,--
7" B. J. ARNAU I Want To Go Back There Again/I Love You (´71/scarce German issue/Polydor label D POLYDOR 2058 196 (VG)-EX/VG 8,--

with "Mojo" logo/A-side written by Berry Gordy Jr., B-side by J. King/light ringw.)

7" P. P. ARNOLD The First Cut Is The Deepest/Speak To Me (´67/scarce 1st German issue/in company D COLUMBIA-STATESIDE C 23520 VG 12,--

sleeve/the sleeve has a small writing and small splits on the left and right side)

7" P. P. ARNOLD Angel Of The Morning/Life Is But Nothing (´68/owner´s stamps on both labels) D IMMEDIATE IM 23843 VG(-) 5,--
7" P. P. ARNOLD Electric Dreams/Electric Dreams (Esperanto Mix) (´86/O.S.T. "Electric Dreams") D VIRGIN-"10" 106 801-100 M-/VG(-EX) 5,--
7" ARRIVAL Friends/Don´t Take His Love Away (´69/B-side title slightly changed in Germany!) D DECCA DL 25393 VG(+)/VG(-EX) 5,--
7" ARRIVAL (promo p/s) (Let My Life Be Your) Love Song/Out Of Desperation (´71/spec. PROMO p/s /re- D CBS 7035 VG/(VG)-EX 6,--

cord: orange label stock copy/2 large owner´s stamps on p/s + one on label/woc.)

7" ARRIVAL ("common" p/s) (Let My Life Be Your) Love Song/Out Of Desperation (´71/"group" p/s /light scuffs D CBS 7035 VG-EX/(VG)-EX 5,--

towards top/ringw. only top back/small discoloured place by rem. sticker)

7" ARROWS Baby Ruth/I´m Looking Over A Four Leaf Clover (ca. ´65/"Unverkäufliche Musterplatte" D CAPITOL K 23085 (VG)-EX/VG(-EX) 18,--

PROMO sticker on the B-side label/superb "Capitol Tower" p/s /a few small writings on

the left side at the bottom of the back slv./otherwise superb p/s, only lightest ringwear)

7" ASHMAN REYNOLDS Taking Off/Long, Long Road (´72/scarce German issue/large woc. all over the front slv./ D POLYDOR 2058 240 VG(-)/(VG)-EX 5,--

large seam splits at bottom + on left seam/top bit scuffed w. small tear into top opening)

7" ASHTON, GARDNER & DYKE Rolling Home/New York Mining Disaster 1941 (´71/"R" stamp/co. edge at the bottom) D POLYDOR 2058 102 EX-/EX 12,--
7" ASHTON, GARDNER & DYKE Can You Get It/Delirium (´71/scarce follow-up 7" to "Resurrection Shuffle"/ringwear/the D CAPITOL 1C 006-80837 VG/VG 6,--

corners and the top of the p/s are somewhat bent/slight creases at the top/the top ope-

ning is a bit faded out, and there are some - albeit small - tears into the top opening)

7" ASHTON, GARDNER & DYKE Still Got A Long Way To Go/I´m Going To A Place (ca. ´71/´72 /very rare Japanese W/L JAP CAPITOL ECR-10025 (VG)-EX/VG-EX 16,--

PROMO 7"/the p/s is a double-paged sheet/Japanese text on the inner pages and Eng-

lish lyrics on the backside/one sleeve corner is a bit bent, otherwise superb p/s)

7" THE ASSEMBLY Never Never/ Stop/Start (´83/scarce 1st issue/ltd. RED VINYL/light ringw. + scuffs) D MUTE INT 111.815 VG(-EX)/VG-EX 6,--
7" THE ASSOCIATION Everything That Touches You/We Love Us (´68/red label/"R" stamp on p/s /light scuffs) D WARNER BROS. A 7163 VG-EX/VG 12,--
7" ASTERIX Everybody/If I Could Fly (´70/very rare 7"/clear tape on the bottom seam (the tape isn´t D DECCA D 29048 VG+/VG(+) 18,--

seen that much, there´s no discolouration!)/the corners and the top are slightly bent/ba-

rely visible 5 mm tear into the top opening of the frontside/tiny woc. at top of frontside/

minimal discolouration from removed sticker top front/only minimal trace of ringwear)

7" ASTERIX Look Out/Open Up Your Mind (´70/large woc. + wobc./left seam 50% split) D DECCA D 29096 VG/VG(-) 12,--
7" ASTRONAUTS What I Say/Money (presumed early to mid-60s/scarce Japanese 7"/orig. (Yen 330) is- JAP VICTOR SS-1483 VG(-EX)/VG 20,--

sue/black label w. silver printing and H.M.V. "dog" logo/"star-shaped" tri-center/unique

p/s - the p/s is a sheet with group photo on frontside and English lyrics plus Japanese

text on back/sheet is slightly scuffed/barely noticeable 5 mm tear into side of sheet)

EP ASTRONAUTS "Surfin´" (´71/scarce Japanese EP/incl.: Movin´/Kuk/Pipeline/Let´s Go Trippin´ /in JAP VICTOR CP-1128 VG+/VG(-) 15,--

"Compact 33 Double" series/"surfer" p/s with flipback/Japanese text on backside/blue-

silver label with "dog" top middle/ p/s slightly shoved/light yellowing of back sleeve)

7" ATLANTIC SOUNDS Pata Pata/Blast Off (´68/scarce German issue/coloured "space rocket" p/s /minimal ring- D ATLANTIC ATL 70.257 (VG)-EX/VG 12,--

wear only in the middle in the region of the record´s center/"R" stamps on both labels)

7" ATLANTIS Mainline Florida/Ooh Baby (´75/silver label/advert on backside for "Ooh Baby" LP) D VERTIGO 6147 010 EX-/(VG)-EX 6,--
7" AT LAST THE 1958 ROCK AND ROLL I Can´t Drive/Working On The Railroad (´68/very rare orig. German issue/with Ian Hun- D CBS 3349 VG+/VG(+) 25,--

SHOW ter, pre-Mott The Hoople/owner´s sticker on the top of the back sleeve/the corners and

the top of the p/s are somewhat bent/light to medium-strong ringwear on the backside,

the front p/s has almost no ringwear)

7" ATOMIC ROOSTER Devil´s Answer/The Rock (´71/1 cm seam split at the bottom/the corners and the top of D PHILIPS 6073 210 EX/VG-EX 12,--

the p/s are slightly bent/otherwise the p/s is in near-perfect condition without ringwear)

7" VINCENT CRANE´S ATOMIC ROOSTER Tell Your Story (Sing Your Song)/"O.D." (´74/scarce W/L PROMO/with special D NOVA DL 25006 EX-/EX- 12,--

"Rock Facts" promo back slv./front: red "rooster" p/s /minimal ringw. back)

7" BRIAN AUGER & THE TRINITY Just You, Just Me/Adagio Per Archi E Organo (del film "Anonimo Veneziano") (´71/ ESP RCA-VICTOR 3-10651 VG(-)/VG 9,--

scarce orig. Spanish issue/large owner´s stamp in the middle of the front p/s /small ab-

rasion on the right top corner of the front p/s /3 cm seam split at the bottom/light ring-

wear on the frontside, stronger ringwear on the backside/tiny sticker on the left top

corner of the backside/small stamp on the right side of the back sleeve)

7" AUM Bye Bye Baby/Resurrection (´69/1,5 cm seam split at the bottom/the left seam and the D CBS 4739 VG-/VG- 12,--

right seam have traces of removed tapes and slight remnants of glue/barely visible wri-

ting on the front p/s /ringwear/the corners and especially the top of the p/s are some-

what bent and the p/s has a few creases at the top/two small stains on the front p/s)

7" FRANKIE AVALON Here´s To The Ladies/Tennessee Babe (ca. ´60/very rare 1st Japanese issue (Yen 370)/ JAP ANGEL HM-1103 (licensed from VG(-EX)/VG 22,--

RED VINYL/the p/s consists of a one-sided sheet with English lyrics and Japanese text
US Chancellor label)

on backside/blue front p/s of Avalon with guitar with brown heading/an original yellow

company sleeve by Angel Records is also included/light ringw. back/light shoves at top)

7" THE AVANT-GARDE Naturally Stoned/Honey & Gall (´68/rare German issue/light ringw. back/some shoves D CBS 3704 VG/VG(-EX) 14,--

at the top of the p/s /1 x 1,5 cm abrasion from removed sticker at the top of the back

sleeve: the "CBS" logo has been half eraded by this tear, otherwise the tear is almost

not visible, as this tear is on white background!)

7" THE AVANT-GARDE Fly With Me/Revelation´s Revolutions (´69/wobc./light ringw./ p/s bit dirty in parts) NL CBS 3904 VG/VG 12,--
7" AXE Running Wild/Sing, Sing, Sing (´72/promo sticker on label/tiny sticker back) D MCA MCS-5942 EX-/(VG)-EX 10,--
7" AXE Mony Mony/Land Of 1.000 Dances//Don´t Let It Get You Down (´73/promo sticker D MCA MCS-6352 (VG)-EX/VG(-EX) 8,--

on label/"Discotheque Special" art slv./ /light ringw./light wear in middle by center)

7" AXIS Ela Ela/Living In (´72/D-issue of Greece band/light scuffs top, p/s otherwise near-M) D BARCLAY MR 28062 (VG)-EX/VG 7,--
7" HOYT AXTON Della And The Dealer/Gotta Keep Rollin´ (´79/cut-out edge/lightest ringw. back) D GLOBAL 0033.236 (VG)-EX/(VG)-EX 6,--
7" KEVIN AYERS Day By Day/The Up Song (´74/rare orig. Holland issue/"pink rim" label/unique p/s / NL ISLAND 13387 AT (VG)-EX/VG(+)/ 10,--

light ringwear/the corners and the top of the p/s are slightly bent)

7" KEVIN AYERS Caribbean Moon/Take Me To Tahiti (´75/2nd UK issue without p/s /"A" label DEMO) UK HARVEST HAR 5100 (VG)-EX 15,--
7" ROY AYERS Hot/Virgo (´86/Holland issue/+ rare German PROMO sheet) NL/(D) CBS CBSA-6964 EX-/(VG)-EX 8,--
7" BURT BACHARACH All Kinds Of People/She´s Gone Away (estimated late 60s/scarce solo recording) D A&M 14852 AT VG(-EX) 7,--
7" GUS BACKUS Das Lied vom Angeln (Mit Dir möcht´ ich am Sonntag angeln gehn) (from O.S.T. of the D POLYDOR NH 24854 (VG)-EX/(VG)-EX 8,--

film with the same title)/Linda (Ein Haus in den Rockys) (from O.S.T. "Drei Liebesbriefe

aus Tirol") (´62/scarce 7"/superb p/s with 2 different photos (frontside: Backus goes

fishing, back sleeve: Backus with girl)/light ringwear on front p/s, back slv. near-perfect)

7" BAD COMPANY Deal With The Preacher/Feel Like Makin´ Love (ca. ´75/very rare orig. Iranian issue/ IRAN ROYAL SOUND TKR 280 stereo VG/VG(-EX) 10,--

p/s shows group playing billiard/tiny wobc./minimal ringw. on frontside/ringw. back/the

back sleeve looks somewhat dirty overall (VG-), front p/s: near-EX/4 cm split spine)

7" BAD COMPANY Good Lovin´ Gone Bad/Whisky Bottle (´75/"pink rim" label/light scuffs) D ISLAND 13860 AT (VG)-EX/VG(-EX) 6,--
7" BAD COMPANY Eletricland/Untie The Knot (´82/German issue/very light ringw. on frontside/stronger D SWAN SONG 79.9966-7 VG(-EX)/(VG)-EX 5,--

ringw. back/the sleeve corners are slightly shoved/4 mm tear into the top opening)

7" BAD COMPANY This Love/Tell It Like It Is (´86/scarce Japanese W/L PROMO/the p/s is a one-sided JAP ATLANTIC P-2192 VG(-EX)/VG(+) 10,--

sheet with English & Japanese lyrics of the A-side on the backside/light discolouration

in two places on the right side of the front sleeve caused by removed stickers)

7" BADFINGER No Matter What/Better Days (´70/light ringw./stamp on front slv., p/s otherwise EX) D APPLE 31 / 1C 006-92064 (VG)-EX/VG(+) 10,--
7" BADFINGER Day After Day/Sweet Tuesday Morning (´72/lightest ringwear/minimal dirt on p/s) D APPLE 40 / 1C 005-93159 (VG)-EX/(VG)-EX 12,--
7" BADFINGER Day After Day/Sweet Tuesday Morning (´72/French issue/diff. light brown "4 heads" F APPLE 2C 006-93159 M VG/VG 10,--

p/s /ringw./light discolouration from removed sealing in middle of side opening and

removed sticker top front/small abrasions at top of front and back slv./tiny wobc.)

7" BADFINGER Baby Blue/Flying (´72/rare German 7" (unreleased in the U.K.!)/green-turquoise "group" D APPLE 42 / 1C 006-93391 VG-EX/VG+ 14,--

p/s /light to very light ringwear/the corners and the top opening are slightly bent - this

record has a very "sensible" p/s, which is barely found in such a fine condition!)

7" JOAN BAEZ Sag´ mir wo die Blumen sind/Farewell Angelina (mid-/late 60s/rare German-language D AMADEO 921.338 APF VG(-EX) 12,--

version of "Where Have All The Flowers Gone"/PROMO/black label with "sample")

7" JOAN BAEZ The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down/When Time Is Stolen (ca. ´71/superb p/s) F VANGUARD 119.032 EX(+)/(VG)-EX 8,--
7" JOAN BAEZ Song Of Bangladesh/Prison Trilogy (Billy Rose) (ca. ´72/ p/s with imprint: "Proceeds D A&M 12067 AT VG-EX/VG 5,--

from sale....go to Bangladesh ....through UNICEF"/the corners and the top of the p/s

are slightly bent/a few light creases at the top/o´w. nice p/s without ringw./wol.)

7" JOAN BAEZ I´m Blowing Away/Altar Boy And The Thief (´77/rare W/L PROMO/with special "CBS- D PORTRAIT PRT S 5442 (VG)-EX/(VG)-EX 7,--

Blitzinformation" back slv./the "information" refers to Baez´ involvement with Bob Dy-

lan/front p/s like issue/light ringwear on the front slv./light scuffs)

7" JOAN BAEZ Time Rag/Miracles (´77/ W/L PROMO/with special "CBS-Blitzinformation" back slv./ D PORTRAIT PRT S 5759 EX-/EX- 8,--

front p/s identical to issue/minimal trace of ringwear on the backside)

7" GEORGE BAKER SELECTION Little Green Bag/Pretty Little Dreamer (´70/German issue/light ringw. + scuffs) D HANSA 14537 AT (VG)-EX/VG(-EX) 8,--
7" GEORGE BAKER SELECTION Dear Ann/Fly (´70/light ringwear + scuffs) D HANSA 14563 AT VG-EX/VG(+) 7,--
7" GEORGE BAKER SELECTION Nathalie/Jesus Told Us (ca. ´71/scarce 7"/ad for 1st LP on back slv./light ringw. back) D HANSA 10193 AT (VG)-EX/VG(-EX) 7,--

GINGER BAKER please look under CREAM!

7" LaVERN BAKER I Cried A Tear/Dix-A Billy (ca. ´58/´59 /red-black label/some writings (black "x"´s), dis- US ATLANTIC 45-2007 VG 12,--

colourations from removed stickers and traces of half-removed stickers on both labels)

7" LaVERN BAKER So High So Low/If You Love Me (´59/scarce orig. US WHITE LABEL PROMO/the vi- US ATLANTIC 45-2033 VG(-) 14,--

nyl has some surface scratches)

EP LaVERN BAKER Same (ca. ´62/´63 /rare Spanish EP/incl.: Don Juan/Saved/See See Rider/The Story Of ESP BELTER 51.351 VG(-EX)/VG 55,--

My Love /light ringw./lamination getting loose on opening side, p/s otherwise EX)

7" LONG JOHN BALDRY Let The Heartaches Begin/Lord You Made The Night... (´67/lightest ringw.) D PYE HT 300140 (VG)-EX/VG-EX 6,--
7" LONG JOHN BALDRY When The Sun Comes Shining Thru´/Wise To The Ways Of The World (´68/tiny tear D PYE HT 300222 (VG)-EX/VG(-EX) 8,--

on back slv. (on white background: therefore barely seen!), front p/s near-M)

7" JOHN BALDRY Don´t Try To Lay No Boogie-Woogie On The King Of Rock´n Roll/Mr. Rubin (´71/green D WARNER BROS. WB 16099 VG(+)/VG(+) 5,--

label/"It Ain´t Easy" advert on back slv./barely visible clear tapes on left side + bottom)

7" HANK BALLARD / MIDNIGHTERS Finger Poppin´ Time/I Love You, I Love You So-o-o (´60/1st UK issue/red label/noc.) UK PARLOPHONE 45 R-4682 VG 27,--
7" HANK BALLARD / MIDNIGHTERS Sugaree/Rain Down Tears (estimated early 60s/orig. US issue/blue-silver label/in brown US KING 45-5215 VG(+) 16,--

company slv./small sticker on A-side label/the sleeve has a cut-out corner at the top)

7" RUSS BALLARD Loose Women/Fly Away (´75/rare 1st Holland issue/diff. B-side to UK issue/minimal NL EPIC EPC 3061 (VG)-EX/VG+ 7,--

ringwear back/a few light shoves/tiny 2 mm tear into the top opening on frontside)

7" BALTHAZAR Maura Maura/No Reason For Sorrow (´71/superb frontside, light ringwear back) D VOGUE DV 11196 (VG)-EX/VG-EX 10,--
7" BALTIMORE & OHIO MARCHING Lapland/Condition Red (´67/very rare German issue/red label/only very light ringwear/ D LONDON DL 20852 VG+/VG(-EX) 36,--

BAND the p/s is somewhat bent on the corners)

7" BANDWAGON Breakin´ Down The Walls Of Heartache/Dancin´ Master (´68/German issue/red-yellow D EPIC 5-10352 VG(-)/VG(-EX) 6,--

"title" p/s /woc./wobc./large sticker tear on the right bottom corner of the back sleeve,

which has been overpainted in yellow colour, p/s o´w. near-EX, only very light ringwear)

7" JOHNNY JOHNSON & BANDWAGON (Blame It) On The Pony Express/Never Let Her Go (´70/promo stamp on silver stock D BELL 1128 VG+/VG 7,--

label/blue-violet "head" p/s /1 cm split bottom/large sticker by radio station (with title/

composer/etc.) at top of front p/s /back slv. (same picture as frontside!) strong EX)

7" JOHNNY JOHNSON & BANDWAGON Sally, Put Your Red Shoes On/Gasoline Alley Bred (´71/scarce 7"/"head" p/s without D BELL 1185 (VG)-EX/VG(-EX) 10,--

group/advert for "Soul Survivor" LP on bak slv./superb front, minimal ringw. back)

7" JOHNNY JOHNSON & BANDWAGON High And Dry/Never Set Me Free (´72/scarce German issue/only light ringwear/2 cm D BELL 2008 039 VG(-EX)/VG(+) 7,--

seam split at bottom/1 cm split left seam/sleeve corners + top of p/s slightly bent)

7" JOHNNY JOHNSON & BANDWAGON Music To My Heart/Lookin´ Lean, Feelin´ Mean (´75/German W/L PROMO/+ "CBS- D EPIC EPC S 3458 VG+/VG+ 7,--

Blitzinformation" PROMO p/s /woc./light ringw. back/one sleeve corner is a bit bent)

EP BANGLES "Amiga-Quartett" (ca. ´89/East German EP: Eternal Flame/In Your Room/Something GDR AMIGA 5 56 221 VG-EX/VG(-EX) 10,--

To Believe In/Some Dreams Come True /tiny wobc./light ringw.)

7" THE BANNED Little Girl/C.P.G.J.´s (´77/2nd UK issue/push-out center) UK HARVEST HAR 5145 VG(-EX) 7,--
7" KEITH BARBOUR Echo Park/Here I Am Losing You (´69/rare German issue/tiny sticker/light ringw.) D EPIC 5-10486 (VG)-EX/VG(-EX) 6,--
7" PETE BARDENS In Dreams/Many Happy Returns (´87/DJ sticker on back) D CAPITOL 1C 006-20 2142-7 EX-/EX- 6,--
7" PETE BARDENS Whisper In The Wind/This Could Be Paradise (´88/+ PROMO sheet/w. Mick Fleetwood) D CAPITOL 1C 006-20 2752-7 EX-/(VG)-EX 6,--
7" BRIGITTE BARDOT Nue au Soleil/C´est une Bossa Nova (estimat. mid-60s/orig. French issue/orange art slv./ F BARCLAY 61344 VG(+)/VG 18,--

small woc./light ringwear/the sleeve corners are slightly bent)

7" BRIGITTE BARDOT / SACHA DISTEL Le soleil de ma vie/Petit déjeuer compris (´73/scarce German issue/the front p/s shows D COLUMBIA 1C 006-94547 U (VG)-EX/VG 8,--

  both artists in colour, the back slv. shows Distel in black & white/light ringw. + scuffs)

7" BAR-KAYS Soul Finger/Knucklehead (´67/rare 1st German issue/lightest ringwear/minimal shoves) D ATLANTIC ATL 70.219 (VG)-EX/VG 12,--
7" BAR-KAYS Soul Finger/Knucklehead (´67/scarce orig. Spanish issue/light ringwear/small stamp at ESP HISPAVOX-ATLANTIC H-185 VG-EX/VG(-) 8,--

the top of the backside)

7" RICHARD BARNES Go North/So Will I (´70/stamps on both sides, otherwise superb p/s in "psychy" style) D PHILIPS 6006 039 (VG)-EX/VG(-EX) 8,--
7" BARRACUDA Summer Girls/I Feel So Down (ca. ´73/written by Peter Shelley & Marty Wilde/ prod. D ARIOLA 12799 AT (VG)-EX/VG-EX 12,--

by Peter Shelley/1st p/s: "title" p/s with "info" on back slv./light ringw. + scuffs)

7" BARRON-KNIGTHS with Duke D´Mond Call Up The Groups (Needles & Pins/You Were Made For Me/I Wanna Be Your Man/ D METRONOME B 1600 VG(-EX)/VG 12,--

  Diane/Bits & Pieces/Twist & Shout) (´64/6 mm tear into top opening/light ringwear)

LEN BARRY Like A Baby/Happiness (is A Girl Like You) (´66/rare orig. German issue/ringwear and D DECCA DL 25218 VG(+)/VG(+) 12,--

strong impression of the record´s center in the middle of the p/s /the corners and the

top of the p/s are somewhat bent, and there are two tiny tears into the top opening of

the frontside (only 2 mm resp. 1 mm length!)/writings on both labels)

EP LEN BARRY "Len Barry" (´68/incl.: 1-2-3/Like A Baby/I Struck It Rich/It´s That Time Of The Year / UK MCA MCEP 3 (VG)-EX/(VG)-EX 12,--

light ringwear/noc.)

7" FONTELLA BASS I Can´t Rest/I Surrender (ca. ´66/US issue/cut-out hole in label) US CHECKER 1137 EX 12,--
7" BAUHAUS She´s In Parties/Departures (´83/German issue/light ringw.) D VIRGIN 105 493-100 VG-EX/VG-EX 6,--
7" BEACH BOYS Surfin´ Safari/409 (ca. ´62/extremely rare German issue/vinyl has strong warp, otherwise D CAPITOL K 22267 (VG+)/G- 20,--

VG-/in rare "Beach Boys" company slv. with 2 different coloured group photos)

7" BEACH BOYS Surfin´ USA/Shut Down (´63/scarce 1st German issue/lilac label/housed in rare "Beach D CAPITOL K 22423 (EX-)/G(-VG) 16,--

Boys" company sleeve with 2 different coloured group photos/tiny wol./the label has

a very light decolouration on one side/A-side = VG-, B-side = G(+) )

7" BEACH BOYS Fun, Fun, Fun/Our Car Club (´64/in company slv. with Capitol Tower and U.S. flag) D CAPITOL K 22679 (EX-)/G(-VG) 14,--
7" BEACH BOYS Do You Wanna Dance/Please Let Me Wonder (´65/rare "car" p/s /superb condition) D CAPITOL K 22920 EX-M/VG-EX 32,--
7" BEACH BOYS Help Me Rhonda/Kiss Me Baby (´65/scarce "car" p/s /light ringw./tiny woc.) D CAPITOL K 22983 (VG)-EX/VG(-) 22,--
7" BEACH BOYS Help Me Rhonda/Kiss Me Baby (´65/Danmark issue) DK CAPITOL F 5395 (VG)-EX/VG(+) 12,--
7" BEACH BOYS Then I Kissed Her/Salt Lake City (´65/scarce German "car" p/s /small wobc./minimal D CAPITOL K 23099 VG-EX/VG- 16,--

ringwear/the top of the p/s is slightly bent)

7" BEACH BOYS The Little Girl I Once Knew/There´s No Other (Like My Baby) (´65/scarce "car" p/s / D CAPITOL K 23123 (VG)-EX/VG(-EX) 28,--

small woc./light ringw./minimal scuffs at top opening/sticker on label)

7" BEACH BOYS Sloop John B/You´re So Good To Me (´66/1st German issue/woc./light ringwear/the top D CAPITOL K 23183 VG+/VG(-EX) 8,--

of the p/s is slightly bent/two tiny tears (2 mm only) into the top opening)

7" BEACH BOYS Merry Christmas Baby/The Man With All The Toys (´67/scarce German (-only?) 7"/one D CAPITOL K 23587 VG-EX/VG(+) 24,--

of their rarest German singles from the later 60´s/the front p/s is in superb condition, only

the corners and the top of the p/s are a bit bent/one barely visible 3 mm tear into the top

opening of the frontside/the back sleeve is in lesser condition: light ringwear, bits of dirt

and a slight yellowing of the white colour/small sticker on the A-side label)

7" BEACH BOYS Do It Again/Wake The World (´68/scarce variation with unlaminated "matt" p/s /front D CAPITOL K 23846 VG(-EX)/VG(-) 7,--

p/s EX- with minimal trace of ringwear/two discoloured places on the back slv., one at

the top from a removed sealing sticker, the other one at the side/name on back slv.)

7" BEACH BOYS Bluebirds Over The Mountain/Never Learn Not To Love (´68/Holland issue/diff. red- NL CAPITOL HF 311 VG(+)/VG 7,--

white "5 heads" p/s /front sticker/ca. 1-2 mm have been cut off from the top opening

(the rounded bow of the top opening has been made "straight")/light ringw.)

7" BEACH BOYS Tears In The Morning/It´s About Time (´70/German issue/light ringw. + shoves) D STATESIDE 1C 006-91984 (VG)-EX/VG 8,--
7" BEACH BOYS Long Promised Road/Deirdre (´71/scarce 1st German issue/one of their rarest German 7"s D EMI-STATESIDE 1C 006-92623 VG+/VG(+) 15,--

from that era/misspelt B-side title: the "e" and the "i" of "Deirdre" have been reversed

turning the name into "Dierdre"!/woc. + wobc./very light ringwear frontside, slightly

stronger ringwear on the backside/the corners and the top of the p/s are slightly bent

and there are a few light creases at the top/3 mm tear into top opening of the backside)

7" BEACH BOYS Don´t Go Near The Water/Student Demonstration Time (´71/scarce WHITE LABEL D EMI-STATESIDE 1C 006-93069 (VG)-EX/VG(-EX) 24,--

TEST pressing/blank white labels with handwritten number/woc./light ringw.)

7" BEACH BOYS Marcella/Hold On Dear Brother (´72/rare orig. German issue/without ringwear, but the D REPRISE REP 14183 (VG)-EX/VG+ 10,--

sleeve corners are somewhat shoved)

7" BEACH BOYS Rock´n´ Roll Music/The T.M. Song (´76/French issue/black-yellow-orange title sleeve/ F REPRISE 14440 VG(-EX)/(VG)-EX 7,--

ad for "In Concert" + "Holland" LP´s on backside/wobc./light discolouring top front)

7" BEACH BOYS Susie Cincinnati/Everyone´s In Love With You (´76/rare orig. German issue/the p/s is D REPRISE REP 14462 EX(+)/(VG)-EX 12,--

very slightly bent at the top opening, otherwise near-perfect p/s )

7" BEACH BOYS Honkin´ Down The Highway/Solar System (´77/scarce German issue/the left seam is ca. D REPRISE REP 14479 N VG(-EX)/VG-EX 9,--

60% split/owner´s stamps on front- and backside/the sleeve corners are slightly bent)

7" BEACH BOYS Oh Darlin´/Endless Harmony (´80/with "CBS-Blitzinformation" PROMO sheet dated D (CBS)-CARIBOU CRB 8367 (VG)-EX/EX- 9,--

3.5.80/some writings on front + back slv. by radio DJ, p/s otherwise near-M)

7" BEACH BOYS Still Cruisin´ (from: "Leathal Weapon 2")/Kokomo (from: "Cocktail") (´89/contains D CAPITOL 006-20 3518-7 EX-/VG-EX 9,--

PROMO sheet dated 24/08/89 by EMI/tiny woc. "23.08.89" at top of front slv.)

EP BEACH BOYS "The Beach Boys" (ca. ´66/scarce orig. Mexican EP/incl.: Good Vibrations/Let´s Go MEX CAPITOL EAP-20866 VG(-)/VG 20,--

Away For Awhile/God Only Knows/Wouldn´t It Be Nice /black label with "rainbow"

rim/unique p/s /the has a small abrasion on the right top corner of the frontside (it´s

more traces of a half-removed sticker than an abrasion!) and two slightly larger abra-

sions on the backside/ringwear/the sleeve corners are slightly shoved)

EP BEACH BOYS "2 + 2, Vol. 26" (mid-70s/4-track 7"/incl.: Do It Again/I Can Hear Music/Good Vibra- D CAPITOL 1C 016-85119 (VG)-EX/EX- 6,--

tions/Cotton Fields /orange label/"thin" p/s like for 7"s/light ringw./small split bottom)

7" BRIAN WILSON / MIKE LOVE Gettin´ Hungry/Devoted To You (´67/scarce German issue/small sticker on label/wol.) D CAPITOL K 23614 VG(-) 14,--
7" BRIAN WILSON Love & Mercy (LP Version)/He Couldn´t Get His Poor Old Body To Move (´88/Ger- D SIRE 927 814-7 VG(-EX)/(VG)-EX 4,--

man issue/ringwear)

BEATLES lots of items will be included soon!

7" BEE GEES Spicks And Specks/I Am The World (´67/scarce (presumably 2nd) Japanese issue/hard JAP POLYDOR DP-1607 EX-/(VG)-EX 18,--

sleeve with flipback/unique "group" p/s /lyrics on backside/slv. corners slightly shoved)

7" BEE GEES Massachusetts/Barker Of The U.F.O. (´67/rare German W/L PROMO/without p/s) D POLYDOR 59118 VG-EX 12,--
7" BEE GEES Massachusetts/Barker Of The U.F.O. (´67/advert for "Bee Gees 1st" LP on back slv./ D POLYDOR 59118 EX-M/(VG)-EX 7,--

text on p/s: "the most significant musical talent of 1967"/with adress of fan club)

7" BEE GEES Massachusetts/Barker Of The U.F.O. (´67/v. rare Austrian pressing/"made in Austria" (D)/A POLYDOR 59118 VG-EX/VG(+) 10,--

imprint on label rim and in grooves/the p/s is a German import (there were no picture

sleeves were mfd. in Austria!)/light ringw. back/ p/s slightly scuffed in upper parts)

7" BEE GEES Massachusetts/Holiday (´67/scarce orig. (Yen 370) Japanese issue/diff. B-side!/closed JAP POLYDOR DP-1554 VG(-EX)/VG 14,--

p/s with flipback/unique coloured "group" photo on front surrounded by yellow-brown

frame, which (for reasons unknown to me) shows a kind of US flag and US landscape/

English lyrics on the backside/light ringw./ p/s is slightly bent/light stain on back slv.)

7" BEE GEES World/Sir Geoffrey Saved The World (´67/German issue/near-perfect p/s) D POLYDOR 59131 EX(-M)/(VG)-EX 8,--
7" BEE GEES World/Sir Geoffrey Saved The World (´67/very rare Austrian pressing/"made in Aus- A POLYDOR 59131 (VG)-EX/VG 10,--

tria" imprint on label rim/with German import p/s (all picture sleeves were imported

from Germany!)/without ringwear, but the sleeve corners are slightly bent)

7" BEE GEES Words/Sinking Ships (´68/small front sticker/"R" stamp on p/s /minimal ringwear) D POLYDOR 59169 (VG)-EX/VG(-) 4,--
7" BEE GEES Jumbo/The Singer Sang His Song (´68/German issue/light ringw. on backs./small wol.) D POLYDOR 59176 (VG)-EX/VG-EX 5,--
7" BEE GEES I´ve Gotta Get A Message To You/Kitty Can (´68/German issue/near-perfect p/s) D POLYDOR 59216 EX(+)/VG(-EX) 7,--
flexi BEE GEES and others "Die Goldenen OTTO-Sieger 1968 danken den BRAVO-Lesern" (´68/1-sided flexi 7"/ D BRAVO magazine (no number) VG(-EX) 10,--

subtitled: "Elf Otto-Sieger sagen "Danke"/includes The Bee Gees/Patrick Maknee/Dia-

na Rigg/Wencke Myhre/Roy Black/Marie Versini/Pierre Brice /contains messages by

the winners of "Bravo" magazine´s annual poll to the "Bravo" readers)

7" BEE GEES (and others) "Post Shop Hits - aus der Langspielplatte "Idea" (´69/rare semi-promotional German D POLYDOR -TOP HITS 102 549 EX-/VG(-EX) 10,--

7" with extracts from "Idea" LP/incl.: "I Started A Joke" & "Idea" on the A-side/the

B-side contains abbreviated versions of songs from 6 new LP´s/incl.: Bee Gees: "Lamp-

light"/Marbles: "Only One Woman"/+ Karel Gott/James Last/Peter Rubin/Roy Black)

7" BEE GEES Tomorrow Tomorrow/Sun In My Morning (´69/Germ. issue/lightest ringwear at bottom) D POLYDOR 59292 EX-/VG-EX 6,--
7" BEE GEES Tomorrow Tomorrow/Sun In My Morning (´69/rare Austrian 7" (only vinyl - the p/s is D/A POLYDOR 59292 VG(-EX)/VG(-) 9,--

a German import)/3 tears into top opening/small discol`d. place by removed sticker)

7" BEE GEES Don´t Forget To Remember/The Lord (´69/3,5 cm split at the bottom/the top of the p/s is D POLYDOR 59324 (VG)-EX/VG+ 5,--

slightly bent/tiny 2 mm tear into top opening of the frontside/otherwise near-perfect p/s)

7" BEE GEES How Can You Mend A Broken Heart/Country Woman (´71/A-side = EX, B-side = VG) D POLYDOR 2058 115 EX(+)/VG(-EX) 6,--
7" BEE GEES Alive/Paper Mache, Cabbages And Kings (´72/2 cut-out holes/light shoves) D POLYDOR 2058 304 (VG)-EX/(VG)-EX 6,--
7" BEE GEES My World/On Time (ca. ´72/scarce Japanese 7"/stereo/unique closed "group" p/s with JAP POLYDOR DP-1845 VG(-EX)/VG(-EX) 12,--

flipback/English lyrics on backside/ringw. back/ p/s slightly shoved/a few light stains)

7" BEE GEES Sea Of Smiling Faces/Please Don´t Turn Out The Lights (ca. ´73/scarce Japanese issue/ JAP POLYDOR DP-1887 (VG)-EX/VG(-EX) 14,--

the p/s is a one-sided sheet with 3 individual photos of the Brothers Gibb on the front-

side and English lyrics of both songs on the backside/minimal dirt on back slv.)

7" ROBIN GIBB Saved By The Bell/Mother And Jack (´69/German issue/near-perfect p/s) D POLYDOR 59313 EX(+)/(VG)-EX 8,--
7" ROBIN GIBB One Million Years/Weekend (´69/1st German issue/tiny woc./the corners and the top D POLYDOR 59376 EX-/VG(+) 7,--

of the p/s are slightly bended/otherwise superb p/s wihout ringwear/)

7" BEGGAR´S OPERA Sarabande/Think (´70/orig. German issue/"swirl" label/light scuffs at the top/tiny split) D VERTIGO 6360 026 EX-/VG+ 14,--
7" BEGGAR´S OPERA Two Timing Woman/Lady Of Hellfire (´73/light scuffs/2 mm tear into top) D VERTIGO 6360 088 VG-EX/VG(-) 8,--
7" BEGGAR´S OPERA Something To Lose/Sagittary (ca. mid-70s/scarce German issue/advert for "Sagittary" D JUPITER 13966 AT VG-EX/VG-EX 9,--

LP on back slv./woc./very light ringwear)

7" ARCHIE BELL & THE DRELLS I Can´t Stop Dancing/You´re Such A Beautiful Child (´68/rare orig. German 7"/1 cm seam D ATLANTIC ATL 70.306 VG/VG(+) 10,--

split on the right side/1 cm seam split at the bottom/normal ringwear on the frontside,

stronger ringwear on the backside/the corners and the top of the p/s are somewhat bent/

slight creases at the top/some small tears into the top opening (4 mm, twice 3 mm, twice

2 mm and 1 mm length into the top of the frontside/two tiny 1 mm tears into top backs.)

7" ARCHIE BELL & THE DRELLS Do The Choo Choo/Love Will Rain On You (´68/scarce German issue/green-black art D ATLANTIC ATL 70.327 VG(-EX)/VG(+) 12,--

slv./light ringw. back/slight wear in the middle of the p/s caused by the record´s center)

7" ARCHIE BELL & THE DRELLS I Love My Baby/Just A Little Closer (´69/rare German issue/violet art slv. with drawing D ATLANTIC ATL 70.364 VG/VG 10,--

of 19th Century lady/co. hole/woc./left seam 1,5 cm split/the right seam is 80% split/the

right seam is a bit roughed up along the split/3 mm tear from the split into the p/s /light

ringwear on frontside, stronger ringwear on backside/the top of the p/s is slightly bent)

7" ARCHIE BELL & THE DRELLS The Soul City Walk/Let´s Groove (´76/rare orig. German WHITE LABEL PROMO 7"/w. D PHILADELPHIA-INT´L. PIR 4250 (VG)-EX/(VG)-EX 8,--

"CBS-Blitzinformation" promo-only p/s /only light to very light ringwear)

7" ARCHIE BELL & THE DRELLS The Soul City Walk/Let´s Groove (´76/"Philly Sound" imprint on front p/s) D PHILADELPHIA-INT´L. PIR 4250 EX(+)/VG(+) 5,--
7" MADELINE BELL Picture Me Gone/Go Ahead On (´67/scarce German issue/ringw./stamps on front and D PHILIPS 326 831 BF VG(-)/VG 12,--

back slv./the p/s is somewhat shoved/slight fading of colours at the bottom of the p/s /

ca. 1 - 2 mm have been cut off from the top opening)

7" CLIFF BENNETT & THE REBEL You Can´t Love ´Em All/Need Your Loving Tonight (´66/scarce German issue/promo D ODEON O 23202 EX-/(VG)-EX 18,--

ROUSERS sticker on label/barely seen stamp on front p/s /lightest ringw./stamp on label)

7" CLIFF BENNETT / REBEL ROUSERS Got To Get You Into My Life/Baby Each Day (´66) UK PARLOPHONE R 5489 VG(+) 5,--
7" BROOK BENTON Do Your Own Thing/I Just Don´t Know What To Do With Myself (´68/rare German D ATLANTIC ATL 70.328 VG(+)/VG- 6,--

issue/the p/s has a very strange misprinting: "What" has been misspelt as "Wath" (on

the label it´s been spelt the correct way)/light ringwear on the frontside, stronger ring-

wear on the backside/the corners and the top opening are somewhat bended/"R" stamp

on the A-side label/writing on both labels)

7" BROOK BENTON Touch ´Em With Love/She Knows What To Do For Me (´69/rare German 7"/owner´s D ATLANTIC ATL 70.376 VG(-)/VG(+) 6,--

stamp on the left top corner of the front p/s /small clear tapes (ca. 2 cm) on the left

and right seam/4 cm long clear tape in the middle of the bottom/small clear tapes on

the top corners of the backside/all tapes have some yellowing by age/ringwear/the

corners and the top of the p/s are slightly bended/owner´s stamps on both labels)

7" BROOK BENTON Rainy Night In Georgia/Where Do We Go From H. (´70/"R" stamps on the front- and D ATLANTIC ATL 70.402 EX-/(VG)-EX 9,--

back sleeve and on the labels)

7" CHUCK BERRY Sweet Little Sixteen/Roll Over Beethoven (ca. ´68/reissue/rare W/L PROMO - in fact D MERCURY 127 364 MCF (VG)-EX/VG-EX 17,--

this is more likely a TEST pressing than a promo, because the 7" has a so-called "un-

finished" label without the "Mercury" logo/coloured p/s with black & white Chuck Ber-

ry photo and "Kings Of Rock´n´Roll" headline/light ringw. back/light shoves)

7" DAVE BERRY This Strange Effect/Now (´65/orig. U.K. 7" with rare p/s - presumably the p/s is either a UK DECCA F.12188 VG/VG 14,--

U.K. export p/s or a Scandinavian p/s /light ringwear on the frontside, stronger ringwear

on the backside/there´s a large stain on the back sleeve, which makes the back sleeve

look overall a bit dirty / the sleeve corners are somewhat bent)

7" MIKE BERRY & ADMIRALS It´s Just Matter Of Time/Little Boy Blue (´62/turquoise label with silver text and push- UK H.M.V. 45-POP 979 VG(-) 6,--

out center/slight discolouration on label of A-side caused by removed sticker)

7" MIKE BERRY & OUTLAWS Don´t You Think It´s Time/Loneliness (´62/black label w. silver text/push-out center) UK H.M.V. 45-POP 1105 VG 6,--
7" MIKE BERRY Take A Heart/Hey Joe (´76/scarce later 7"/light ringwear/the p/s is somewhat bent) D HANSA-INTERNAT´L. 17140 AT (VG)-EX/VG(-EX) 6,--
7" MIKE BERRY I´m A Rocker/It´s A Hard Hard Hard Hard World (´77/scarce later 7"/with "info" back D PHILIPS 6003 655 (VG)-EX/VG(-EX) 6,--

slv./light ringwear only in very small part of the frontside/the corners are slightly bent)

7" THE BEST EVER & MUHAMMAD ALI The People´s Choice/Rope A Dope (´75/co. hole/tiny price tear, p/s otherwise EX-M) D POLYDOR 2001 594 VG(-EX)/(VG)-EX 15,--
7" WOLF BIERMANN Comandante Che Guevara/Chile (Ballade vom Kameramann) (´73/front: Guevara picture, D CBS S 1903 VG(-EX)/VG-EX 8,--

back slv.: "street fight" p/s /+ lyric insert/stamp on back/4 tears into top, o´w. superb)

7" BIFF PANG POW! There Must Be A Better Life/The Chocolate Elephant Man (´84/foldaround p/s) UK CREATION CRE 007 M-/EX- 30,--
7" BIG BERTHA Munich City/Funky Woman (´72/"lion" p/s /woc./2 small front stickers/light ringw.) D UNITED ARTISTS 35420 A VG(-EX)/VG 20,--
7" BIG BOPPER Big Bopper´s Wedding/Little Red Riding Hood (´59/black-silver label/sticker traces on US MERCURY 71375x45 VG(-) 8,--

label/the label has slight wear in the outer parts)

7" BIG THREE Let It Rock/Some Other Guy (´73/scarce German issue/diff. to UK issue: 2 tracks only, D POLYDOR 2058 361 (VG)-EX/VG-EX 9,--

A- & B-side reversed!/blue-red-yellow art slv./3 tiny stapling holes at top of p/s)

7" BIG WHEEL If I Stay Too Long/Little Woman (estimated late 60s/scarce Holland issue/small abra- NL DECCA AT 10387 VG(-)/VG(-) 8,--

sion and large owner´s stamp on the top of the front p/s /ringwear/the p/s is overall a

bit dirty and somewhat scuffed/noc.)

7" BINTANGS Ridin´ On The L & N/Down South Blues (´69/light ringw./some scuffs) D DECCA DL 25384 VG(+)/VG(+) 8,--
7" BINTANGS Travelling In The U.S.A./Hound Is On The Run (ca. ´70/light ringw./tiny sticker) D DECCA DL 25397 (VG)-EX/VG 9,--
7" BINTANGS Lion Tamer/Too Much (ca. ´70/light scuffs top, otherwise M-) D DECCA DL 25436 EX-/(VG)-EX 10,--
7" BINTANGS I´m On My Own Again/Demons (ca. ´71/scarce German W/L PROMO/strange matter: D DECCA DL 25464 (VG)-EX/VG(+) 12,--

on the labels "Demons" is listed as A-side!/inimal ringwear/light shoves at top of p/s)

7" BINTANGS Hello Goodbye/You Got Love (ca. ´72/scarce German issue/owner´s stamps on front D DECCA DL 25512 EX-/VG 9,--

and back slv., otherwise near-perfect p/s /owner´s stamps also on both labels)

7" JANE BIRKIN / SERGE GAINSBOURGH Je t´aime, moi non plus/Jane B. (´69/1st German issue/black & white p/s w. Birkin´s D FONTANA 260 196 MF EX-/(VG)-EX 8,--

head and imprint "Originalaufnahme"/light scuffs at top, otherw. near-perfect p/s)

7" JANE BIRKIN / SERGE GAINSBOURGH Je t´aime, moi non plus/Jane B. (´69/2nd German issue/black & white "head" p/s like D GOLDEN 12 12/88 EX-/VG+ 6,--

1st issue/light scuffs + tiny 2 mm tear into top opening/otherwise near-perfect p/s)

7" JANE BIRKIN Black...White (English Version)/Black...White (Version Francaise) (presumed 70s/scarce F(?) DESK & FIELD (without no.) VG-EX/VG+ 10,--

commercial 7" for Black & White Scotch Whisky/the record is undated and the country

of origin is not stated, presumably it was mfd. in France (label rim in French: "Disque

gratuit offert par le Scotch Whisky Black & White")/superb black & white photo of Bir-

kin´s head on frontside, back slv.: advert with text by "Black & White" company/mini-

mal discolouration caused by removed sticker on the right top corner of the front p/s /

front otherwise in superb condition without ringwear, the white back slv. has a ringwear)

7" BIRTHA Free Spirit/Tuesday (´72/pink label/2 small stickers + 1 stamp by "EBS Studio"/tiny woc./ D PROBE 1C 006-93906 VG/VG-EX 5,--

light stains in outer regions of p/s /promo stamp on label)

7" BIRTH CONTROL Gamma Ray - Part 1 & 2 (´75/1st issue/coloured "heads & clock" p/s /woc./front p/s o´w. D CBS S 3677 VG+/VG 5,--

superb, light ringwear and light dirt on the back sleeve/slv. corners slightly bent/wol.)

7" BIRTH CONTROL Fall Down/Love Or Cry (´77) D METRONOME 30.036 EX-/VG(+) 6,--
7" CILLA BLACK Surround Yourself With Sorrow/London Bridge (´69/rare orig. German issue/some wri- D ARIOLA 14259 AT VG/VG+ 5,--

tings on the front p/s /ringwear/the sleeve corners are slightly bent/slight discoloura-

tion on the right top corner of the frontside from removed small sticker)

7" BLACKBERRIES Twist & Shout/Don´t Change On Me (´73/scarce 1st "solo" 7" by girl group, who ac- D A&M 12753 AT (VG)-EX/VG-EX 18,--

ted as backing band for Ray Charles/Ike & Tina Turner, The Rolling Stones and Joe

Cocker/prod. by Steve Marriott/with (pre-release!) "info" p/s /tiny sticker)

EP BLACKBIRDS / BING & THE BEES "Freizeit 69" (´69/very rare German EP/semi-promotional issue only sold (or given away?) D FREIZEIT 69 / MESSE- UND AUS- VG(+)/VG- 18,--

at the "Freizeit 69" leisure fair in Cologne in April ´69/incl. 2 tracks by each band: THE

BLACKBIRDS: Space/Golden Sun /BING & THE BEES: I´m Glad He´s Gone/She´s Got
(without number)

My Lighter, I´ve Got Hers /"title" p/s referring in the text to "amateur bands" (in fact

The Blackbirds were probably better known in the U.K. than in their home country -

most likely they didn´t even have a recording contract in Germany, thus the use of a

term like "amateur band" might have been half-way correct!)/stereo/the p/s is a "thin"

sleeve like usually used for 7" singles/light ringwear + shoves)

7" BLACKBIRDS (DK) Hey, What A Wonderful World/Sunny Says (´74/scarce German issue by Danish band/ D METRONOME M 25.560 M-/(VG)-EX 8,--

includes promotional letter by Metronome company/perfect p/s)

7" TONY BLACKBURN Chop-Chop/If You Were A Dream (´71/scarce German issue/superb "head" p/s) D RCA 74-16111 EX-M/(VG)-EX 7,--
7" BLACK DYKE MILLS BAND Thingumybob/Yellow Submarine (ca. ´68/produced by Paul McCartney/very rare Ger- D APPLE O 23967 VG(+) 59,--

man issue/rare black-silver label without "apple" design/released without p/s)

7" J. D. BLACKFOOT One Time Woman (mono)/(stereo) (ca. ´70/scarce W/L PROMO) US PHILIPS DJP-65 (40679) (VG)-EX 12,--
7" BLACK SABBATH Evil Woman/Wicked World (´70/very rare 1st German issue/"swirl" label - both labels D VERTIGO 6059 002 VG(+)/VG(+) 32,--

have small "swirl" logos, nevertheless this is not a reissue: the first 5 German Vertigo

singles were only made with these small "swirl" labels, the large "swirl" label was only

introduced with Vertigo´s 6th single release!/4 cm seam split on the right side down

from the top, tiny seam split at the bottom (just beginning)/large owner´s stamps on

the front p/s and on the B-side label/a few light stains resp. traces of another stamp

on the front p/s /the top opening is somewhat bent and there are a few tears into the

top opening (two longer tears of 1 cm and 6 mm length plus some minor tears of ca. 2

mm to 3 mm length/otherw. the p/s is in superb condition, there´s almost no ringwear!)

7" BLACK SWAN Echoes & Rainbows/Belong Belong (ca. ´71/4 small "studio" stickers on the front p/s) D ARIOLA 10287 AT (VG)-EX/VG(-EX) 12,--
7" BLACK VELVET There Goes My Heart Again/Groove Along (´74/scarce German issue/coupling of 2 UK D SEVEN SUN DL 25621 VG(-)/VG(+) 8,--

A-sides!/promo sticker on label/wobc./light ringw. + scuffs/discoloration on left side of

front p/s and on right side of back slv. (looks like coffee!)/3 mm tear into top front)

7" BLACK WIDOW Come To The Sabbat/Way To Power (´70/ringwear/the corners and the top of the p/s D CBS 5031 VG/VG(-) 12,--

are somewhat bent/writing on the A-side label)

7" BILLY BLAND Let The Little Girl Dance/Sweet Thing (´60/1st issue/black label with silver top) UK LONDON 45-HL 9096 VG(-EX) 12,--
7" BOBBY "BLUE" BLAND This Time I´m Gone For Good/Where Baby Went (´73/scarce 1st German issue/pink D PROBE 1C 006-94838 (VG)-EX/(VG)-EX 7,--

label/(very) light ringwear/the sleeve corners are slightly bent)

EP BLISTERS "Oozing Into Deutschland"-EP (´89/Barber Brown Vs. Dennis, Round 1/Shred A Tear/ D PINTONIUM AG. (without number) M-/EX- 8,--

Fast Food/Someone Like You /scarce private label release/BLUE vinyl/+ lyric sheet)

7" THE BLITZZ Go Now/You Got What You Want (´78/scarce Dutch 7"/a "Suzy Kraut Production" re- NL EMI-HOLLAND 5C 006N-25940 EX-/VG-EX 10,--

corded at Sound Development Studio, London/"EMI" label in blue-white-red colours)

7" BLODWYN PIG Same Old Story/Slow Down (´70/1st UK issue/green label with red logo/both labels UK CHRYSALIS WIP 6078 (VG)-EX 8,--

with "Sample Not For Sale" stamps)

7" (BLONDIE) NEW YORK BLONDES Little G.T.O./Holocaust On Sunset Blvd. (´78/scarce 1st German issue/licensed from D LINE(-BOMP!) 6.12601 AC / EX(+)/(VG)-EX 14,--

US Bomp! label/p/s shows D. Harry with black stripe hiding her eyes/tiny sticker back)
LS 1009

7" BLONDIE X-Offender/Man Overboard (´77/rare 1st German issue/front with imprint for "Musik- D CHRYSALIS 6155 208 VG-EX/VG 28,--

laden" TV show/2 cm split bottom, right seam 50% split/3 mm tear into top opening)

7" BLONDIE Denis/Bermuda Triangle Blues (Flight 45) (´78/blue Debbie Harry p/s without group/ D CHRYSALIS 6155 213 (VG)-EX/VG(-EX) 8,--

back slv.: inserted advert for "Plastic Letters" LP/minimal ringw. back/light shoves)

7" BLONDIE (I´m Always Touched By Your) Presence, Dear/Poets Problem (´78/light ringwear) D CHRYSALIS 6155 219 (VG)-EX/VG 4,--
7" BLONDIE Picture This/Fade Away And Radiate (´78/minimal ringw./light shoves/vinyl bit matt) D CHRYSALIS 6155 228 (VG)-EX/VG 4,--
7" BLONDIE Heart Of Glass/Rifle Range (´78/2 large letters woc. on front, otherw. near-perfect p/s) D CHRYSALIS 6285 007 EX-/(VG)-EX 5,--
7" BLOOD, SWEAT & TEARS Lucretia MacEvil/Lucretia´s Reprise (´70/German issue/"group" p/s on frontside/advert D CBS 5220 EX-/VG(-EX) 7,--

for "BS&T 3" LP on backside/small wobc. ("1970"), otherwise superb p/s)

7" BLOOD, SWEAT & TEARS I Can´t Move No Mountains/Velvet (´72/"old" orange label/superb p/s) D CBS S 1138 EX-/EX- 8,--
7" BLOOD, SWEAT & TEARS Roller Coaster/Inner Crisis (´73/"old" orange label/superb front p/s, light ringw. back) D CBS S 1308 (VG)-EX/VG(-EX) 6,--
7" BLOOD, SWEAT & TEARS Back Up Against The Wall/Over The Hill (´73/PROMO 7"/with special "CBS-Blitz- D CBS S 1519 (VG)-EX/(VG)-EX 7,--

information" p/s / p/s lists dates of German tour and 2 forthcoming TV appearances/

the vinyl has orange labels like stock copies/minimal trace of ringwear/light scuffs)

7" BLOOD, SWEAT & TEARS Blue Street/Somebody I Trusted (Put Out The Light) (´77/large woc./DJ´s sticker) D ABC 11896 AT VG+/(VG)-EX 4,--
7" BLOOD, SWEAT & TEARS Nuclear Blues/Agitato (´80/light scuffs) UK MCA 569 EX-/EX- 5,--
7" BLOSSOM TOES Peace Loving Man/Just Above My Hobby Horse´s Head (´69/rare orig. German issue/ D POLYDOR 59291 VG/VG- 20,--

the left seam is ca. 90% split down from the top, the right seam has a small split (1 cm)/

4 cm seam split at the bottom/there are traces of removed tapes and slight remnants of

glue along the bottom seam and on the left seam (without having to do so I presume,

that there will be a good chance to improve the condition of the p/s by getting these

remnants of glue removed!)/the corners and the top of the p/s are somewhat bent, and

there´s one tear of 5 mm length into the top opening of the frontside/the rest of the p/s

is in really fine condition, there´s absolutely no ringwear!/the vinyl has some surface

scratches, but there are no deeper "real" scratches/writings on both labels)

7" BLUE Little Jody/The Way Things Are (´73/rare German issue/the corners and the top of the D RSO 2090 114 EX-/EX- 6,--

p/s are slightly bent, otherwise the p/s is in near-perfect condition)

7" BLUE Danger Sign/Stranger´s Town (´78/´79 /German issue) D ROCKET 6079 672 EX-/EX- 5,--
7" BOBBY BLUE Jambalaya// Moonlight Bay/By The Light Of The Silvery Moon (ca. ´69/´70 /scarce Ger- D LIBERTY 15316 VG/VG+ 6,--

man 7"/only minimal ringwear/slight discolourations (mold stains) on the left side of the

back sleeve/the p/s is slightly bent, most likely it has become wet)

7" BLUE BAND The Flash/Shall I (´79/"Teldec-Info" PROMO back slv./DJ sticker/woc./light ringw. back) D STRAND 6.12811 TS VG-EX/VG(-EX) 6,--
7" BLUE CHEER Summertime Blues/Out Of Focus (´68/tiny front sticker/wol.) D PHILIPS 304 162 BF EX-/VG- 12,--
7" BLUE CHEER Pilot/Babaji (Twilight Raga) (´71/rare German issue/the left seam is ca. 55% split/2 cm D PHILIPS 6051 010 VG/VG(+) 12,--

seam split on the right side at the top/the sleeve corners are slightly bent, the top of the

p/s is bent in a somewhat stronger way/the top opening is a bit worn out and there are

two longer tears (5 mm length into the top of the frontside / 7 mm length into the top of

the backside) and some minor tears of 1 mm to 3 mm length into the top opening of the

frontside/otherwise the p/s is in nice condition, there´s only a very light ringwear)

7" BLUE FOREST Have You Ever Been There Before/Seashine (ca. ´72/scarce German W/L PROMO/ D DECCA DL 25513 (VG)-EX/VG(-EX) 12,--

near-perfect front p/s /light ringw. back/light stains on back slv.)

7" THE BLUE MAXI Here Comes Summer/Famous Last Words (´70/scarce German issue/allegedly (accord. D MAJOR MINOR 14583 AT VG/VG 12,--

to "R.C.") with Jean-Jacques Burnel & D. Greenfield of The Stranglers/art slv./ringw.)

7" BLUE ÖYSTER CULT Goin´ Through The Motions/Searchin´ For Celine (´77/ W/L PROMO/with special D CBS 5889 (VG)-EX/VG(-EX) 12,--

promo back sleeve, front like p/s issue/some woc. - DJ copy used on radio/o´w. M-)

7" BLUE ÖYSTER CULT Godzilla/Nosferatu (´78/ W/L PROMO with special PROMO back sleeve/large woc.) D CBS 6278 (VG)-EX/(VG)-EX 12,--
7" BLUE RIDGE RANGERS Hearts Of Stone/Somewhere Listening (´73/price sticker, otherw. superb p/s) D BELLAPHON-FANTASY BF 18170 EX-/VG(-EX) 6,--
7" BLUES MAGOOS (We Aint Got) Nothin´ Yet/Gotta Get Away (´66/orig. Holland issue/ringw.) NL MERCURY 127 257 MCF VG(-EX)/VG- 14,--
7" BLUE SUN Festival/Katedralen (´70/Danish prog./black-silver label/3 small stickers/light ringw./ DK PARLOPHONE DK 1712 VG(+)/VG(-) 6,--

sleeve corners + top of p/s slightly scuffed/top opening taped inside for stabilization)

7" BOB & EARL Harlem Shuffle/I´ll Keep Running Back (´69/rare 2nd UK issue (first released on Sue in UK ISLAND WIP-6053 (VG)-EX 6,--

1965)/pink label with orange-black "eye" logo and push-out center/in company slv.)

7" BOB & EARL Harlem Shuffle/I´ll Keep Running Back (ca. ´69/rare 1st German issue/ p/s imprinted: D FONTANA 269 401 TF (VG)-EX/VG 12,--

orig. recording from U.K. Charts, licensed by Island Rec./light scuffs top, o´w. EX-M)

7" BOB & EARL Everybody Jerk/He´s A Playbrother (´69/very rare orig. German 7"/green label with "Se- D WARNER BROS. A 6059 (VG)-EX/VG-EX 20,--

ven Arts" imprint/the corners and the top of the p/s are slightly bent/minimal discolou-

ration from a removed sticker top back/otherwise superb p/s, there´s almost no ringwear)

7" BOB & EARL Harlem Shuffle/Harlem Shuffle (Instrumental Version) (´73/UK REISSUE/vine-red label UK CONTEMPO CR 4 EX- 5,--

with push-out center/half-removed "warning" sticker on the A-side label)

7" BOB & MARCIA Pied Piper/Save Me (´71/small woc./wol./strong ringwear/sticker on label) D ARIOLA-TROJAN 10277 AT VG(-EX)/VG 6,--
7" MARCIA GRIFFITHS Stay Right Here/Just Tell Me Those Lies (´70/scarce German issue of solo recording by D PHILIPS 6003 006 EX(-M)/(VG)-EX 12,--

the female half of Reggae duo Bob & Marcia/superb p/s /overall amazing condition!)

7" BOBBETTES Mr. Lee/Look At The Stars (´57/orig. US issue/red-black label) US ATLANTIC 45-1144 VG(-EX) 16,--
7" BOCEPHUS Meter Reader Maid/Just A Dream (´67/scarce German W/L PROMO) D VERVE 518 003 VG(-EX) 8,--
7" BOCEPHUS Meter Reader Maid/Just A Dream (´67/German issue/golden label with add. "Forecast") D VERVE-FORECAST 518 003 EX- 6,--
7" JOHNNY BOND Hot Rod Jalopy/Five-Minute Love Affair (´60/orig. UK issue/black label with silver top) UK LONDON 45-HLU 9189 VG(+) 18,--
7" JOYCE BOND (REVUE) Ob-la-di, Ob-la-da/Robin Hood Rides Again (´68/rare orig. UK issue/pink "eye" label UK ISLAND WIP-6051 VG-EX 10,--

with push-out center/in pink company slv./B-side credited to: Joyce Bond Revue/the

colour of the A-side label has slightly paled/the company sleeve is a bit bent)

7" GARY U.S. BONDS Quarter To Three/Not Me (´81/REISSUE/"Teldec Info" PROMO back slv./sticker) D STRAND 6.13144 AC EX-/VG(-EX) 6,--
EP GARY (U.S.) BONDS "Bo Jerk!" (´65/French EP/incl.: Bumpsie/Beaches U.S.A./You Oughta See My Sarah/ F DISQUES VOGUE INT 18024 EX-/VG(-EX) 35,--

My Little Room /"girl" p/s /one sleeve corner scuffed, otherwise superb p/s /wol.)

7" GRAHAM BONNEY Super Girl/Baby´s Gone (´66/orig. German issue/combination of 2 UK A-sides/in "Disc- D COLUMBIA C 23234 EX-/VG 8,--

Jockey" series with "Scotch bottle" art sleeve/minimal trace of ringwear)

7" GRAHAM BONNEY with Das Girl mit dem La-La-La/Tausendmal (´66/German-language recordings/light ring- D COLUMBIA C 23320 VG-EX/VG 8,--

Choir & Orchestra wear + shoves/2 tiny 2 mm tears into the top opening/2 cm split bottom seam)

7" GRAHAM BONNEY Happy Together/That Bad Day (´67/scarce German issue/superb p/s /tiny wobc./mini- D COLUMBIA C 23468 (VG)-EX/VG(-EX) 9,--

mal ringw./tiny stamp on label)

7" GRAHAM BONNEY Wähle 333/Schneewittchen (ca. ´68/German language recordings/light ringw. + scuffs) D COLUMBIA C 23913 VG(-EX)/VG(+) 6,--
7" GRAHAM BONNEY Hey Little Lady/Nancy (ca. ´69/German-language recordings/light ringw./ p/s scuffed) D COLUMBIA 1C 006-04187 M VG(+)/VG 5,--
7" GRAHAM BONNEY / STOWAWAYS Ich mach´ ein Interview mit Deinem Herzen/Sally (´70/front imprinted: "Deutscher D COLUMBIA 1C 006-04430 VG(-EX)/VG 6,--

  Schlagerwettbewerb 1970"/German language 7"/tiny 3 mm tear on top/light ringw.)

7" GRAHAM BONNEY Marie/Der Sommer vergeht (´70/light ringw./top slightly discol´d. by removed sticker) D COLUMBIA 1C 006-04555 VG(-EX)/VG-EX 7,--
7" GRAHAM BONNEY Hallo Taxi (für mein Maxi-Girl)/Tramp (ca. ´70/German lang./light ringw. + scuffs) D COLUMBIA 1C 006-04626 VG(-EX)/VG(-EX) 6,--
7" GRAHAM BONNEY Fräulein Hoffnungslos/Country Girl (´71/German language 7"/light ringw.) D COLUMBIA 1C 006-04875 U (VG)-EX/(VG)-EX 7,--
7" GRAHAM BONNEY Brandy (German language)/Do You Love Me (ca. ´71/minimal trace of ringw.) D COLUMBIA 1C 006-04949 EX-/(VG)-EX 8,--
7" GRAHAM BONNEY Du bist zu schön um alleine nach Hause zu geh´n/Du bist ein Girl - davon kann man D COLUMBIA 1C 006-29986 VG-EX/VG(-EX) 7,--

nur träumen (´72/Germ. lang./light ringw./tiny 2 mm tear into top opening back side)

7" GRAHAM BONNEY Rosmary und Companie/Der Mann, der im Fernsehen die Nachrichten spricht (´73/ D COLUMBIA 1C 006-30464 VG-EX/VG-EX 7,--

entry for "German Schlager" competition/small front sticker/light ringw. + scuffs)

7" GRAHAM BONNEY Auch du findest einmal die Liebe/Ein letzter Kuss (´74/scarce German-language recor- D POLYDOR 2041 586 (VG)-EX/VG 6,--

dings/minimal ringw./light shoves)

7" GRAHAM BONNEY Salut/Dein Blick (´76/German-only issue/woc./sleeve corners slightly scuffed/small D POLYDOR 2041 771 VG-EX/VG(-EX) 7,--

tear into side on backside of p/s)

7" BOOKER T. & THE M.G.´s Time Is Tight/Johnny, I Love You (´69/O.S.T. "Uptight"/front sticker/light ringw.) D STAX 1C 006-90188 VG(-EX)/VG- 5,--
7" BOOKER T. & THE M.G.´s Mrs. Robinson/Soul Clap ´69 (´69/promo stamp on label/minimal ringw. back) D STAX 1C 006-90312 M EX-/(VG)-EX 12,--
2x7" BOOKER T. & THE M.G.´s "Die Grossen 4" (ca. ´71/German-only double 7"/incl.: Melting Pot/Time Is Tight/ D STAX 2607 201 (VG)-EX/(VG)-EX/ 10,--

Soul Limbo/Hang ´Em High /gatefold p/s w. group picture on inner side/min. ringw.)

7" BOOKER T. JONES (solo) Knockin´ On Heaven´s Door/I Was Made To Love Her (´78/scarce German W/L PRO- D A&M AMS 6646 (VG)-EX/VG(-EX) 7,--

MO/"CBS-Blitzinfo" p/s on back slv., front p/s with photo like issue/light ringw. back)

7" PAT BOONE Speedy Gonzales (Kleiner Gonzales)/The Locket (´62/1st German issue/black-gold la- D LONDON DL 20637 VG(+)/VG 10,--

bel/small sticker on front p/s /minimal ringw. back/8 mm tear into top of front p/s)

7" PAT BOONE Rosmarie/Ein goldener Stern (´63/German language/black-gold label/light ringw./back D LONDON DL 20718 VG(+)/VG- 8,--

sleeve is a bit dirty/tiny tear into top opening on backside only/front p/s strong EX)

7" PAT BOONE w. Tanz-Orch. Henry Mayer Baby Sonnenschein/Wie eine Lady (´64/scarce German-language recordings/recorded D LONDON DL 20740 (VG)-EX/VG 10,--

  with Henry Mayer´s Orchestra, B-side featuring "Die Sunnies" & "Das Cornel-Trio"/

black-gold label/front p/s with additional "Dot" logo/4 small numbers/letters written

on front p/s (removable!?), otherwise near-perfect front slv./light ringw. back)

7" PAT BOONE Little Honda/Beach Girl (´64/scarce German issue/red-white label/small wol.) D VOGUE-DOT DV 14224 VG(-) 6,--
7" THE BOSTON (UK/D) The Swinging Creeper (theme music for Radio Luxemburg´s German program)/Hitch- D BASF 05 11338-2 VG+/VG+ 6,--

Hike (scarce late 60´s 7"/ 90% of the p/s are in superb (EX-M) condition, but the top

of the p/s has some wear: some scuffs/1 cm long into the top opening of the frontside)

7" BOSTON (US) More Than A Feeling/Smokin´ (´76/scarce German WL PROMO/with "CBS-Blitzinforma- D EPIC EPC S 4658 EX(-M)/VG(+) 7,--

tion" promo p/s /minimal ringwear/the top of the p/s is very slightly bent)

7" BOSTON Don´t Look Back/The Journey (´78/ W/L PROMO with "Blitz" label/+ special "CBS- D EPIC EPC S 6063 EX(-M)/EX- 8,--

Blitzinformation" back slv./front p/s like issue: similiar design to cover of 1st LP)

7" BOSTON A Man I´ll Never Be/Don´t Be Afraid (´79/ W/L PROMO with "Blitz" label/+ special D EPIC EPC S 6837 EX(+)/EX- 8,--

"CBS-Blitzinformation" back slv./frontside: "group" p/s like issue)

7" JIMMY BOWEN / Rhythm Orchids Ever Lovin´ Fingers/I´m Stickin´ With You (ca. ´57/Canadian issue lic. from US Rou- CDN APEX 9-76119 (RR-3173) VG 22,--

lette/w. Buddy Knox´ backing group/dark red label w. silver lettering/wol./tiny stamps)

7" DAVID BOWIE Space Oddity/Wild Eyed Boy From Free Cloud (´69/1st Holland issue/"head" p/s with NL PHILIPS 704 201 BW VG(-EX)/(VG)-EX 39,--

purple text/stereo/dark-blue label with push-out center/only lightest trace of a ringwear

on the frontside, stronger ringwear on the backside)

7" DAVID BOWIE Starman/Suffragette City (´72/rare Japanese issue/the p/s is a 1-sided sheet with unique JAP RCA SS-2197 EX-/VG+ 30,--

"head & shoulders" photo in red-black colours on the frontside/English lyrics of both

songs + Japanese text on the backside/orange label/minimal shoves, otherw. superb p/s)

7" DAVID BOWIE The Jean Genie/Ziggy Stardust (´73/"common" black & white p/s showing Bowie on D RCA 74-16238 EX-/VG 15,--

stage in "jumping pose"/the sleeve corners are slightly shoved, otherwise superb p/s /

2 letters (owner´s initials) are stamped on both labels)

7" DAVID BOWIE Drive In Saturday/Round & Round (´73/unique German (-only?) green p/s showing D RCA 74-16321 EX-/VG 18,--

Bowie in sitting pose/4 LP´s advert on back slv./minimal shoves/stamp on label)

7" DAVID BOWIE Life On Mars?/The Man Who Sold The World (´73/minimal ringw. at side/wol.) D RCA 74-16339 (VG)-EX/VG 10,--
7" DAVID BOWIE Sorrow/Amsterdam (ca. ´74/2nd issue/"title" p/s in pink colour with "Re-Release" im- D RCA 26.11075 / 74-16383 (VG)-EX/VG(-EX) 12,--

print/"unattractive" p/s, but at least as rare as 1st issue!/light wear in middle of p/s)

7" DAVID BOWIE Rebel Rebel/Queen Bitch (´74/scarce W/L PROMO/"Bowie with saxophone" p/s) D RCA 74-16398 EX/VG(-EX) 36,--
7" DAVID BOWIE Rock´n Roll Suicide/Quicksand (´74/scarce W/L PROMO/3 x 1,5 cm sticker by radio D RCA LPBO 5021 VG(-EX)/VG(-EX) 30,--

station at top of frontside/owner´s stamps by radio station on front slv. + B-side label/

name of radio station made unreadable by black marker/"Apr. ´74" stamp on label)

7" DAVID BOWIE Rock´n Roll Suicide/Quicksand (´74/4 cm seam split at the bottom/the p/s is somewhat D RCA LPBO 5021 VG/VG 7,--


7" DAVID BOWIE Knock On Wood (from "David Live" LP)/Panic In Detroit (´74/German issue/small D RCA XB-01001 / 26.11218 (VG)-EX/VG 8,--

writing on the top of the front p/s /very light discolouration from removed sticker on

the right top corner of the front p/s /otherwise superb p/s without ringwear)

7" DAVID BOWIE Fame/Right (´75/small sticker/clear tape along bottom seam/light scuffs/label paled) D RCA PB-10320 / 26.11278 VG/VG(+) 5,--
7" DAVID BOWIE Golden Years/Can You Hear Me (´75/minimal ringw./top of p/s slightly shoved/2 tiny D RCA PB-10441 / 26.11346 (VG)-EX/VG(-EX) 7,--

tears into top opening)

7" DAVID BOWIE Suffragettecity (sic! mispelt as one word!)/Stay (´76/titles with headlines: "English/US D RCA XB-01015 / 26.11453 VG-EX/VG-EX 8,--

Top Hit"/large woc. (radio DJ) on one side, other side of p/s str. EX/label sticker/wol.)

7" DAVID BOWIE Sound And Vision/A New Career In Town (´77/light shoves at top) D RCA PB 0905 EX-/VG(-EX) 4,--
7" DAVID BOWIE Soul Love/Blackout (´78/one of Bowie´s rarest later Japanese 7"s/the p/s is a one-sided JAP RCA SS-3166 (JPBO-8125) (VG)-EX/VG(+) 20,--

sheet/unique front photo: Bowie with guitar and cigarette in a kind of sailor´s clothing/

English lyrics and Japanese text on the backside/two small stripes of clear tape, which

have become slightly discoloured, on the left side of the front p/s, otherwise superb p/s)

7" DAVID BOWIE Loving The Alien (remix)/Don´t Look Down (remix) (´85/with "EMI-Electrola 45 Single D EMI-AMERICA 1C 006-20 0599 7 EX-/EX- 12,--

Paß" PROMO sheet dated 20.05.1985/the promo sheet is somewhat scuffed at top)

7" THE ALAN BOWN Toyland/Technicolor Dream (´67/rare orig. German W/L PROMO 7"/pre-release co- D MGM 61170 VG- 8,--

py without p/s /small sticker on the A-side label/overpainted writings on both labels)

7" ALAN BOWN (solo) Moanin´/Time To Change (´75/solo 7"/ W/L PROMO with "Blitz" label/+ "CBS-Blitz- D CBS S 3366 VG-EX/(VG)-EX 9,--

information" promo p/s referring to previous recordimgs of "Moanin´"/light ringwear)

7" ALAN BOWN Moanin´/Time To Change (´75/solo 7"/light ringw. + shoves) D CBS S 3366 VG(-EX)/VG(-EX) 7,--
7" BOX TOPS Neon Rainbow/Everything I Am (´67/German issue/red "title" p/s /light shoves) D MALA 580 (VG)-EX/VG(-EX) 12,--
7" BOX TOPS Cry Like A Baby/The Door You Closed To Me (´68/woc./wobc./wol./light discoloura- D MALA 593 VG(-EX)/VG(-EX) 8,--

tion at middle of bottom caused by removed sticker)

7" BOX TOPS Choo Choo Train/Fields Of Clover (´68/stamp on back/light ringw./left seam 1/2 split) D BELL 12005 VG(-EX)/VG 7,--
7" BOX TOPS Sweet Cream Ladies Forward March/I See Only Sunshine (´69/French issue/clear taping F BELL BLD 514 VG/VG 6,--

along top seam (done in a proper way!)/light ringwear)

7" BOX TOPS I Shall Be Released/I Must Be The Devil (´69/with special "CBS-Blitzinformation" PRO- D BELL 12038 VG(-EX)/(VG)-EX 9,--

MO p/s /vinyl: blue label stock copy (there were no white label promos made!)/ringw.)

7" BOX TOPS Soul Deep/(The) Happy Song (´69/w. special "CBS-Blitz-Information" PROMO p/s / D BELL 12040 (VG)-EX/(VG)-EX 9,--

vinyl: blue label stock copy (white labels don´t exist!)/small front sticker/light ringw.)

7" BOX TOPS Turn On A Dream/Together (´69/small front sticker) D BELL 12042 EX-/VG-EX 8,--
7" BOX TOPS You Keep Tightening Up On Me/Come On Honey (´70/small sticker, otherwise superb D BELL 865 VG(-EX)/VG 7,--

front p/s /ringwear back/back slv. overall somewhat dirty)

7" BOX TOPS Sugar Creek Woman/It´s All Over (´73/light ringw./"R" stamp on back slv./surface D LONDON DL 20951 (VG)-EX/VG 7,--

scratch on A-side: = VG(-), B-side = VG+)

2x7" BOX TOPS "Die Grossen 4" (´71/German-only double 7"/incl.: The Letter/Soul Deep/Cry Like A D BELL 2607 704 VG(-EX)/VG-EX/ 9,--

Baby/Neon Rainbow /gatefold p/s with group picture on inner sides/light ringwear on


the frontside/minimal ringwear on the backside/the sleeve corners are slightly bent/

light wear top seam)

7" JACQUELINE BOYER Mitsou/Mon Cher Robert (´63/scarce German-language recording by French singer/two D COLUMBIA C 22386 EX-/VG-EX 6,--

very light stains on backside, front p/s near-perfect)

7" BOYFRIENDS I´m In Love Today/Saturday Night (´78/scarce 7"/ringwear/the p/s is overall somewhat UK UNITED ARTISTS UP 36424 VG/VG 8,--

bent/small damage at the lower flipback on one corner)

7" BOYFRIENDS Last Bus Home/Romance (´78/scarce 7"/ringwear/the p/s is overall somewhat bent/2 mm UK UNITED ARTISTS UP 36478 VG/VG(-EX) 9,--

tear into the side opening)

7" BOYS IN THE BAND How About A Little Hand (For The Boys In The Band)/Sumpin´ Heavy (´70/"R" stamp D POLYDOR 2066 036 VG(-EX)/VG(+) 6,--

on frontside/light ringw./tiny tear on top of frontside/3 mm tear into top/small seam split)

7" AL "TNT" BRAGGS Earthquake/How Long (Do You Hold On) (´68/rare 2nd UK issue (first issued in ´66 on UK ACTION ACT 4506 (VG)-EX 18,--

Vocalion)/orange-yellow "swirl" label/"A Peacock Recording"/without p/s)

EP BRAIN TWIST "The Brain Twist" (estimated early 60s (around the peak of the Twist craze)/rare "curio- F COLUMBIA ESDF 1.392 (VG)-EX/VG 18,--

sity" EP/it´s a kind of early computer music/incl.: Twist Train/Brain Twist/Twist Time/

The Fly /front slv. near-M/tiny sticker on the back slv./light ringwear on the backside)

EP GEORGE BRASSENS ...Chante du film "Porte des Lilas" (´58/very rare German(!) EP/incl.: L´amandier/Au bois D PHILIPS 432 203 PE (VG)-EX/VG(-) 10,--

de mon coeur/Le vin/Les Lilas /O.S.T. from René Clair film "Die Mausefalle" ("Porte des

Lilas")/superb "head" p/s with cat/small "bubble" in front lamination, otherwise near-

perfect p/s /just a few light surface scratches, but fine shiny vinyl)

7" ANDRÉ BRASSEUR Early Bird/Special 230 (´66/1st German issue/Palette label, p/s has Vogue imprint/"guitar" D VOGUE-PALETTE DV 14464 VG(-EX)/G-VG 8,--

p/s with side opening/2 cm split on the spine/3 tiny tears into the opening & the spine)

7" ANDRÉ BRASSEUR The Kid/Bill (´67/top worn out: 5 tears into opening, otherw. VG-EX/label scratched) D PALETTE HT 300036 G(-VG)/(G)-VG 7,--
7" ANDRÉ BRASSEUR Saturnus/Plik-Plok (´74/scarce "comeback" 7"/ W/L PROMO/small sticker, otherw. M-) D RCA YBPBO-400 EX-/VG-EX 8,--
7" BRAVE NEW WORLD The World´s Full Of People/(instrum. version) (ca. ´70/scarce German issue/PROMO D COLUMBIA 1C 006-28761 VG-EX/VG-EX 15,--

sticker on label/light discolouring 2 cm x 1,5 cm at bottom of back slv., otherwise EX)

7" LOS BRAVOS Black Is Black/I Want A Name (´66/German issue/2nd ("common") p/s: group photo D DECCA DL 25249 EX-/VG(-) 8,--

with red heading/tiny wobc./minimal shoves at top, otherwise superb p/s)

7" LOS BRAVOS I Don´t Care/Don´t Be Left Out In The Cold (´66/minimal traces of ringwear) D DECCA DL 25257 EX(+)/VG(-EX) 14,--
7" LOS BRAVOS Like Nobody Else/Wearing A Smile (´67/German issue/barely noticeable ringwear) D DECCA DL 25314 EX(+)/(VG)-EX 12,--
7" LOS BRAVOS Ma Marimba/Down (´74/scarce reunion 7"/unique German "group" p/s /light shoves in D DECCA 6.11536 AC EX-/VG(-EX) 10,--

middle of top opening/"R" stamp at bottom of front slv./otherwise near-perfect p/s)

EP LOS BRAVOS "Black Is Black" (´66/French EP/incl.: I Want A Name/Cutting Out/Will You Always F BARCLAY 71050 M VG(-EX)/VG(+) 16,--

Love Me /front p/s EX-/light ringw. + writing (2 names) on back sleeve)

7" BREAD Diary/Down On My Knees (´72/light ringwear/owner´s stamp by discotheque at top of D ELEKTRA ELK 12056 VG-EX/VG(+) 5,--

front slv. and on label/small sticker with number on other side of top of front slv.)

7" BREAD Sweet Surrender/Make It By Yourself (´72/"butterfly" label/superb p/s) D ELEKTRA ELK 12075 EX(+)/(VG)-EX 7,--
7" BRENDA & THE TABULATIONS The Touch Of You/Stop Sneaking Around (´70/strong ringwear) D VOGUE DV 11030 VG(+)/EX- 12,--
7" BRENDON Gimme Some/Changing My Life Won´t Do (´77/scarce 1st German issue/ringwear/the D MAGNET 1C 006-98859 VG/VG 8,--

sleeve corners and the top opening are somewhat bent)

7" BRENDON How Can You Mend A Broken Heart/Tramp Man (´77/scarce 1st German issue/promo D CRYST.-MAGN. 006 EVC 60129 VG+/VG+ 7,--

stamp on the back sleeve/woc./light ringwear + scuffs)

7" PAUL BRETT SAGE 3 D Mona Liza/Mediterranean Lazy Heat Wave (´70/rare 1st German issue/with rare D PYE DV 14744 AT (VG)-EX/(VG)-EX 16,--

(semi-promotional!) pre-release p/s /(very) light ringwear/the top of the p/s and the

corners are slightly bended)

7" PAUL BRETT SAGE 3 D Mona Liza/Mediterranean Lazy Heat Wave (´70/rare orig. French issue/(diff. p/s F PYE 45 PV. 15339 VG-EX/VG(+) 14,--

to German issue)/small initials have been stamped on the back sleeve and on the B-side

label/very light ringwear/the p/s looks a little bit dirty in some places, it´s the kind of

picture sleeve, which attracts dirt very easily, almost impossible to find without dirt!)

7" BRIAN The Rainmaker/World Of Evergreen (late 60s or early 70s/scarce orig. Belgian solo 7" by BEL MCA MC 2028 EX/VG(+) 15,--

the Shake Spears´ singer/superb envelope p/s)

7" EDIE BRICKELL / NEW BOHEMIANS What I Am (edit)/I Do (LP version) (´89/+ PROMO sheet/light ringw. back) D GEFFEN 927 568-7 (VG)-EX/EX- 6,--
7" LOS BRINCOS Mejor/Try To Find (´66/Spanish group/small wol.) ESP NOVOLA NOX-26 (VG)-EX/VG(+) 14,--
7" LOS BRINCOS El Pasaporte/So Good To Dance (´67/Spanish beat/shop sticker on back slv./light scuffs) ESP NOVOLA NOX-38 (VG)-EX/VG 12,--
7" LOS BRINCOS Lola/The Train (El Tren) (´67/Spanish beat 7"/Larry Page production!/small abrasion ESP NOVOLA NOX-43 VG/VG(+) 10,--

on front p/s /1 cm tear into opening on back (barely seen despite length)/light ringw.)

7" LOS BRINCOS Gracias Por Tu Amor/Los Domingos (´68/Spanish beat/near-perfect p/s) ESP NOVOLA NOX-79 EX(-M)/VG 16,--
EP LOS BRINCOS "Los Brincos" (´66/rare Spanish EP/incl.: Renacerá/Un Sorbito de Champagne/Giuletta/ ESP NOVOLA NV-117 VG-EX/VG 18,--

Tú en Mi /flipback sleeve with laminated frontside/light ringwear on backside/the cor-

ners are slightly shoved/slight wear at the side opening/tiny 2 mm tear into the side

opening/small price sticker at the top of the back sleeve)

7" BUDDY BRITTEN & THE REGENTS She´s About A Mover/Since You´ve Gone (´65/scarce German issue/without p/s) D PYE-VOGUE DV 14364 VG- 7,--
7" BROTHERS FOUR If I Had A Hammer/Silver Threads And Golden Needles (early 60s/scarce p/s) NL CBS 1.280 EX/VG 8,--
7" EDGAR BROUGHTON BAND Up Yours/Officer Dan (´70/UK issue) UK HARVEST HAR 5021 VG(-EX) 6,--
7" EDGAR BROUGHTON BAND Up Yours/Officer Dan (´70/minimal ringw./2 small front stickers/wear in the middle of the D HARVEST 1C 006-04495 VG(+)/VG 8,--

p/s in the center region: round 5 mm hole on backside, barely seen hole on front)

7" EDGAR BROUGHTON BAND Hotel Room/Call Me A Liar (´71/1st German issue/"group" p/s /large name written on D HARVEST 1C 006-04853 VG(-EX)/VG(+) 12,--

front p/s (but this woc. is half-paled: not seen too much!)/small wobc./light ringw.)

7" CRAZY WORLD OF ARTHUR BROWN Fire/Rest Cure (´68/German issue/tiny abrasion on the right top corner of the back slv./ D POLYDOR 59215 VG(-EX)/VG(+) 12,--

only lightest ringwear/corners and top slightly bent + a few light creases at the top)

7" CRAZY WORLD OF ARTHUR BROWN Fire/Rest Cure (´68/scarce Yugoslavian issue/envelope p/s /design like German p/s) YUG RTB 53529 POL EX-/VG- 15,--
2x7" CRAZY WORLD OF ARTHUR BROWN "Die grossen 4" (ca. ´70/German-only double 7"/incl.: Fire/Nightmare/Rest Cure/ D POLYDOR 2607 015 (VG)-EX/VG(+)/ 12,--

What´s Happening /gatefold p/s: nice A. Brown photo w. fire helmet on inner sides)

7" ARTHUR BROWN (solo) We´ve Gotta Get Out Of This Place/Here I Am (´75/2 owner´s stamps on back slv./2 cm D GULL 6.11696 AC (GULS 13) VG(-EX)/(VG)-EX 6,--

seam split at bottom/light ringw. + scuffs in few parts/a few tiny stains on back sleeve)

7" ARTHUR BROWN / ALIKI ASHMAN Ooh, It Takes Two To Tango/Rocking The Boat (´76/scarce German issue of duet) D ELECTRIC REC. INT 111.352 EX(+)/VG-EX 7,--
7" DENNIS BROWN So Jah Say/So Jah Say (Live From Montreux) (´79) D ATLANTIC ATL 11370 N (VG)-EX/EX- 5,--
7" JAMES BROWN & FAMOUS FLAMES In The Middle (Pt. 1)/Let´s Unite The Whole World At X-mas (60s/blue label/co.) US KING 45-5205 VG(-EX) 8,--
7" JAMES BROWN & FAMOUS FLAMES How Long Darling/Again (estimated mid-60s/US issue/blue label) US KING 45-5876 VG-EX 8,--
7" JAMES BROWN & FAMOUS FLAMES Kansas City/Stone Fox (ca. ´67/US issue/blue label/small wol.) US KING 45-6086 VG(-EX) 8,--
7" JAMES BROWN & FAMOUS FLAMES Let Yourself Go/Good Rockin´ Tonight (ca. ´67/US issue/red label/co. hole in label) US KING 45-6100 (VG)-EX 7,--
7" JAMES BROWN & FAMOUS FLAMES Licking Stick - Licking Stick, Part 1 & 2 (´68/scarce 1st German issue/red-blue "nega- D POLYDOR 59209 (VG)-EX/VG(-EX) 14,--

tive" p/s of Brown´s head in psychedelic style/without ringwear, just slight wear in the

middle of the p/s caused by the record´s center/the sleeve corners are slightly shoved)

7" JAMES BROWN World (Part 1 & 2) (´69/ 2,5 seam split on the right side, 1 cm seam split at the bottom/ D POLYDOR 59349 (VG)-EX/VG(+) 8,--

the top of the p/s is slightly bent/otherwise near-perfect p/s without ringwear)

7" JAMES BROWN Sex Machine (Part 1 & 2) (´70/superb p/s) D POLYDOR 2001 071 EX/VG-EX 8,--
7" JAMES BROWN Call Me Super Bad (Parts 1, 2 & 3) (´70/tiny sticker + tiny woc., p/s otherwise M-) D POLYDOR 2001 097 EX(+)/(VG)-EX 8,--
7" JAMES BROWN Soul Power - Part 1 & 2 (´71/orig. German issue/3 cm split lwft seam/this split is prolon- D POLYDOR 2001 167 (VG)-EX/VG 7,--

gued ca. 1 cm into the p/s on the frontside, but this isn´t seen too much/light shoves)

7" JAMES BROWN I Cried/World, Pt. II (´71/"R" stamp on back slv., otherwise near-perfect p/s) D POLYDOR 2001 189 EX-/EX- 9,--
7" JAMES BROWN Escapism - Part 1, 2 & 3 (´71/scarce German issue/near-perfect p/s) D POLYDOR 2001 199 EX(+)/(VG)-EX 12,--
7" JAMES BROWN I´m A Greedy Man - Parts 1 & 2 (´71/1st German issue/small writing on the right top D POLYDOR 2066 153 VG-EX/(VG)-EX 8,--

corner of the backside/the sleeve corners and the top opening are slightly bended)

7" JAMES BROWN Talking Loud And Saying Nothing, Parts 1 & 2 (´72/tiny sticker, o´w. near-perfect) D POLYDOR 2066 174 EX(-M)/VG(-EX) 9,--
7" JAMES BROWN King Heroin/Theme From "King Heroin" (´72/"Anti-Drug" imprint/light ringwear) D POLYDOR 2066 185 EX-/VG(-EX) 12,--
7" JAMES BROWN There It Is - Parts 1 & 2 (´72/1st German issue/light ringwear on the frontside, minimal D POLYDOR 2066 210 (VG)-EX/VG(-EX) 8,--

ringwear on the backside/the corners and the top of the p/s are slightly bent/tiny 2 mm

tear into the top opening of the frontside)

7" JAMES BROWN & LYN COLLINS What My Baby Needs Now Is a Little More Lovin´/This Guy - Girl´s In Love With D POLYDOR 2066 283 EX-/VG-EX 16,--

You (´72/rare EXPORT issue/German pressing with Scandinavian (Norwegian ?) p/s)

7" JAMES BROWN Think/Something (´73/tiny woc./small splits bottom and right, large split left seam) D POLYDOR 2066 329 VG(-EX)/VG 6,--
7" JAMES BROWN Sexy, Sexy, Sexy/Slaughter Theme (´73/scarce German issue/the front p/s shows J.B. D POLYDOR 2066 372 EX-/VG+ 8,--

with machine gun/advert for "Slaughter´s Big Rip-Off" LP on backside)

7" JAMES BROWN My Thang/People Get Ready And Drive Your Funky Soul (´74/ringw./some shoves) D POLYDOR 2066 484 VG-EX/EX- 8,--
7" JAMES BROWN Funky President (People It´s Bad)/Cold Blooded (´74/French issue/light ringw. back) F POLYDOR 2066 520 EX-/(VG)-EX 8,--
7" FRED WESLEY & THE J. B.´s If You Don´t Get It Right First The Time... (Back Up And Try It Again, Party)/You Can D POLYDOR 2066 376 EX-/(VG)-EX 18,--

Have Watergate... (Just Gimme Some Bucks And I´ll Be Straight) (´73/very rare German

7"by James Brown´s backing group/small inverted "group" p/s /near-perfect p/s except

for "sample - not for sale" stamp in middle of the front p/s /"sample" stamp A-side label)

7" ROY BROWN I´m Sticking With You/Party Doll (´57/extremely rare orig. German issue/black-golden la- D LONDON DL 20098 VG 136,--

bel/the vinyl has slight surface scratches, but it´s in very nice condition considering the

record´s age (usually this record is barely found in any other, but a very "played-down"

condition!)noc. (the original tri-center has been removed)/the labels are clean, and the

golden text is bold and clearly readable/overall a very acceptable copy of this rarity!)

7" TOMMY BROWN Say O. K./All Night Long (´73/ W/L PROMO/light ringw./slv.corners are slightly bent) D DECCA DL 25562 VG(-EX)/(VG)-EX 8,--
7" VEDA BROWN Short Stopping/I Can See Every Woman´s Man But Mine (´73/rare German issue/ p/s D STAX 2025 198 VG-EX/VG(+) 7,--

with "Discotheque Special" headline/minimal ringw./left seam 65% split open/there´s

a 5 mm long tear from this split seam into the p/s - but the tear isn´t seen very much!)

7" DUNCAN BROWNE American Heartbeat/(Restless) Child Of Change (´79/light ringwear/light scuffs) D LOGO 0034.018 (VG)-EX/(VG)-EX 7,--
7" JACKSON BROWNE Running On Empty/Nothing But Time (´77/´78) D ASYLUM AS 13118 EX(+)/EX 6,--
7" BROWNSVILLE STATION Smokin´ In The Boy´s (sic!) Room/Barefootin´ (´73/front p/s M-, 1 cm tear on back) NL PHILIPS 6073 834 VG/(VG)-EX 5,--

JACK BRUCE please look under CREAM!

7" B.T.B.-4 Do It To Them/Sparrows And Daisies (´68/scarce German issue/without p/s) D HANSA 14096 AT VG(-EX) 12,--
7" B. T. EXPRESS Do It (Til´ You´re Satisfied)/Do It (Part 2) (´75/price sticker/lightest ringw./wol.) D SCEPTER M 25.613 EX-/VG(-EX) 6,--
7" B. T. EXPRESS Express/Express (Disco-Mix) (´75/small split bottom/"archive" sticker, otherw. M-) D SCEPTER M 25.632 EX/VG(+) 5,--
7" JOHN BUCK & HIS BLAZERS Jalisco/Black Is The Color Of My True Love´s Hair (ca. ´62/red label/rare "instruments" D WARNER BROS. A-5288 (VG)-EX/VG(+) 12,--

p/s /7 mm tear into the top of the frontside/2 small tears into the right side/otherwise su-

perb p/s, only lightest trace of a ringwear/tiny writing ("x") on the A-side label)

7" BUCKINGHAMS Mercy, Mercy, Mercy/You Are Gone (´67/light scuffs/minimal ringw. back) NL CBS 2859 (VG)-EX/VG(+) 16,--
7" SEAN BUCKLEY SET Hold Tight/Please Do Something (ca. ´66/rare presumed German-only 7"/nice condition) D HITHOUSE 52 803 EX(+)/(VG)-EX 36,--
7" BUDGIE I Turned To Stone/She Used Me Up (early 80s/rare Polish issue/Tonpress company slv.) POL TONPRESS S-445 EX- 8,--
7" BUENA VISTAS Here Come Da Judge/Big Red (´68/"judge" art p/s /light ringw. back/light scuffs) D VOGUE DV 14750 (VG)-EX/VG 16,--
7" BUFFOONS My World Fell Down/Tomorrow Is Another Day (´67/orig. Holland issue/envelope p/s NL IMPERIAL IH 744 (VG)-EX/VG 12,--

with yellow-brown "group" picture on front/white-brown picture with extensive intro-

duction of the band on backside/black label/2 corners slightly shoved, o´w. superb p/s)

7" BUFFOONS Unga Keboyeh/Pretty Madonna (ca. ´70/lightest ringw./price sticker) D COLUMBIA 1C 006-29804 (VG)-EX/(VG)-EX 12,--
7" BULLDOG Are You Really Happy Together/I´m A Madman (´73/with former Rascals´ members) D MCA MCS 6559 EX(+)/(VG)-EX 6,--
7" BUOYS Timothy/It Feels Good (´70/rare German W/L PROMO/minimal shoves at top of p/s) D SCEPTER DL 24020 EX/VG(-EX) 12,--
7" BUOYS Timothy/Bloodknot (ca. ´70/Dutch issue/the p/s lists the B-side as "Bloodknot", while NL SCEPTER-(BASF) 05-1003 EX-/VG+ 8,--

the label lists "Give Up Your Guns" as B-side/owner´s stamp by "Radio Northsea Inter-

national" on the front p/s and on the label of the A-side/2 cm seam split at the bottom/

otherwuise superb p/s /noc.)

ERIC BURDON / ANIMALS / WAR please look under ANIMALS for all recordings with Eric Burdon!

7" SOLOMON BURKE Need Your Love So Bad/Party People (´68/rare German issue (most likely not released D ATLANTIC ATL 70.273 VG+/VG(-) 9,--

in the U.K.)/light ringwear/6 cm long clear tape in the middle of the bottom seam/the

corners and the top opening are slighly bended/two 3 mm long tears into the top ope-

ning/the vinyl has a slight warp (burning mark?) outside the first groove/"R" stamp on

the A-side label/writing on both labels)

7" SOLOMON BURKE I Wish I Knew (How It Would Feel To Be Free)/It´s Just A Matter Of Time (´68/rare D ATLANTIC ATL 70.277 VG+/VG(-) 8,--

German issue/light ringwear on the frontside, slighly stronger ringwear on the backside/

6 cm long clear tape in the middle of the bottom seam (only seen at second sight)/the

corners and the top opening are slighly bended/"R" stamp on the A-side label/writing

on both labels)

7" SOLOMON BURKE Save It/Meet Me In Church (´68/scarce German issue/light ringwear on the frontside, D ATLANTIC ATL 70.294 VG(-)/VG(-) 8,--

slighly stronger ringwear on the backside/long seam splits on the sides - the left seam

is 70% split, the right seam is 85% split/1 cm seam split at the bottom/8 mm long tear

from the lower end of the split left seam into the front p/s /the corners and especially

the top opening are somewhat bended/the top opening has some scuffs, 5 mm tear

and a few smaller tears into the top/"R" stamp on the B-side label/writing on labels)

7" SOLOMON BURKE Proud Mary/What Am I Living For (´69/scarce 1st German issue/sticker with archive D BELL 783 VG(-)/VG(-) 6,--

number on the bottom of the front p/s /(light) ringwear/the sleeve corners and the top

opening are somewhat bent + some creases at the top/brown stain on the right side at

the bottom of the back sleeve (ca. 1,5 x 1 cm size)/small sticker on the A-side label)

7" SOLOMON BURKE The Generation Of Revelations/I´m Gonna Stay Right Here (´69/scarce German PROMO/ D BELL 829 VG-EX/(VG)-EX 10,--

housed in "CBS-Blitzinformation" promo p/s /dark-blue label (label identical to issue:

white label promos don´t exist!)/light ringwear/the corners and the top are slightly bent)

7" KATE BUSH Wuthering Heights/Kite (´78/1st German issue/special "info" back sleeve/writings on D EMI 1C 006-06596 (VG)-EX/VG(-EX) 12,--

front- and back slv. by radio DJ with date 11.2.78)

7" KATE BUSH The Man With The Child In His Eyes/Moving (´78/very light ringwear/light shoves) D EMI 1C 006-06712 (VG)-EX/VG(-EX) 10,--
flexi KATE BUSH "Some Edited Highlights From The New Album "Never For Ever" (´80/square uncut UK SOUND FOR INDUSTRY SFI 562 (VG)-EX 10,--

1-sided flexi 7"/incl.: Delius/Blow Away/Egypt /"promotion use only/not for sale")

7" KATE BUSH Babooshka/Ran Tan Waltz (´80/German issue/light ringw.) D EMI 1C 006-07321 (VG)-EX/(VG)-EX 5,--
7" KATE BUSH December Will Be Magic Again/Warm & Soothing (´80) D EMI 1C 006-07421 EX/(VG)-EX 5,--
7" KATE BUSH Rocket Man (I Think It´s Going To Be A Long Long Time)/Candle In The Wind (´91/ D MERCURY 866 315-7 (TRIBO 2) VG/VG(+) 5,--

German issue/"poster" p/s /light ringw. front, strong ringw. back/sides with poster: EX-)

EP KATE BUSH On Stage (´79/Them Heavy People + 3/German issue/"soft" slv.) D EMI 1C 016-07133 EX(+)/EX- 10,--
7" JERRY BUTLER Only The Strong Survive/Just Because I Really Love You (´69/Holland issue/blue label/ NL MERCURY 127 437 MCF VG(-EX)/VG(-EX) 12,--

"sample record" sticker on label/light ringw./light scuffs)

7" JERRY BUTLER What´s The Use Of Breaking Up/A Brand New Me (´69/scarce German issue/ A- & B- D MERCURY 127 490 MCF M-/EX- 15,--

side in reversed order to UK issue/black label/coloured art slv./the record and the p/s

are in superb near-perfect condition!)

7" BUTTERSCOTCH Don´t You Know (She Said Hello)/The Closer To You (ca. ´70/small sticker at the top of D RCA 47-15181 (VG)-EX/VG(-EX) 6,--

the front p/s /one small stain, otherwise near-perfect p/s)

7" BYRDS All I Really Want To Do/I´ll Feel A Whole Lot Better (´65/scarce 1st German issue) D CBS 1947 EX/VG(-EX) 15,--
7" BYRDS Set You Free This Time/It Won´t Be Wrong (´66/scarce 1st German issue (one of D CBS 2037 VG+/VG 18,--

their rarest German 7"s!)/superb "group" p/s /small stapling holes in the left bottom

corner and in the right top corner/small writing on the top and on the bottom of the

backside/the right seam has a 3 cm split/small tear from the split seam into the side

of the p/s /two tears (5 mm and 2 mm) into the top opening/otherwise the p/s is in

superb condition without ringwear)

7" BYRDS I Trust/This Is My Destiny (´71/2 cm split bottom seam, otherwise near-perfect p/s) D CBS 7253 EX-/VG-EX 12,--
7" BYRDS Glory Glory/I Wanna Grow Up To Be A Politician (´71/w. special "Blitzinformation" D CBS 7444 (VG)-EX/EX(-M) 15,--

PROMO p/s /orange label stock copy - issued that way, white label 7"s don´t exist!)

7" BYRDS Glory Glory/I Wanna Grow Up To Be A Politician (´71/German issue/"heads" p/s in D CBS 7444 EX-/VG(-EX) 12,--

similiar style to "Byrdmaniax" LP/light ringw. back, front p/s M-)

7" BYRDS America´s Great National Pastime/Farther Along (´72/scarce German promo/orange D CBS 7712 VG-EX/(VG)-EX 12,--

label issue with special "Blitzinformation" PROMO p/s /small sticker/light ringwear)

7" BYRDS Jesus Is Just Alright/Mr. Spaceman (´72/German issue with Dutch p/s (issued in this NL/D CBS S 1196 (VG)-EX/VG(-EX) 14,--

combination!)/"4 heads" p/s /2 small tears into top opening, otherw. near-perfect p/s)

flexi GENE CLARK / THE SEERS GENE CLARK: Gypsy Rider/SEERS: Flyaway (´88/1-sided flexi with "Bucketfull Of UK BUCKETFULL OF BRAINS 25 / EX+/flexi (VG)-EX 10,--

Brains - Issue 24" (March ´88/magazine includes extensive Gene Clark/Byrds feature)

7" ED "KOOKIE" BYRNES with CONNIE Kookie, Kookie (Lend Me Your Comb)/77 Sunset Strip (estimated early to mid-60s/ D WARNER BROS. A-5549 VG/VG 9,--

STEVENS / b/w.: DON RALKE red label/A-side with Connie Stevens & The Big Sound Of Don Ralke/B-side is only

  credited to Don Ralke/"R" stamps on front p/s + label/minimal ringw./left seam 70%

split/price tear at top of front slv./5 mm tear (not seen too much!) into top opening)

7" FANTASTIC JOHHNY C Boogaloo Down Broadway/Look What Love Can Make You Do (´67/rare 1st German D POLYDOR 52973 VG/VG 12,--

issue/only very light ringwear, slightly stronger in the middle (in the region of the re-

cord´s center)/the top of the p/s and the sleeve corners are somewhat scuffed)

7" ROY "C" Shotgun Wedding/High School Dropout (´66/scarce orig. UK issue/red-white label) UK ISLAND WI-273 VG-EX 10,--
7" ROY "C" Shotgun Wedding/High School Dropout (´66/scarce 1st German issue/superb art sleeve/ D HANSA 18942 AT VG(+)/VG(-) 12,--

light ringwear/the left seam is 5 cm split/the right seam is 2,5 cm split/1 cm seam split

at the bottom/the p/s is slightly crinkled towards the bottom (it´s possible, that the p/s

has become wet!)/slight discolouration in small place at the bottom of the frontside/

tiny 3 mm tear into the top opening of the backside)

7" ROY "C" Dance Girl/Done Got Over (ca. ´67/rare German/"Mr. Shotgun Wedding Again" p/s) D HANSA 19112 AT (VG)-EX/VG(+) 15,--
7" ROY "C" Shotgun Wedding/I´m Gonna Make It (´73/REISSUE/promo sticker on label) D UK-RECORDS DL 25549 EX/EX- 6,--
7" THE CABOOSE Black Hands - White Cotton/In My Hour Of Need (´70/"Sample - Not For Sale" stamp D STAX 2025 004 EX-/VG(-EX) 9,--

on the B-side label/very light ringwear/tiny 1 mm tear into the top opening/otherwise

superb p/s /one light surface scratch, vinyl otherwise near-EX)

7" CAN Spoon/Shitako Maru Ten (´71/tiny tear into the top opening/the p/s has some scuffs) D UNITED ARTISTS 35304 VG(+)/VG(-) 5,--